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July 30, 2021 in


Happy Friday, Mes Amies!

How is this the last Friday of July?? I know, I sound like a broken record, but I wish summer could last forever.

Its been a bit since we have done a “Friday Five”. When I saw these questions, I couldn’t resist taking part.

As always, I’d love to see your answers too!





1. What toys were popular when you were a kid?

Oh boy, this is a fun one! Let’s see… My Little Pony, Popples (My favorite) , Skip-It, Jem & The Holligrams


2. What musicians were popular when you were a teenager?

Ahhh, the late 90’s (THE BEST!!) Dave Matthews Band, The Gin Blossoms, Better Than Ezra, The Mighty Bosstones


3. What unique personality traits do you think you have in common with others born around the same time as you?

This is an easy one… A commonality I noticed with people my age is that we feel as if we don’t belong to any generation. We were too young to be “Gen X”. Yet, we feel older and different than millennials. I saw it described perfectly once, mind you I am paraphrasing, but folks my age had an analog high school experience (think taping songs off the radio), and a digital college experience.

We straddled the line between the generation in front of us and the one behind us.

Read More Here


4. Do you think stereotypes about your generation are accurate?

To a degree… that’s not necessarily a bad thing though.


5. What do you admire about other generations?

If you want to talk about admiration, the “Greatest Generation” deserves it all.

Children who grew up during the great depression, just to come of age and be charged with the task of fighting literally to keep the world free and defeat the Nazis and their allies.

Then, they came home and built this country strong and more solid than it had ever been.


All right, that’s a wrap on this week!


Have a beautiful weekend!  



Happy mid-week chickadees!

Lordy, I am hurting today. I work with my trainer on Tuesday mornings. I am feeling it today. 

That's actually what inspired this post. A fantastic line of workout clothing my trainer had told me about, an Amazon exclusive. It got me to thinking about a few of the other Amazon brands that I love.

This is the line of workout gear that is beloved by trainers.  You can "build your own leggings" You pick the length, waist rise and waistband style. The quality here is is just as good as the big, well known brands.

Reliably high quality and reasonably priced is what the Amazon Essentials line is all about.  Dresses to underwear, men's polos to kids shoes. This line is pretty much the "department store" of Amazon. 
Its not just clothing either. After splurging on a high-end down comforter 2 falls ago. A good quality duvet cover just wasn't in the budget. They were all an addition $200-$300 . Well, I found an Amazon Essentials one for $27. It was so much better made than they expensive ones. 2 full years later, it still looks and feels brand new.

This line started as strictly men's clothing. I'm so thankful that it now includes ladies clothing. Some of the most stylish pieces that I own are from this line.  Often, I'll mistake these pieces for my things from Nordstrom.

This one is for the fashionistas out there. The line is a rotating collaboration with pivotal influencers.
You can't "be on the fence" here though, most styles are available for only 30 hours.

This line makes even my "hot & humid loving" heart yearn for cool fall temps.
I literally already have 5 things from this line in my "Saved for later" list. The most perfect sweaters and knits. All so pretty & cozy.

Those are my favorite Amazon brands.  What about you? are there any brands that you've had great luck with? Any you'd avoid? Do tell!




Best Makeup Hacks

July 26, 2021 in


                                                                       Source: PicJumbo

Happy New week, chickadees!

I am not a makeup artist. I'm not any type of beauty professional. over the years though, I have picked up a few tricks that have served me well. Today, I want to share a few of them with you.

1) Powder Your Lashes

I'm quite happy to see the obviously fake lashes be on their way out.  Still, that doesn't mean that I want my lashes to be looking anemic. I use a fluffy brush to dusty on the lightest coat of face powder on my lashes before I apply my mascara. This little trick adds SO much volume to my lashes.

2) Use Eyeshadow Instead of Eyeliner.

Its been awhile since I've used eyeliner for anything other than tight-lining. Instead, I use an angled brush, setting spray and one of the shades of eyeshadow that I'll be wearing on my lids. You get the benefits of having eyeliner , but without the risk of a too harsh line that is aging.

3) Curl Your Lashes More Than Once

I used to be the person who gave my lashes one clamp and thought that I was "good". After getting my makeup done by a Hollywood makeup artist, I saw that he "walked" that curler from the base all the way out to the tips. The difference that this makes is astounding.

4) Do Not Rub Your Wrists Together After Applying Perfume

This just breaks down your fragrance causing it to last no where near as long. Instead, just lightly yap them together.

5) Spray Your Perfume Into Baby Lotion

Fragrance free baby lotion is an effective and inexpensive way to transform your perfume into a matching body lotion. It only takes a spritz or two to make this trick work.

6)Use Complementing Formulas Of Primer & Foundation

This one is VERY important. Primers and foundations are all either water or oil based. One is not better or worse than the other. It depends on your skin and your preferences. BUT, which ever you choose, stick with it for both your primer and foundation. We all know that oil and water literally do not blend. If you have one oil based product and one water based, they will literally repel each other.

7) Always Apply A Little Bit Of Shimmer To the Inner Corner Of Your Eye

This technique was coined "Instant celebrity" by MAC makeup artists for good reason.
This technique makes your eyes look larger, brighter and more awake.

8) Make The Most Out Of Your Deep Conditioner
After the deep conditioner is in your hair, wet a towel with the hottest water you can handle without burning yourself. Wrap it around your hair. The warmth will make the conditioner penetrate  deeper into your hair shaft

9) Use Scotch Tape To De-Flake Your Lips

Gently apply a piece of tape onto both your top and bottom lips. This will peel of all of that dry, dead flakes.

10) For A Subtle Blush Look, apply BEFORE Foundation
This won't work with a full coverage foundation. However if your formula is more sheer, this is the perfect way to achieve that "glow from within" look.

Well  there you have it.
Have a great week.