It's almost the 20's!

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Oh my goodness, its not only almost a New Year, but it's almost a new decade. 
I'm so ready for it, what about you?
You know my analogy that I've referenced before that each sunrise should bring you hope and each sunset you leave you feeling content?

Whad'ya get?

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Hiiiiiiiii there!
 How was your Christmas?
After a VERY crazy few weeks at work, I'm taking a few days off to relax and reflect.

Merry Christmas One and All

December 25, 2019 in
                  (It was SO important to us that Bandit was on the card one last time)

Merry Christmas, Mes Amies,
I hope that your day is filled with love , light and merriment. 
I hope and pray that you'll get to spend today with loved ones. Those of you who do not get to to that, I'm so sorry. 
There are many of us who are feeling the loss of those we love who have passed on. Please try to remember this quote by Carl Sagan:

Twas the day before the night before Christmas...
If we are anything alike, you are all shopped out. Same, girl..same.

Buuuut, we are talking about shopping here today. Here's why. Many of us will be receiving gift cards for Christmas. I think for a lot of us, its a chance to splurge on something that we normally wouldn't get for ourselves. So, I thought it might be fun to highlight a few things that are on the higher end .

First off  (Don't come at me, vegans) is a Canada Goose coat.

A couple of winters ago, I had decided that I was going to start putting a few dollars off to the side to purchase a really good quality winter coat. Initially, I was leaning toward Moncler.  However, once I tried on a Canada Goose, that was it. Its the warmest coat that I have EVER owned.  It has a lifetime warranty as well.  VIEW CANADA GOOSE JACKETS HERE

Moving on, I know that some people that that watches are a relic of the past. "Why wear a watch? Your smart phone has the time on it?"
Well, I know that I'm old fashioned, but I still love a traditional watch.

I absolutely love my Michele Watch. I know that there are MANY luxury watches out there. What is special about a Michele watch is that the bands are interchangeable. You can have a leather strap, the bracelet strap all in this one watch. VIEW MICHELE WATCHES HERE

You know there is no way I won't be including shoes here, right?
You cannot go wrong with Frye Boots. I while ago, I wrote about how a client had come into my office.
I saw her boots and immediately started to drool. I asked her all about them. They were Frye boots. Here is the kicker....she had bought them in 1981. Yes, the year 1981. As in 38 years ago. They literally got better with age.
I saw THESE FRYE AMADO BOOTIES and started lusting hard over them.

You can't talk shoes without talking about bags, right? 
Some folks are pro-monogram some are vehemently against them. Regardless of where you fall on that debare, Louis Vuitton is timeless and something that only goes up in value. Don't believe me? Look at this ad from 1977.

These "Speedy" bags are still in production. Only now, they will run you $1000 or $1250. Not the respective $120.00 and $135.00 like back in 1977.
My Speedy was the first LV bag that I ever bought. I love it as much as I did the day I purchased it.
                                        (Don't you love that spill behind me!?)

Now what about a "not necessity" that really IS a necessity... fragrance of course!
No, we don't NEED perfume like we need shoes and coats, I know that. Still though, a great scent is that little secret weapon stashed in your back pocket. I've long said that nothing shows your hand like a cheap perfume. There is no escaping the fact that its cheap (Think of what the teenage boys walking around the mall smell like.)
Nowadays, my biggest hang up is that I don't want to be wearing the same fragrance as 25 other women.
On a trip to Vegas, I discovered Chanel's 1932 Fragrance.
SEE 1932 HEREIts not one of their mass market fragrances that you can go and find at your local Macy's counter. Nope, you have to get this one directly from Chanel . I'll bet you "50 Schrute Bucks" #theoffice that you'll be the only one at the party wearing this!

Okay, that's it for me. tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Christmas eve is MAGICAL. Our house will be filled with friends and family. That makes my heart happy <3 font="">

With Christmas Cheer,

Three cheers for Friday, Mes Amies!
I don't want to scare anybody, but Christmas is 5 days from today....

Anyway, as Christmas ends we know that we still have a loooong winter ahead. Personally, I look forward to the little things to help me though.  

Don't be this person...

December 18, 2019 in

It's mid-week babes, we've made it half way!
For many of us, this is one of the busiest weeks of the year. The hustle and bustle is so much better than the lull and dull in January.
Welcome to a new week mes amies!
I'm hoping everyone had a great weekend filled with merriment. 

I was so on the fence about doing this post. If there is one thing that I really dislike, it's the "ohhh look at all my fancy things" attitude that I see in the bloggesphere  from time to time.

The Friday Five

December 13, 2019 in

Cheers for a Christmas time Friday! It's the next best thing after a summer Friday!
Do you have any parties that you are going to this weekend? Not me. I'm not leaving the house until the wrapping is DONE!!

Anyway, let's do a Friday five today, its been a minute.
Don't forget to send me your answers too!

1) Have you hydrated appropriately?

