Three cheers for Friday, Mes Amies!
I don't want to scare anybody, but Christmas is 5 days from today....

Anyway, as Christmas ends we know that we still have a loooong winter ahead. Personally, I look forward to the little things to help me though.  

One thing I do like better about the winter is the nail colors that I opt for. In the summer, I wear baby pinks and corals. In the winer, I opt for richer,darker colors.

Let's take a look at some of the "hot" shades that will help us get through yet another, cold winter!

For illustration purposes, I'm showing photos of the actual old fashioned nail polish. However, I ALWAYS do dipped nails READ WHY HERE . Brands like OPI manufacture all of their colors in dipped, gel and traditional polishes.

First up,  a deep red wine such as OPI's "Malaga Wine"
A rich, red shade like this is universally flattering. Deep ebony skin to translucent white and everything in between look lovely with a shade like this.

Black polishes have been in style since I was in junior high 25 years ago. I'm guessing that they aren't going anywhere anytime soon. To me though, they never looked quite "right" on my super pale skin, The work around for this, is a shimmery charcoal shade such as Orly's "Below Zero".
It still has all of the edginess of black polish, but is a more flattering shade.

Okay, I'm not impartial here. This is the shade I'm wearing right now... OPI's  "Hello Pretty"
Its a deep, true purple.  Purple IS my favorite color. So, I'm thinking I'll use this one a few more times before spring arrives!

Staying with the purple shades, Chanel's "Chataigne" is a more subdued purple.
This shade works on pretty much any skin tone. Its a great way to work in a purple without being so bold and in your face.

If you had told me years ago, I'd be loving a brown polish, I'd of thought that was crazy. However, here we are!  Essie's "Take the Espresso"....
This color has such a classy, (pardon my bad pun) polished look to it.

Staying with Essie....
"Seize The Minute" is the shade I'll be getting on my nails for Christmas.
Its a true red. Perfect for a holly-jolly mani.

Okay, last one and again its by Essie. if you are someone who prefers lighter colors year round, you are in luck. "Milky Nails" are supposedly huge going into 2020.  Essie's "Tuck in My Tux" fits the bill.
This shade is a translucent white. Its light and delicate, oh so pretty.

So, what about you? do you mix up your nail shades depending on the season? Or, do you have tried and true favorites which you wear year round?


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