Seasonal Color Analysis. Its something that not too many people are aware of. Yet, its something almost everyone can benefit from.
My first introduction to it was when I was a sophomore in high school. I was in Ms. Duggan's class called "Fashion" (It was actually a sewing class). She did a several class lesson based on "Color Me Beautiful" by Carole Jackson  .
That's where I learned that everyone falls into 1 of 4 "color seasons".

Color Seasons have nothing to do with what season you were born in or what your favorite season is. 
The basic theory is broken down into two factors which are:
 1) Is your skin tone cool (summer/ winter) or warm (spring/autumn? 
 2) Is your overall coloring light (spring/summer) or deep (Autumn/winter)

Before we go any further, let me stress...this is just going to serve as a broad overview of your seasonal color analysis. I will provide resources if you want to dig a little deeper. 
"Why does any of this matter?" you might be asking.  When you are wearing "your" colors, you look so much better then when you are not. I dare to say "my colors" make me look better/healthier than the best makeup does.
Wearing your colors gives you this healthy glow. You look well rested and vibrant. 
Put your thinking cap on for a second. Is there a dress or blouse that you have that whenever you wear it, you get complimented? If so, that's likely one of "your" colors.

The Four Seasonal Palettes are as follows:

The summer has cool and light coloring. Summer's have fair skin generally, often they will only burn and not tan. Sometimes, it will have almost "see through" aspect to it.
The Summer was often blonde as a child. She might be blonde still. However, medium brown hair is common too just so long as its ashy, not warm. 
The summer's eyes are often light blue or green. They can also be a rosy brown. 

The spring has warm and light coloring. Like the summer, the spring has fair skin. Although, the spring's will look more ivory to the summer's rosy skin. The "peaches and cream" complexion is indicative of a spring. The spring will also have light hair. However, it will not be ashy at all.  Strawberry blonde, copper red and golden blonde are all hair colors that a spring will have naturally.
The spring will have eyes that are typically warm green, hazel, aqua blue or amber brown.

The skin tone of a winter can be porcelain or true ebony and everything in between.  Its all about the cool and the contrast.
The winter has dark hair. It might be jet black, or dark ash brown.
Her eyes are dark brown, deep blue or emerald green .

The autumn has a warm rich complexion. Her coloring might even appear caramel or beige. Her hair is auburn, espresso, dark chestnut or coppery brown. Her eyes might be dark brown, they could be hazel  or olive green.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. so, lets take a look.
I'm starting with one of my own. This is of my dear friend Christine and me. Christine is a true autumn and I'm a true summer. This picture shows the difference between her warm and my cool coloring perfectly.
Christine has gorgeous auburn hair. Her ivory skin warms beautifully in the sun and she blushes the loveliest peachy shade. Her blue eyes have a turquoise quality to them.
On the other hand there is me. My hair has a very cool tone to it. Yes, its lightened to a more "blonde" shade than is now natural. However, my "roots" are pretty visible here. They are dirty blonde (my natural shade is a 7).  My eyes are a cool green and my skin has a pinkness to it.

Let's look at some well known faces.

Here is Courtney Cox. She's a winter if I've ever seen one.
Cool coloring with a high contrast between her skin and hair.

Now, let's look at Kate Beckinsale . This lady is an autumn all day long. Look at that warm skin tone and amber eyes.

This is Cate Blanchet, a summer after my own heart. Cool tones and a very low contrast between her hair and skin.

Lastly, here is Amy Adams. She is the epitome of a spring. Strawberry blonde hair, peaches and cream skin and light teal eyes. 

So, are you ready to figure out your season? You might already have a decent idea of it at this point.
Once you know for sure which color palette you fall into, slowly start incorporating those shades into your wardrobe. I'm betting you, you'll see a difference, a very positive difference . Likely, you'll start hearing things like "you look really well rested."  "Did you just get back from vacation?" or my personal favorite "You look younger."

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Okay, dig in, get going with those. Start small. You likely already have somethings in your shades already sitting in your closet. Put them on and take a picture of yourself, then take a picture of yourself in something that's not your color. The difference will speak for its self.

Okay, that's it for today. I'll catch up with you on Friday.


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