The Friday Five

December 13, 2019 in

Cheers for a Christmas time Friday! It's the next best thing after a summer Friday!
Do you have any parties that you are going to this weekend? Not me. I'm not leaving the house until the wrapping is DONE!!

Anyway, let's do a Friday five today, its been a minute.
Don't forget to send me your answers too!

1) Have you hydrated appropriately?

Yes. I love water. I chug it all the live long day. Over the summer, I bought a big ol Hydra Flask. One of my best investments
                                                                  Hydra Flask 40 oz Bottle

2) What are your feelings on fizzy water (LaCroix and similar)?
It's a no from me, dog. I like regular, plain ol water. My hubby though...he drinks enough carbonated for both of us and a small village.

3) Is there a particular holiday-associated beverage you like?

Yes. In fact, I like it TOO MUCH. Starbucks Caramel Brulee latte. They are only seasonal #insertsadface. But...I'm told that if you order a White mocha latte with a shot of toffee nut syrup, it tastes the exactly like the caramel brulee latte. stay tuned, in January, I'll be testing this theory.

4) Do you have a fancy coffee or tea order?

Not a fancy order, but a fancy coffee maker. My Nespresso machine is my absolute life line.

5) Do you only drink hot beverages when it is cold outside? Why or why not?

Yes. I'm always cold. I want a nice hot drink. Even in the summer, I drink water at room temperature, not cold.


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