Welcome to a new week!
How was your weekend? We (my husband) got all of our outdoor Christmas decor up. He does such a great job, and goes all out. We are the house that people slow down in front of as they drive by.

Anyhow,  as the year is winding down I have been taking stock of what have been some of my favorite things I've discovered or tried over the course of this past year.

1)  Dyson Super Sonic Hair Dryer

Let's just get this one of the way first.
Honestly, I did not want to like this. After that first use though, I was hooked. Since I've gone back to my natural curls, I have to diffuse them to dry them. I would diffuse for over an hour and have hair that was 60% dry. That was fine in the summer. I live in New England though. I was concerned about what I'd do once it inevitably got below freezing.
This baby came, and those concerns went away. To get my hair completely dry , it took 16.8 minutes. (yes, I timed it) #gamechanger.

2) Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt

Okay, okay, not new to me in 2019. I know , but I'd be a miss if I didn't include these here. Literally all year long, I have shep shirts in the rotation. Lighter and brighter ones in the spring and summer, heavy warmer ones in the winter. 

3) Amazon Classic Fit Poplin Shirt

 This shirt costs less than $20.00. It is so well made. I like it better than the near identical ones that JCrew sells for over $80.00
It comes in many different prints and colors. You cannot go wrong with this.

4) Mellanni 1800 Bed Sheets

When I was young, I had no idea how expensive bed sheets could be. When we upgraded to a king sized bed, that lesson really hit home. Decent sheets are stupidly expensive.
Then, there are these amazing sheets. Literally the most comfortable, I've ever slept on. These are "fancy hotel" quality sheets.  We now have multiple sets of them.

5) Necessaire Body Wash

Winter is harsh on skin. Even if you are just hibernating at home all winter, the air is so dry.
Its important to make sure what you are washing with doesn't add to dryness. This luxurious body wash has skin nourishing oils in it and actually helps fight dryness.

6) Oribe Hair Products

Specifically for me, I've just tried and fallen in love with Oribe's Curl Gloss hydration & Hold
Regardless of your hair's type and texture, you need to try Oribe. Aside from hoe well they work, the scent is AMAZING.

7) Anthropologie Block Letter Pendant

Who doesn't love a little monogram here and there? I've been wearing my S necklace pretty often. 
On a side note, I'm so glad that the statement necklace thing is over. These more delicate styles are a welcomed change of pace.

8) Kut From Kloth Jeans

 My most favorite jeans ever! They look and feel great. These babies hold up and keep their form. They don't wear thin or tater. Easily, my favorite jeans ever.

There you have it. What are some of your favorite things that you've discovered in 2019? 
Fill me in, I'd love to know!

Now, go off and have an amazing week!



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