Happy mid-week mes amies.
Two weeks ago, I wrote a post called "Penny wise Wednesday".  I showed apparel at Target that were dupes for much more expensive name brand things. You can read it Here .
Holy moley, I wasn't prepared for how many views that post would get.
Since that one was so popular, I thought "let's do it again!". Today, we're focusing on Old Navy.

First up is a darn near identical dupe for a sweater that I almost bought. I'd seen a great little fair isle sweater from 1901 at Nordstrom. It was $89.00, so I passed.  Here is its Old Navy doppelganger! This One is only $25

A few month back I wrote This Post about how early '90s fashions are back in a big way.  Not too long after I had written that post, I got my first pair of button fly jeans (very early 90's!). I happened to catch a sale at Madewell. These babies are super comfy and give a different ascetic to "plain old jeans".
Well, guess what Old Navy carries them too! At Madewell they are $70 at Old Navy they are $18!

Jeans are all well and good, but as it gets colder and the more we indulge in holiday merriment, the more we want to change into something comfy-cozy.
At Nordstrom, the B.P brand has the coziest flannel lounge pants. They are well worth their $40 price tag. I'd totally be grabbing a pair or two , except for the fact that Old Navy has These for 1/2 the price!

The year before last, I bought myself a really nice winter coat. It has a life time warranty and its SO warm.
The thing is though, sometimes its TOO warm. For the days where its over 40 degrees, I tend to opt for a puffer vest.
I have a North Face vest that I purchased a few years ago. If memory serves me correctly, it was around $100.
Old Navy has This very similar puffer vest is $80 less!!!

Jcrew has these super adorable cable knit sweaters right now. They come in a bunch of colors. However, they will set you back $98. Yikes.
Well, a very similar option is This One from Old Navy.

And that friends, is all she (me) wrote.

What do you think? Should we keep doing these Penny wise Wednesday posts? Let me know.



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