Its mid-week and tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Yay!  We get out of work at noon today.
good thing, I've got LOTS of prepping to-do, as we host Thanksgiving.

As we know, this year is rapidly winding down. It recently occurred to me though that the DECADE is almost over as well.
It got me to thinking back on the 2010's and the various fashion tends. These are the ones that were the worst in my opinion.

First up, the pussy bow blouse.
These remind me of what little old ladies wore in 1984. I never understood this one.

Shutter Shades

I'm pretty sure we have Kanye West to blame thank for these.  Yet another bad 1980's throwback that is so cringy.

Moving on to a fad from earlier in the decade.. the Peplum top.
 These things put added weight and width where pretty much no woman wants it.

Another one from earlier in the decade... feathers in your hair.
What? Why? Who started this fad in the first place?

One from 2019 ...Dad sneakers

 This might be my most "I'd never be caught dead in"...

Then, a few years ago.."Flower Crowns" became a thing.

It started as a snap chat filter. Then, for reason I'll never know, someone thought "I should wear this in real life!"

Moving along, acrylic nails.

Acrylic nails were dead and buried. Then, around 2016-2017 the Kardashian/Jenners brought them back. Why?


If you ask me, this will be one trend that has the most "what were you thinking" votes in the very near future.

Staying with hair.... Ombre

People were spending LOTS of money to make it look like they couldn't afford to get their roots done.

So, these are the trends that get my vote for "worst of the decade".  What do you think the worst were?
Are there any of these that you are still loving?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!


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