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Hello Friends! Welcome to my little space. I'm not here to sell you anything or ask you to "shop my links". Nope, We are just here to review makeup , talk about fashion and share positive vibes . I'm so glad that you are here.

Hello and welcome to a new week Mes Amies!
I hope that everyone is feeling refreshed and revitalized today. I'm sipping on my coffee and waiting for the sunrise as I type this.

I recently got a message on here saying that I should show more of me on this blog. It took me by surprise. I love blogs. I love reading them and subscribe to about 10 of them. One thing I detest though is this more modern for of blogging where its all "ME ME ME. SHOP MY LINKS! FOLLOW ME ON IG". This, just isn't my style. However, I do "get it".  Its more interesting when you know the person behind the blog. You get more of a connection to them this way.
Anyhow, today is the day that you'll se more of me. I'm reviewing what just might be my new favorite foundation.  The best way that I know to do this is to show it to you close up. A little background for reference. I put the foundation on in the morning. It wasn't a work day, it was Saturday. The day consisted of running around with my hubby doing errands all day, then dinner that night. The photos in this post were taken after dinner. I had worn the foundation for approximately 10 hours when I took the photos. Also, it might be worth noting that Saturday was a windy, rainy day.

Okay, now that we have gotten that out of the way, today we are talking about Clinique's "Even Better Glow" foundation.

I have been wearing Clinique's "Even Better" foundation for about two years. Its a lovely medium weight foundation that provides a velvety finish. It's wonderful . When I saw that Clinique had launched "Even Better Glow", I had to try it.
As someone with a beauty "bolgette" and an avowed makeup lover since childhood, I have tried a LOT of foundations. This one, immediately took the number one spot.
Simply out, it's dreamy.
It covers the imperfections in my skin completly and fully. However, my skin still looked like skin. No mask like appearance , no cakey texture or flaking.
In the winter, my skin starts to look so dull. I get dermaplaned, I get facials and acid peels. Still, these New England winters win year after year.
This foundation has leveled the playing field. It gives my skin a 'glow' to it. When I say 'glow', I do not mean shimmer. There is nothing like glitter or highlighter in here.
However, my skin looked and felt like how it does when I've just applied a heavy moisturizing night mask.

There is a gentle light reflecting quality to it.

You might be as pale fair as me, or have skin that is the darkest ebony. With 30 shades, there is a color match for all of us.

With this, or any foundation, I'd suggest using a primer underneath and applying it with a damp "Beauty Blender" sponge. Those two things will guarantee you the most smooth, even application.

The price is $29.50 and worth every cent in my opinion. You can buy it Here if you already know your shade. I not, stop into your local Clinique counter. I'm sure that they will be happy to find your your perfect match.

The other makeup I'm wearing here is:

  • MAC Nude Art Library EyeShadow Palette
  • Benefit's "dandelion" blush
  • IT Cosmetics Blow-Out lash mascara (AND Ardell Whispies lashes)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow-Wiz in blonde
  • Marc Jacobs Lip  in SUGAR SUGAR
My top is from Madewell, current season.

There ya go. Go get this foundation. You'll be glad that you did.


January Gems

January 24, 2020 in ,
Three cheers for Friday, Babes!!!
Did you all have a good week? I'm a bit sore, literally not figuratively . This week, I had a post put in for a dental implant. I'm glad its just about done. After what I went through last year, I had some PTSD going on in regards to the dentist. Anxiety, sleeplessness and even nightmares. At any rate though, that's in the past.
So, are you guys ready for some randomness ?
January is almost over, WOO HOO! so, I thought today might be the time to share my favorite January finds.

Here they are........

1)  Darling Bracelet by Pancea, from Nordstrom
Urrgh, Its already sold out! They JUST got it in! I'm glad I got it when I had the chance. Seeing how quickly it sold out, I'm thinking that they will get more. Its one individual bracelet, but look like its many bangles. It cost $35.00

 I thought that this would be perfect to wear to work on Valentine's Day. Its by the brand "Amazon Essentials". I LOVE Amazon Essentials. Everything is priced so right, but quality made. This cute little top is only $24.50!!

Its January. I don't know anyone who isn't craving healthier foods after the recent holiday season. These Quest chips are like a better for you Dorito (My fav junk food). They have only 4 carbs, but come in with a whopping 10 grams of protein. I put a bag in my lunch each day!

