Twas the day before the night before Christmas...
If we are anything alike, you are all shopped out. Same, girl..same.

Buuuut, we are talking about shopping here today. Here's why. Many of us will be receiving gift cards for Christmas. I think for a lot of us, its a chance to splurge on something that we normally wouldn't get for ourselves. So, I thought it might be fun to highlight a few things that are on the higher end .

First off  (Don't come at me, vegans) is a Canada Goose coat.

A couple of winters ago, I had decided that I was going to start putting a few dollars off to the side to purchase a really good quality winter coat. Initially, I was leaning toward Moncler.  However, once I tried on a Canada Goose, that was it. Its the warmest coat that I have EVER owned.  It has a lifetime warranty as well.  VIEW CANADA GOOSE JACKETS HERE

Moving on, I know that some people that that watches are a relic of the past. "Why wear a watch? Your smart phone has the time on it?"
Well, I know that I'm old fashioned, but I still love a traditional watch.

I absolutely love my Michele Watch. I know that there are MANY luxury watches out there. What is special about a Michele watch is that the bands are interchangeable. You can have a leather strap, the bracelet strap all in this one watch. VIEW MICHELE WATCHES HERE

You know there is no way I won't be including shoes here, right?
You cannot go wrong with Frye Boots. I while ago, I wrote about how a client had come into my office.
I saw her boots and immediately started to drool. I asked her all about them. They were Frye boots. Here is the kicker....she had bought them in 1981. Yes, the year 1981. As in 38 years ago. They literally got better with age.
I saw THESE FRYE AMADO BOOTIES and started lusting hard over them.

You can't talk shoes without talking about bags, right? 
Some folks are pro-monogram some are vehemently against them. Regardless of where you fall on that debare, Louis Vuitton is timeless and something that only goes up in value. Don't believe me? Look at this ad from 1977.

These "Speedy" bags are still in production. Only now, they will run you $1000 or $1250. Not the respective $120.00 and $135.00 like back in 1977.
My Speedy was the first LV bag that I ever bought. I love it as much as I did the day I purchased it.
                                        (Don't you love that spill behind me!?)

Now what about a "not necessity" that really IS a necessity... fragrance of course!
No, we don't NEED perfume like we need shoes and coats, I know that. Still though, a great scent is that little secret weapon stashed in your back pocket. I've long said that nothing shows your hand like a cheap perfume. There is no escaping the fact that its cheap (Think of what the teenage boys walking around the mall smell like.)
Nowadays, my biggest hang up is that I don't want to be wearing the same fragrance as 25 other women.
On a trip to Vegas, I discovered Chanel's 1932 Fragrance.
SEE 1932 HEREIts not one of their mass market fragrances that you can go and find at your local Macy's counter. Nope, you have to get this one directly from Chanel . I'll bet you "50 Schrute Bucks" #theoffice that you'll be the only one at the party wearing this!

Okay, that's it for me. tomorrow is Christmas Eve! Christmas eve is MAGICAL. Our house will be filled with friends and family. That makes my heart happy <3 font="">

With Christmas Cheer,

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