Friday, October 18, 2019

Fall of 2019 trends that I'm loving

Howdy, and happy Friday. I hope you guys are all coming off of a great week and are about to have a fantastic weekend.
I can't lie, I'm still SO SAD about losing Bandit. I miss him so much that it physically hurts.
That said, I know that nobody is reading hear because they want to hear me wallow. 

I've always put so much more focus on spring & summer fashion. Which, is silly seeing that I live in New England. I mean c'mon...its cold here 9 months out of 12. 

Anyhow, I've been immersing myself in the fall fashion mags and Refinery 29 TV. Mostly to get my mind off of things. Regardless, it's made me realize that I'm really on board with a LOT of the trends for this fall.
Here are a few of my favorites.

1) Snakeskin
 I'm seeing snake skin EVERYWHERE this fall.
The bag in the photo above, is by Nancy Gonzalez. I bought it two years ago and can no longer find it on-line. But, don't despair This One is very similar.

I just purchased These booties by Jeffrey Campbell
Also, there is This version from Target, which is a total steal.

2) Chunky Cropped Sweaters
I absolutely LOVE  This One, and its at a great price point.

A little pricer, but still adorable is This One . I love the vintage feel.

3) Asymmetrical Necklines 
I can't tell you why, but I've always LOVED asymmetrical tops. This One by Free People looks as comfy as it is cute.

Wait until you see the price on This one! Didn't I just say how great is!?

That's it for today. My top three trends of Fall 2019.
What are you loving this season?


Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Where I Shop

                                                          -Where I Shop-

I get asked from time to time where it is I do most of my shopping. I'm a creature of habit. At 40, I know what works for me, and what places carry what  works for me. I also know what doesn't work for me and where to avoid. 
Also, in the interest of efficiency, I'm keeping this list to just apparel retailers. Sure, I shop at Sephora, Ulta, Home Goods, etc but for today, we are focusing on clothing and accessories.
With no further ado,

  • Nordstrom - This is where about 75% of what I own has come from. Their customer service is beyond stellar, they have the best return policy and actually carry quality stuff.
  • Target- No shame here. Target is my go to for t-shirts, tanks, leggings and workout apparel.
  • Venus- Venus is an online retailer. They have adorable clothes at very reasonable prices. They are a great resource for when I need a cocktail dress.
  • Revolve- Another on-line retailer, hey are slightly pricier than the other places that I shop, but they are always worth it.
  • Bloomingdales- This is a place that I always wait to catch a sale, but when I do catch a sale, its typically deeply discounted.
  • Hautelook- This is Nordstrom's flash-sale sight. You can get amazing deals here. Just do not allow yourself to fall into the "I have to order it now!" frenzy that flash- sale sites can drive you to.
  • Talbots- My go to for classic, preppy, New England styles.
  • Madewell-Their clothes truly are well made and are classics.
  • Vineyard Vines- I have a "Shep Shirt" obsession. 
  • Kendra Scott-My go to for cute, not too expensive jewelry. 
  • Amazon/ShopBop- Because you never know what you'll find!
  • Jcrew/ Jcrew Factory- so many things I wear to work are from here.

Conversely, there are some places that I avoid and never end up shopping at, they are listed here:

  • Khols- I've never, ever had any luck here. Also, I hate how you never know what the price of something actually is. It's never what is listed on the tag.
  • Forever 21- The documentary "The True Cost" really opened my eyes to how damaging "Fast Fashion" is. Also, as I've talked about before, I would rather purchase one high quality item instead of 3 "cheaper" pieces.
  • Macy's- I find that at (at least the one near me) Macy's, all they carry now are their own brands. Their in-house brands tend to be expensive, yet poorly made. Thanks, I'll pass.
  • Walmart- I know that they have been really trying to push their fashion as of late. However, I have 0 desire to shop at a store that doesn't value my time as a customer. Their constant lack of open lines is all the evidence that I need to know that my time and schedule is something that they could not care less about.

Okay, there you have it. Where do you most enjoy shopping?


Monday, October 14, 2019

Staying Stylish during The Storm

I'm trying to get back in to a routine after everything that has happened with Bandit. I'm not fully there yet, and still not sleeping well. So, please pardon any grammar, spelling. typing mistakes you might find in this (and the next several) posts. I'm trying my best right now, friends.