Yes. I love water. I chug it all the live long day. Over the summer, I bought a big ol Hydra Flask. One of my best investments
                                                                  Hydra Flask 40 oz Bottle

2) What are your feelings on fizzy water (LaCroix and similar)?
It's a no from me, dog. I like regular, plain ol water. My hubby though...he drinks enough carbonated for both of us and a small village.

3) Is there a particular holiday-associated beverage you like?

Yes. In fact, I like it TOO MUCH. Starbucks Caramel Brulee latte. They are only seasonal #insertsadface. But...I'm told that if you order a White mocha latte with a shot of toffee nut syrup, it tastes the exactly like the caramel brulee latte. stay tuned, in January, I'll be testing this theory.

4) Do you have a fancy coffee or tea order?

Not a fancy order, but a fancy coffee maker. My Nespresso machine is my absolute life line.

5) Do you only drink hot beverages when it is cold outside? Why or why not?

Yes. I'm always cold. I want a nice hot drink. Even in the summer, I drink water at room temperature, not cold.

Lazy Lounging

December 11, 2019 in

Hi there! How is this week treating you so far?
This past weekend was my company's Christmas party. We were out later on Saturday than I'm typically awake.

Baby, it's cold outside

December 09, 2019 in ,

Welcome to Monday, mes amies!
How was your weekend? It was pretty mid here. However, I'm not fooled, I know that there is a long, cold winter right on the horizon. 
While its tempting to simply want to hibernate until the spring, its just not going to happen. Most of us are functioning adults who have to participate in society.

So, let's put our heads together and find some ways to look cute and stay warm, shall we?

I love a cute beanie. This one here is nearly identical to the one in the picture.

If you live somewhere like Texas , you might be able to get away with a cute little parker all winter long.
However, us northern girls just are not that luck. We have to embrace the warm, puffer coat.

This one from Target's C9 line looks very much like the one in the photo. Its only $35 dollars too! Win-win!!!

Its the time of the year where you just should embrace the over-sized sweater. In a few months, we'll all be gearing up for the cute, streamlined spring styles. However, that time is not here yet.

Personally, I have my eye on This One that is on amazon.

Admittedly, I wish I could wear cute little sandals all year long. Alas, that's not happening as long as I live in New England.

These Boots have been such life savers. They are almost too warm after awhile . But, that's a good problem to have on a January day!

No matter what, my feet are always FREEZING. Its so annoying. I recently discovered These "Butter Crew" socks by Nordstrom.
Oh my goodness, they are SO warm. They are only $12 or 3 for $30. If you are out dog walking or playing with kiddo in the snow, you NEED these!

Last , but not least... you need gloves. I'm a wuss, I hate being cold. One of my biggest complaints was having to take a glove off to use the touch screen on my car. 
when I saw These cashmere lined leather gloves that claimed to be touch screen friendly, I had to try them.

Guess what? The nice people at Nordstrom didn't lie! They DO work with touch screens!

That's a win!

If all of the above fails, I give you permission to stay home by the fire and cuddle up!


Don't over do it.

December 06, 2019 in

Cheers to Friday, Mes Amies!
No, it's not a summer Friday, that is true. However, Christmas Season Fridays are pretty darn good too!

Anyway, I feel as if I'm the "anti-blogger" today, but so be it. It seems as if from the day before Thanksgiving on, all I've been seeing is various people and companies trying to get us and our money to go separate ways.
I understand that it is the holiday shopping season. Every retailer is competing for our money. Every blogger is trying to get us to use "her links" .

                                                        Source: The Financial Diet 

It's SO easy to get carried away with your shopping this time of year.  Retailers have sales with a very limited time frame. "Prices good through Cyber Monday!", "Sale ends DEC 16 at 12:00 EST!". Also, brands that don't typically go on sale are actually offering discounts right now.
Its all very tempting, I know.  Still though, you owe it to yourself to be able to reign it in. 
We have a loooong winter in front of us. Don't add to the misery , by starting January with a heap of debt.

Also, your loved ones DO NOT want you to go into hawk to buy them gifts. 
Conversely, don't be a crappy person and put the worry and strain onto others that their gifts to you will not "live up" to your expectations. 
If you are old enough to read, you know that its not "Santa" who you might be expecting to bring you expensive things. 
When I was a little kid, I loved the cartoon "Garfield". When I was 6 or 7 there was a "Garfield Christmas Special on TV. There was one line from it, that was seared into my little brain and has stuck with me all these years.

"Christmas. It's not the giving, it's not the getting. It's the loving."— Garfield's closing line, quoted from the Christmas Day 1981 installment of the comic strip

Remember the true meaning of this season, my friends.

Have a safe and fun filled weekend.


Happy mid-week mes amies.
Two weeks ago, I wrote a post called "Penny wise Wednesday".  I showed apparel at Target that were dupes for much more expensive name brand things. You can read it Here .
Holy moley, I wasn't prepared for how many views that post would get.
Since that one was so popular, I thought "let's do it again!". Today, we're focusing on Old Navy.