Saturday, I was at Nordstrom. I pulled the trigger and got myself a pair of Golden Goose sneakers, but thats a different story for a different day. While I was there, I wandered into the makeup section, because you know this is me, thats what I do. Anyway at Clinique, I saw their "Almost Lip Stick" I wore this in high school and LOVED it. Its more than a lip gloss, but less than a lip stick. Its such a  nice change of pace from that awful matte lip trend that is finally dying.   $19.50 (When I was in high school, it was $11.50)

There once was a song with the lyrics "I wish I didn't know now, what I didn't know then."  That's how I feel about jeans. I remember when I was blissfully unaware of much better high end jeans look on me. I wish I thought still "Hey! they are all the same!". They aren't though. These jeans take about 10 lbs off of me and make my butt look so much better than it really is. Conversely , if you know of a lower priced brand of jeans that looks and feels great on, please tell me!  $169.00

Finally, back to the bargins! These are another Amazon Essentials find. They look like the are genuine snake skin. They are not though. In fact , these babies are quite the deal at only $17.00.

Well, there you have it!  Have you found anything great this month? If so, please do share!
Have a safe and fun weekend, Mes Amies!


Hello Babes:
Here we are plugging through the week like the bosses that we are.
Go us!
We all have a favorite cosmetic. For many of you, its lipstick . For me though, it's eye shadow and always has been.

I was taking a trip down memory lance recently. I was looking at pictures  of junior high school me. I loved makeup even back then.
Back then though...I really didn't know what I was doing, like at all.  I used to use the foam applicators that came with the eye shadow. Yes, it was cringe worthy. 
I decided to put together this step by step to protect you guys out there for making the same mistakes that I did!

Tools of The Trade 101

Before even attempting to master eye shadow application, you'll need to get the proper tools to get the job done.   A few decent brushes are the difference between a well blended makeup application versus stripes of color across your eye lids.
However though, you do NOT need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on brushes. Here is what you actually will need to get started.   Read How To Clean Them Here

  • A flat, small dense brush to hold plenty of color
  • A fluffy blending brush
  • A spare brush for when you're applying multiple colors at once

Click to expand
When to apply eye shadow in your makeup routine

Once you're ready to work some eye shadow magic, the question remains: Should you apply your eye makeup before or after foundation? It's all personal preference, really.
Personally, I do my eyes first. This way, I don't need to worry about getting fallout of my foundation or concealer.
If you're more daring and prefer to take care of your concealer and foundation first, you can always save eye shadow for later. Be sure to put some translucent powder onto a brush or pad and dab it under your eyes. Make sure to apply enough powder, so that if there is any eye shadow fallout it lands on the translucent powder. Then you sweep it off when finished.

How to apply eye shadow
There are many different ways to apply eye shadow and, with practice, you'll develop a few shortcuts of your own to help achieve the look you're craving. But there are a few basic tips that can get you started.

Prepping for eye shadow application:
1.       Prep the skin: Wipe the eye area down with micellar water before you start makeup to remove anything that could be on the face. You want a completely clean canvas to begin with.
2.        Start with an eye shadow primer: It’s good to set your eye shadow by starting with a primer. This helps to not only hold the shadow in place, but also preps the eyelid, getting rid of discoloration.
3.       Concealer: Still have some dark spots? Use a neutralizing concealer to hide any dark circles.
4.       Set the eye shadow:   Finish with translucent setting powder dusted over the look.

Basic eye shadow application:

1.       Use an eye shadow the color of your skin all over, from lashes to brows.
2.       Follow up with a neutral color all over the lid up to the crease (you can use a matte or satin finish)
3.       Add dimension with a slightly darker color in a matte finish to the outer corner of the crease and blend well.
4.       Add an eyeliner of your choice.
5.       Take a highlighter or shimmery eye shadow lighter than your skin tone on the inner corner of the eyes to brighten things up.

More advanced eye shadow application tips:
  • Do you want to add depth and dimension? Try using a small flat brush and dark shadow pressed into where the lashes grow.
  • Do you want to make an area stand out more? Use a lighter color. Want to add more intensity? Apply loose shadow with a slightly damp brush.
  • Consider your eye shape, If you have hooded eyes, you want to create the appearance of depth and a crease. You would add eye shadow just above the fold of the eye, to give a pushed back appearance. If you have more round eyes you want to soften a little and create a wider look. You would use eyeliner to draw along the lash line and push just based the outer edge.
  • Using a fluffy brush and a windshield wiper motion to apply color all over the eye.

Eye shadow for your eye color
Previously, I did an entire post about finding the right make up shades for your eyes. You can read that Here
Essentially though, you want to enhance your eye color, by wearing shades that are opposite. An example is if your eyes are blue then use warmer shades with hints of orange or coral. If you have brown eyes use blue shades, and if you have green eyes use violet  and plum shades.
Here is a quick run down of what shades pair best with each eye color.
  • Blue eyes: Try brown, gold or yellow tones.
  • Brown eyes: Aim for gold, purples and other warm tones.
  • Hazel eyes: Pink, purple and green eye shadows are your best bet.
  • Green eyes: Warm tones like gold and lavender will complement your emerald eyes.

This was a LONG one today!
Hopefully, it will be useful.   I hope the rest of this week is fantastic!