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Hello , Mes Amies! Happy midweek!

Last week, we talked about my return to curly hair. I promised that I'd share with you guys some of the products that have worked best for me. Granted, what works best for me might be the worst product for you. Curly are finicky, there are so many variables.  Curl type, hair porosity are the two biggest factors.

For what its worth, I believe my hair to be high porosity. My curl type started out as a 2C, however, the longer I have gone without heat damage and over processing, its become 3A , yay!  So, if that sounds anything at all like your hair, keep reading! 

Shampoo / Conditioner:

First things first.... I resisted the idea of co-washing for literally over a year. I saw how well it worked for many other curlies. Yet, I felt that it would be disastrous for me.  Le sigh. It actually works wonders for me. So, once per week, I use actual shampoo. The rest of the time, I cowash with DevaCurl

These are my FAVORITES. They are literally the best for my curls.

  • Curl Talk By Not Your Mother's                 Find Them Here  

Literally, I spend more on coffee each day than a bottle of this. Yes, its very inexpensive, but its also VERY effective.

Styling Products:  

My hands down, curly hair product hero. This stuff defines my curls, eliminates all frizz , all without weighing down my hair. I ALWAYS get a "Your hair smells so good" comment from my hubby  too!

  •  Ouidad Advanced Climate Control  Humidity Gel/ Cream    Find Them Here

Living on the coast, the humidity is REAL here. These two products, mixed together have been game changers for me.


  • Olaplex 3                            Find It Here

Curls need a mix of protien and moisture in order to look their best. This is the protein. I only need to use this 1X/week. The difference it makes in the quality of my curls is unreal.

  • Devacurl Melt Into Moisture                      Find It Here   

This is the moisture to Olaplex protien!  This is the most moisturizing deep conditioner that I've ever used. Even if you are not a curly girl, this is one amazing product.

There you go, my holy grail curly products. I've weeded through a LOT of different products to get down to this curated list.


Hello, Mes Amies! I hope that you are having a wonderful , long weekend.  I hope that everyone had a safe and happy 4th.

So, I noticed how many of my post are about products that I suggest  you guys buy for yourself. Where this is not an income  generating blog, you can be sure that I'm not trying to sell you anything. I'm just sharing with you things that I love and you might too. However, there are a bunch of things I've bought which I do not want you to also waste your money on, these are them. I'm not bashing any products here. What didn't work for me might work great for someone else. Still, these are my products that I wish I didn't spend my money on.

L'Oreal Micro-Liner

This eyeliner had barely any color payoff. The delicate eye area is the last place you want to have to yank, tug and dig a product in.

Lancome Eye-Shadows

This is a HUGE buyer beware, as these are expensive. I have tried 4 different Lancome eye palettes though. What do they all have in common? Ridiculous amounts of fall out and splotchy application.

Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Palette

I was so excited when I first got this, these are MY colors. Sadly, it was a total let down. Regardless of how much eye primer I put on, these colors would just fade off within an hour or two.

Wet n' Wild Mega Last Liquid Lip

This stuff...it feathered immediately. It dried so tacky and crusty and never felt not sticky.

Tom Ford Wonder Mascara

When you spend $45 on a mascara, you are entitled to ask for more than clumping and flaking. However, that's all I got with this.

DryBar Dry Shampoo

This stuff goes on orange. No matter how close or far you are when you apply it...it comes out orange. It looks equally as obviously orange on light or dark hair, even after brushing the orange color doesn't go away.

Jouer Concealer 

  This stuff..... Its as if it doesn't exist. You put it on and it doesn't do a damn thing.  Dark circles look exactly like they did prior to application. 

There you go. Do you have a bug fail that I should know about? Let me know!


Hello! Happy almost 4th of July. Things sure are different this year. Our town had to cancel the parade and fireworks. While that is sad, I'm actually glad that people won't have an excuse to come from all over and fill our town. Until covid is under control, we have to use caution.
Anywho...covid cannot take away our makeup chat.
Recently, I was watching a bunch of beauty guru's on YouTube. All of the videos I was watching were along the lines of "Beauty Mistakes". I noticed that many of these gurus agreed on many points in this department. For what its worth, I did too. I figured it would be beneficial to share those points with you here today. You can consider this the condensed version. Now, you don't need to spend an hour + going down the YouTube rabbit hole like I did.

1) Not Having A Skin Care Routine 
I cringe when I see a 30+ woman buying "Clean and Clear" in Target. That is for teens and preteens. If you are an adult, you need to cleanse,  exfoliate, moisturize and use anti-aging  products. You need to do this EVERY day. I started using anti-aging products at age 15. However, its never too late (or too early.)

2) Over Doing Under-Eye Concealer
If you are over 25, you need to really use just the absolute minimum amount of concealer possible. Or, even better, switch to a color corrector instead.
It doesn't matter if you look younger than your age, it doesn't matter if you've had botox. If you are out of your early 20's, too much concealer will act as if it were a magnifying  glass on those fine under-eye lines. 

3) Over or Under Grooming Your Eyebrows
I speak to you from a place of experience here! Unkempt brows make your whole look appear sloppy. Brows that have been thinned too much are horribly aging.

4) Over Lining Your Lips
This one makes me cringe so badly. Its clear where the lips end, yet some people still line beyond the lip. It ends up looking like a little kid did your makeup. Instead , make your lips look larger by using plumping glosses and lighter colors.

5) Not Using Sunscreen
How much can this one be stressed? Not enough. Seriously, it is the worlds best anti aging EVER. Read More Here

6) Neglecting Your Hair
This one is huge. First things first, get your hair healthy. Stop over processing it, stop coloring it to wildly unnatural shades. Keep it trimmed and clean.

7)  Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes
I know, I know.. its a pain in the neck to go through and clean your brushes. You have to though. See How Here Unclean makeup brushes will spread dirt and oil all over your face....yuck!

8) Not Matching Your Foundation To Your Skin
Oh....this is a BIG one. You need to buy foundation for the complexion that you have.  I remember in junior high, so many girls would wear foundation that was shades too dark in the hopes of looking tan. This is a big no no... 

9) Not Drinking Enough Water
You cannot escape this one...not drinking enough water will show in your appearance. No, drinking diet soda instead isn't a substitute for water.

10) Wearing Too Much Makeup
I love makeup. I love a full face of makeup. Still, you need to know when to say when.  Dark heavy eye shadow, too much bronzer and blush and a vampy red lip all paired together is a recipe for disaster. Less is more here.

There you have it. What are your thoughts? Anything that you disagree with? Anything that is missing? Sound off!