Lazy Lounging

December 11, 2019 in

Hi there! How is this week treating you so far?
This past weekend was my company's Christmas party. We were out later on Saturday than I'm typically awake.

On Sunday Chad said "Get in the car, we are going to Ulta!" #thingsineverthoughthewouldsay .
See, I've had no ideas as to what to ask for this Christmas. I normally have a few ideas, but this year, nothing.
Well, that husband of mine knows me oh so well. There is always makeup stuff that I want.
After that, he and I went and had a night little lunch together. We were done with everything by 2:30 give or take . After that, we got cuddled up on to the sofa and did our best impressions of sloths. It was all and all a perfect 10 day.

It got me to thinking about how thankful I am for lounge ware .  Just out of pride and self discipline , I  wasn't going to go back into pajamas at 2:30 pm. Also, I sure as heck wasn't going to stay in normal clothes for couch crashing either.
Enter in the wonderful thing known as lounge wear .Its as comfy as pajamas, but more socially acceptable. 

These Flannel Pants are the exact ones that I changed into on Sunday. They are so warm and cozy. The flannel is so soft.

Also, I have and love These "Lazy Mornings" lounge pants  I've fallen asleep in these babies more times than I can count. They are perfect for sitting around and drinking coffee in.

This Sherpa Lounge Top feels as if its a teddy bear. It literally has that exact same feel. 

I have a (few) pair of UGG slippers that I live in (See HERE ) Sometimes though, particularly on the extra cold days, I want something that covers my entire foot. That's why I love These Sherpa Lined Booties  they keep your tootsies oh so warm. Also, they have grippers on them so that you don't slip.

These flannel bottoms are only $12.50!   I'm including them here because, they are great, inexpensive and because when I posted this picture a few weekends ago, several of you guys commented that you liked them.

I'd be derelict in my duties, if I left out "Barefoot Dreams" from a post about lounge wear.
If I'm at home, there is a 99.5% chance that I'm wearing This Barefoot Dreams Cardigan. I've talked bout it before (Read that : HERE) but, I never knew that I needed a pajama cardigan. However, now that I have one, I can't live without it!

Also, I found a much less expensive version of this baby! See it HERE

Okay, I hope that this is enough to inspire you to get comfy cozy. Its the perfect time of year of it!


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