Welcome to a new week mes amies!
I'm hoping everyone had a great weekend filled with merriment. 

I was so on the fence about doing this post. If there is one thing that I really dislike, it's the "ohhh look at all my fancy things" attitude that I see in the bloggesphere  from time to time.
After much consideration, I decided to go ahead with this post. Why? Well, because there is a lot of buzz around this investment hair dryer. I wanted you guys to be able to get a fair, unbiased, NOT sponsored review by someone who purchased it with their own money. I think its so much easier for "influencers" to like something much more if it were gifted to them. I think whether they realize it or not, that makes it harder for them to give completely honest reviews to us regular folks.

Back in June, I went back to my naturally curly hair. Read Here . All in all, it's been a good thing. However, it was taking FOREVER to dry (curly hair needs to have the air on low, or it will end up a frizzy, puffy hot mess.) On average, it would take me an hour of drying time to get my hair 60% dry.
This was okay, not ideal, but okay in the warmer months. However, with the freezing temps of a New England winter, I knew that I had to figure something else out.

Many ladies in the Curly girl Method group that I am in, swear by this dryer. Also, we have the Dyson pet vacuum.  Its the best vacuum we've ever used and the only one which has lasted more than 2 or 3 years. So, when Sephora was doing their 20% VIB sale, I bought it.
There was a (big) part of me that was hoping that I'd HATE it. Nope. from the first use, it was an absolute game changer, literally.
In less than 16 minutes (yes, I did time it) my hair was 100% dry. My curls were so well defined.

The one that I purchased, came with this well made case.

It comes with two different concentrater nozzles and the diffuser. 
I should mention this. I've seen several videos/ reviews of people literally whining about other difusers, such as "The black Orchid" one are "OMG, SO MUCH bigger."  Dyson has out several videos on using this dryer and this diffuser. They make it abundantly clear that you do not use this diffuser the same way. If used correctly, this will dry more hair MUCH faster.

In hand this dryer is compact, light and easy to work with.  Its surprisingly quiet. 
I have not tried doing a blow out with this, as I'm pretty much done with fighting my hairs texture.
But, my dear friend and all around hair goddess Kathleen has used hers on numerous clients. She assured me that it makes the most coarse hair feel like cornsilk. 
All in all, I cannot say enough about this dryer.

  • Its so fast
  • Because of its speed, its not anywhere as damaging as a standard dryer
  • Light weight, your arm will not be sore when using this
  • It's quiet as can be
  • It has 3 heat setting, a cool button and 4 speeds and 3 attachments
  • The cord is crazy long
  • The filter twists off for easy cleaning
  • Its small enough for travel (Not that I'd ever pack this in checked luggage)
  • The air intake is on the bottom of the handle, you have to adjust to holding it higher (Or at least, I did)
  • The price tag
  • That's it, really
I will say this though, you can buy a refurbished dryer directly from Dyson for almost 1/2 off. From what I read, it has the exact same warranty.

Okay, there you have it. My fair and unbiased review. Aren't I just such a do gooder? ;)


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