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Hello Friends! Welcome to my little space. I'm not here to sell you anything or ask you to "shop my links". Nope, We are just here to review makeup , talk about fashion and share positive vibes . I'm so glad that you are here.

Hello Mes Amies, how are you all hanging in?  This is the end of week two or is it three of our new "normal"? I truly do not even know right now.

Today's post is a follow up to Wednesday's.
Many of you (including me) Have gotten kind of tired with the no-makeup routine that has been our new norm.

On Wednesday, we talked about how to extend the like of the cosmetics that you currently have. Today, we are going to talk about where you can still get cosmetics from when you absolutely need them.
I understand that places like Target and CVS are still open. However, it would be beyond  irresponsible to go out for cosmetics right now. Literally, people around us are DYING from Covid-19.
It is our duty to #stayhome. There is no lip gloss, nail polish or primer that is worth going out for.

Last week, I reached out to a bunch of different companies to see what their shipping windows are at this point. Before we go any further, I want to point out that when I receive packages, I leave them on my porch for a full day. As off now, the CDC is saying that this virus can survive on cardboard for 24 hours. You cannot be too safe.

While Target's typical 2-day shipping isn't happening right now, they are still delivering within a week to ten days.
You might be surprised to know that on Target's web page the offer far more brands than they do in the stores. On their website there are actually many prestige brands as well. I had placed a Target order on Saturday and it was delivered on Thusday.

Nordstrom, where would I be without you?  Honestly, I've been purchasing more and more of my cosmetics from here. If I were not intent on keeping my VIB Rouge status (Hello, free makeup applications by actual makeup artists ANYTIME I want) I'd probably get 99%  of my beauty purchases here.
As of this post being published, shipping times are 7-14 business days. Still, not to shabby.

According to Ulta Customer service, they are still shipping in a 3-8 business day window.
Ulta also seems to be pretty fully stocked on line for both their prestige and drug store brands.

One of my favorite brands, NYX is shipping within 3-7 business days for alll orders placed by 2:00 PM Eastern time.
If you are on the fence as to what to try from NYX read here : My Nyx Picks  

This next one came as a surprise to me... QVC. Yes, that TV station tat your Nana loved.
They have a full website of cosmetics and beauty tools. Most of them are priced less than retail. According to the customer service, everything ships with in three days.

QVC Beauty

Last , but not least is Clinique

This one is special to me. Clinique was the first makeup that I ever used. When I was in junior high and I high school I bought so much Clinique that the ladies who worked at the counter that I went to would buy me birthday presents. I never stopped wearing Clinique, but as I got older, I was wooed by other brands. Recently, I saw that Clinique was doing a special where they would send you two full size products with and $100 purchase. I jumped at that offer. I was surprised when 6 days later, the package was at my house. Shop Clinique directly here :   Clinique.com  

Okay, I hope this helps. Remember though, the health and safety of you and everyone else comes before makeup and beauty.  Health and safety will always come before beauty.

Stay well friends.


Its April Fool's Day. Has this all been just one really bad joke?
Oh, don't we wish.
Long before I ever thought of creating this 'lil makeup blogette, my friend Jen had been telling me "You need to make a makeup blog". She literally had been telling this for years.
You see, Jen is a makeup maven like most of us here. Jen is all around awesome. She is a fellow animal rescuer. She is an insanely talented photographer who has offered to  donate her talents to photograph homeless dogs to help get them adopted. She is also a Mom of 2, actually by the time you are reading this, number 3 should be in her loving arms.

Seriously, have you seen a more stunning mom to be?!

The other day, I reached out to Jen and asked if she had any thoughts as to what would be beneficial to see on here.
Her response had me saying "WHY DID'NT I THINK OF THAT!?"  She said "Every store is closed. Shipping is backed up everywhere. Maybe you could look into how to extend the shelf life of the makeup we currently do own. Oh, and find out who is shipping on a somewhat soon time frame."
Yaaaaaaaas girl!
I'm going to break her suggestions into two separate posts . I have sent correspondence out to 15 different companies to ask what their typical turnaround for shipping is during this tumultuous time. I hope to have those responses for you on Friday.  Today, we'll be talking about how to extend the life of what we already own.
I know that personally when this all started, I was going makeup free everyday. As this progressed though, I needed to return to some form of normalcy. Many of my "old" routines were taken from me and there is nothing that I can do abut it . I find that its good for my mental well being to still partake in the things that I still have control of.  Even if nobody but my hubby sees it, putting on a decent outfit and some makeup is a bit of  a moral boost. If that sounds like you too, this one is for you. These are the ways we can make the cosmetics that we do have on hand last!