First up is a darn near identical dupe for a sweater that I almost bought. I'd seen a great little fair isle sweater from 1901 at Nordstrom. It was $89.00, so I passed.  Here is its Old Navy doppelganger! This One is only $25

A few month back I wrote This Post about how early '90s fashions are back in a big way.  Not too long after I had written that post, I got my first pair of button fly jeans (very early 90's!). I happened to catch a sale at Madewell. These babies are super comfy and give a different ascetic to "plain old jeans".
Well, guess what Old Navy carries them too! At Madewell they are $70 at Old Navy they are $18!

Jeans are all well and good, but as it gets colder and the more we indulge in holiday merriment, the more we want to change into something comfy-cozy.
At Nordstrom, the B.P brand has the coziest flannel lounge pants. They are well worth their $40 price tag. I'd totally be grabbing a pair or two , except for the fact that Old Navy has These for 1/2 the price!

The year before last, I bought myself a really nice winter coat. It has a life time warranty and its SO warm.
The thing is though, sometimes its TOO warm. For the days where its over 40 degrees, I tend to opt for a puffer vest.
I have a North Face vest that I purchased a few years ago. If memory serves me correctly, it was around $100.
Old Navy has This very similar puffer vest is $80 less!!!

Jcrew has these super adorable cable knit sweaters right now. They come in a bunch of colors. However, they will set you back $98. Yikes.
Well, a very similar option is This One from Old Navy.

And that friends, is all she (me) wrote.

What do you think? Should we keep doing these Penny wise Wednesday posts? Let me know.


A KKW Palette Review

December 02, 2019 in

Jingle jangle, it's December you guys. Whoa!

I'm excited, this week is my office Christmas party. It's always everything I'd want in a Christmas party. I know this, because I'm the one who plans it! Ha!  We are a small office,

Happy Birthday, Baby!

November 29, 2019 in

Even though he's the kind of guy that doesn't want any attention, I'd be derelict in my duties if I didn't tell you that its my human's birthday today.

I know that I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that this world is a better place because my mister is in it.

This guy has more compassion, than anyone that I know.
As you guys know, animal rescue is VERY important to me. So many people try to remind me that "You can't save them all." Not Chad, from day one he rolled his sleeves up and said "What can I do?"
Not only is he the first person to offer to help the shelter pay vet bills or adoption fees, he also got his co-workers in on this important mission too.

He treats "my" family and "his" family exactly the same. Truth be told, there is no differentiating between our families now. We are all one unit.

Hes maintained the same friends that he had since he was a little boy.  He's loyal and there for anyone who needs him.

I've heard so many countless stories about people who just cannot depend on their spouse. Whether it be that their spouse placed work, an addiction or other people ahead of their union. I'm so thankful that this man has never or would never put me in that position. I've never once questioned if our marriage was his top priority. Its as obviously is.

This guy is my best friend. I know that is so cliche, but its true. I prefer his company over anyone else. He cracks me up constantly and gives me the best hugs ever.

He indulges me when I've convinced myself  I need a new bag or something else that I absolutely do not need.

He happily goes along to places where I get to play dress-up, which I love.

So, what I'm trying to say here is even though today is Chad's birthday, hes the greatest gift that I've ever received.
Happy Birthday, baby. ILYSM

Its mid-week and tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Yay!  We get out of work at noon today.
good thing, I've got LOTS of prepping to-do, as we host Thanksgiving.

As we know, this year is rapidly winding down. It recently occurred to me though that the DECADE is almost over as well.
It got me to thinking back on the 2010's and the various fashion tends. These are the ones that were the worst in my opinion.

First up, the pussy bow blouse.
These remind me of what little old ladies wore in 1984. I never understood this one.

Shutter Shades

I'm pretty sure we have Kanye West to blame thank for these.  Yet another bad 1980's throwback that is so cringy.

Moving on to a fad from earlier in the decade.. the Peplum top.
 These things put added weight and width where pretty much no woman wants it.

Another one from earlier in the decade... feathers in your hair.
What? Why? Who started this fad in the first place?

One from 2019 ...Dad sneakers

 This might be my most "I'd never be caught dead in"...

Then, a few years ago.."Flower Crowns" became a thing.

It started as a snap chat filter. Then, for reason I'll never know, someone thought "I should wear this in real life!"

Moving along, acrylic nails.

Acrylic nails were dead and buried. Then, around 2016-2017 the Kardashian/Jenners brought them back. Why?


If you ask me, this will be one trend that has the most "what were you thinking" votes in the very near future.

Staying with hair.... Ombre

People were spending LOTS of money to make it look like they couldn't afford to get their roots done.

So, these are the trends that get my vote for "worst of the decade".  What do you think the worst were?
Are there any of these that you are still loving?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!