Here in Massachusetts, we are coming off of a three day long nor'easter. Those of you not from New England are saying "What in sam's mole hill is a nor'easter?" For an actually definition, read here :What is a nor'easter . For my less technical definition. a nor'easter is crappy, stormy weather.
Like I said, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things and get myself put somewhat together each day. This weather has really challenged me to not look a cast member of "The Deadliest Catch".
Here are a few of the pieces that I've been relying on these past few days.

I have worn these booties every day since Wednesday
Sorel Waterproof Wedge Bootie $200-
These booties truly are completely waterproof. They have a rugged sole for traction, are super comfortable, far more comfortable than wearing rain boots all day.  
Sizing tip: Go up one half size.

Sometimes a cute rain coat is perfect. However, sometimes, it isn't. What to do? 
I found that this adorable little moto jacket with hood is a great choice.

This is (a believable ) faux leather, so there is no worry about the rain ruining it. Its warm enough for a cool, fall rain. Yet, it still gives your outfit more of an "edge" than a traditional rain jacket

Luckily, hats are becoming a "thing" again. Regardless of whether you love 'em or hate 'em, there is no denying that a hat can save the day. I got this one at Nordstrom 

I was nervous as to if my newly naturally curly self would still be able to pull off wearing a hat, its fine though.
This baby has saved me from ruined hair on more than one occasion now.

I have never tried to hide the fact that I enjoy high-end bags. However, I'm not going to risk damaging them in this weather. Therefore, a waterproof that I can toss everything, including my purse into, is a must.

This one by Rush is cure, colorful and durable. I know what's in it will stay dry. This will also be great in the summer for on the water or beach activities. 

So, these are the things that I've been using in this nasty weather. They have served me well this past week.


Friday, October 11, 2019

A tribute to the best boy ever

In October of 2014 my husband shared the top photo with me along with the words "WE HAVE TO GET THIS DOG OF OF THE SHELTER NOW!!"
 Long story short, that translated into that dog becoming our beloved Bandit.
I think this picture illustrates why adoption matters. This picture is of the same dog. At first, scared and alone in a shelter, then knowing he was now a loved family member.

Oh boy, was he loved. He was loved so fiercely and deeply.  

Among the flood emotions, I feel angry. (I'm told that this is "normal") I feel anger that he was " short changed" in life. His beginning was so rough. He was an emaciated stay who was eating garbage to survive. He had been shot and had heart worm.
His life took a complete 180 once he was rescued. He deserved so much more of the good times than what he got though.

On November 1st, we should be celebrating his "Gotcha Day". I should be buying him clams and his own lobster for dinner that night. Chad should be pretending to be agitated over this, all the while me knowing that he doesn't mean it, because he too knows that Bandit deserves the world.
Instead, on this November 1st and every preceding November 1st , all that will remain are pictures, memories and that glaring empty spot on the couch where Bandit should be.
Logically, I know that we did everything we could. We spared no expense, we did and tried everything that was suggested. This should make me feel better, some times it does. But most of the time, my heart is just left to wonder if it will ever not feel shattered.

The one thing which has brought us comfort has been the absolute outpouring of love, compassion and friendship. I'm not joking when I say we have received more  flowers, cards, messages and gifts than some people get when a human passes away.
As I'd always tell him "It's not just us who love you, EVERYONE loves you."

As much as it hurts, and it hurts BADLY. Nothing can take away the fact that this was the best boy ever.
As my friend Lisa said about him,  "Hes the most loyal soul to walk this earth."
He was the best guy to watch the sunrise with. He was the best guy to snuggle up in bed with.
 He gave the best greetings when we'd come home. He was the best company if you were home sick. There was nobody better to go for a nice, long walk with. 
Even his "mischievous" behaviors were beyond adorable.

The folks who saved him back in 2014, are my heroes. They have gone and turned what was up until just a few years ago, a very high kill shelter into a shelter that hasn't killed in several years. They work so hard and have saved so many precious lives.
They recently saved a very pregnant mama-dog-to-be. 
Her babies are opening their eyes and discovering this world. Because of the Paws & Claws volunteers, these babies will never know the hardships, fear, hunger and evil people that Bandit , along with some many thousands of other dogs had to experience.
To honor our Bandit, they named this handsome little devil after him.
One day, when our hearts have healed, we'll rescue another paws and claws dog.
But for now, we're still trying to learn how to continue on without our precious Bandit.
Hug your dogs tight, take them for walks, take them for rides, but NEVER take them for granted.