1) Do NOT "Pump" Your Mascara

This is one that you might not even realize you are doing.  You go to apply your mascara, but you pull the wand in and out a few times before you put it on. You then repeat that motion before you apply it to the other eye.
DON'T do that.Each pump sends more air into that tube of mascara. As air gets into that tube, that's what makes the mascara get clumpy and dry out.

2) Apply Foundation with a Wet Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender sponges have changed foundation application since they first came out in 2011. 
When you are applying foundation, make sure you have wet your sponge all the way through. If not, your sponge will absorb your foundation, causing you to run out more quickly.

3) Mix Foundation With Moisturizer

If you have a full to medium coverage foundation at home , you can get more uses out of it by taking 2/3 of the amount you would normally use . Mix in 1/3 of your favorite facial moisturizer to make up the difference.  Mix them together, then apply per normal. You'll be shocked at how well this one works.

4) Don't Be Afraid To Cut Tubes Open

I never used to do this. However, on of my favorite YouTubers , Tracy Hensel shows in her videos that she always does this.
Its your product. You paid for it. Why not get every last drop out of it!?

5) Keep All Of Your Cosmetics In A Dry, Cool, Dark Place

Its so convenient to keep your makeup in the bathroom. You jump out of the shower and get ready.
Sadly, its literally THE WORST  place to keep your makeup. Because of the shower, your bathroom is frequently warmer and more humid than any other room in your house. Just like with food, warm and humid will make your cosmetics go bad much quicker than if they are in a cool, dry place.

Okay, that's what I was able to find for you. I hope thus helps. Makeup or no makeup, you are gorgeous. Stay safe and healthy, Mes Amies!


Hi Mes Amies!
Right about now, I should be squealing with delight to you about how its almost April. I should be going on about how the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer.
Sadly, we have a dark cloud hanging over us right now. We all know it and are all to well aware of it.
I would be lying to you if I said that my heart wasn't very heavy thinking about how many people are sick and have died. Truthfully, I am angry as well. It did NOT need to come to this.
However, I'm also so relieved to see just how we are all pulling together and uniting. I'm so delighted to see the nurses,doctors and food store workers getting the admiration which they deserve.

I think its also necessary to keep hope and to keep looking forward.
Today, I want to share with you a few things that I picked up before all H-E-L-L  broke loose.

Lina Clear Strappy Sandal by Shultz

Transparent footwear seems to be all the rage this season. Maybe we all fancy ourselves as Cinderella?
I think the metal detailing on these is adorable . Also, there is literally nothing that they won't go with.

Helena Denim Jacket by Kut From Kloth

It was time for me to replace my denim jacket. The one I had was 16 years old. It served me well and I got my use and then-some from it.  I absolutely love Kut From Kloth jeans. This jacket is fantastic too!

Tessa Utility Romper

Tessa Utility Romper By Willow

Ahh, you guys know me. I'm a sucker for rompers. I plan on pairing this ditty with the above jacket and sandals.

Robyn Knit Romper by O'Neil

I can literally already envision myself throwing this on to make a Starbucks run on those hot, humid mornings. It looks like a normal, cute outfit, yet it feels as comfortable as pajamas. 

Chuck Taylor® Shoreline Sneaker

So classic and so comfy. My last pair was 4 years old. It was time for replacements.

Women's Tiered Swing Dress with Color Block Detail and Tie Straps

One night in the future,it will be warm and sunny. It will be the perfect night to go to a full restaurant with an electric vibe. This will be  the perfect dress to wear that night.

PLUMBERRY Off-Shoulder Loose Waisted Printed Romper 

This will look so cute with a (spray) tan and pair of shiny Jack Rogers! 


I've seen pretty much every influencer wearing these. What can I say? They wore me down. I decided that I needed these too.

I think its safe to say, after this quarantine is over many of us are going to be getting dressed up for the sake of getting dressed up. In WWII , EVERYTHING was rationed. You had to stay home and do without more often than not.
I wonder if that is why in the 1950's everyone did it up. You'd never see someone running out and about looking like a slob. I truly wonder if that is what we'll be going back to? Truth be told, I wouldn't mind one bit if that is the case.

Okay, that's it for today.
I hope you are all safe and healthy.