***Also, if you have the means and you can find it in your heart, please consider making a small donation to Paws and Claws. Literally every.single.cent. goes to the animals. There is no 6-figure CEO at this group, just a bunch of selfless volunteers committed to cleaning up the mess that we as a society have made.

Monday, October 7, 2019


Friends, I'm going to be gone for a bit.
On Thursday, we lost this precious soul.
Right now, I cannot focus on anything but him and  how crippling it has been to loose him.

We'll get back to makeup and fashion soon enough.
Right now though, I need to grieve. 
Thank you for understanding.


What I used

Last week I posted the pictures my friend Colleen took of Chad, Bandit, Decoy and me. I'm not kidding when I say that I treasure these photos. 

I have posted them on my Instagram & Facebook, along with posting them here. 
I was so happy over all of the kind words and thoughts from you guys. It's clear to me that so many of you have huge hearts and are animal lovers. People who love animals are my kind of people.
Also, I had several of you mentioned that you liked my makeup in those photos (Thank you!) or ask what makeup I had on in these pictures. 

You know me, I'm always glad to share. I'm especially always glad to share when it comes to makeup.
Buyer beware, I'm not a "chapstick and go" type of girl. This is particularly true when it comes to make up for photos.
So, there is a LOT of makeup that went into this look.  I figured the best pay to do it would be to put the products  together and number them. I'll list and link everything by the corresponding number under the photo. 
There are new readers here, so I want to reiterate that these are direct links, not affiliate links. In other words, I'm not making a single cent off of you. I'm just showing you what I used.  :)

1) Benefit PORE professional primer

2) Charlotte Tilbury AirBrush Flawless Finish Foundation

3) NARS Soft Matte Concealer

4) Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

5) Viseart Natural Matte Eye-Shadow Palette

6) Smashbox Step-by-Step Contour

7) Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel eyeliner

8) Anastasia BH Brow- Wiz

9) Urban Decay Brow Endowed

10) Red Cherry Lashes #43

11) IT Superhero Mascara

12) YSL Touche Eclate All Over Brightening Pen

13) MAC Extra Dimension Blush "Into the Pink"

14) Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face Setting Spray

** Lipstick Not Pictured** Charlotte Tilbury

As you can see...much natural beauty here! HA!

Thank you all for keeping Bandit in your thoughts. 


Friday, October 4, 2019

The Friday Five

Its been a bit since we did a Friday Five. So, why not today?
Remember, you can link your answers via Live Journal. Or, if you like, email me. I do love getting your answers too.

1. What is something amazing that has happened in the last five years?
Two things! I married Chad (April of 2015) and we adopted Bandit (November on 2014.) These two (and Decoy) have brought me more joy and happiness than I could ever express.
They both cause a feeling in my heart that no word exists to explain it.

2. What is something you would love to happen in the next five years?
Obviously, I hope to rescue another dog! 

3. Do you make "life plans" or do you live spontaneously?
I'm a planner. I'm a firm believer in setting objectives and working toward them. Otherwise, life just happens to you. I like to be at the helm and steering this vessel as it navigates the waters of life.

4. Do you think about what you might do when you retire?
There is a commercial out right now that I love. It's something along the lines of "What if my retirement plan is not to retire?". This is so me. I don't ever want to be not doing ANYTHING. I enjoy getting up and going to my office each day,
Likely, I'll scale way back and and have a little part time job or just volunteer. Chad & I plan on spending or winter's in a warmer climate. So, I'll have to have some flexibility.

5. Is your lifestyle similar to your parents, grandparents, or something utterly different?
Well, all of my grand parents passed away when I was very young. Therefore, I cannot really compare to them.
As for my parents, there are some similarities and some differences.
The largest difference is that my parents were raising a family. They worked and scarified quite a bit for us.
Chad & I are child free. So, we are afforded many more freedoms than either his or my parents had.

So, please do share your answers with me! I love seeing them!