April Absolutes

April 13, 2020 in

Welcome to a new week, babes.  How are you all doing? I know...these are very, very scary times  :(
I don't know about you, but I personally know a few people who are sick with this awful scourge. I worry horribly about my mom and mother-in-law who's age bracket alone makes them more at risk.  I worry about my neighbor's 3 teenage children, all of which work at the grocery store.
I find myself being scared and angry when I look at where I live on the Plymouth waterfront and see large groups of people "hanging out" together. Please people, do not congregate. It's not safe. Even if you are outside.

Normally, I do a round up of the things that I'm loving each month. I share my picks of what you might want to snag for yourselves as well.  (If you are board, you can read some of those Here , Here , Here , Here , Here , Here , Here , Here and Here )
This month, things are different. First off, I do not want to encourage anyone to do ANY unnecessary spending. That would be flat out reckless at this point. Also, Fed-Ex, UPS and USPS drivers are already taxed as is. Those guys (and ladies) are at a higher risk for getting sick as is, I'm not going to add to that. Plus, many people have necessities on order. I do not want someone to have their medicine, pet food or diapers not arrive on time because a makeup palette that I ordered got the last spot on the delivery truck.
That said, there are a few things I'm absolutely going to recommend that you "get" this month. Girl, these are the things that I'm going to "get" for myself as well.

Get out for several walks each week

Keeping moving is SO important. When the gym 1st closed, I realized my sleep was taking a serious hit. Without exercise, I was sleeping very lightly and waking up repeatedly through the night.  
Getting out for a walk is good exercise. Even more importantly though, the sunshine and fresh air relieves stress.

Speaking of sunshine.... Get up and watch the sunrise

I get it, you don't need to get up early enough to commute to work or get your little ones ready for school. So, you end up staying up later than normal, you sleep in later than normal. 
Getting up early onto its self will make you feel like you have "accomplished" something.  The sunrise is metaphoric as well. No matter how dark the time before was, the light will come again and penetrate through.

Turn the news off

This has been a BIGGIE for me. I watch the Covid coverage for a half hour in the morning, then for another half hour at night. 
Where I am working from home, I had been leaving the news on all day. That raised my stress exponentially.  Its very important to stay current on this awful situation. However, there is no gains made by listening to it all day everyday.

Keep a routine 

Its so easy to feel as if you have no direction. Its so easy to feel as if you have no purpose. I know that I was feeling this way.
When these feelings strike, you need to go back to a time when you were feeling as if you had a purpose. "Reverse engineer" What you were doing then to get back to feeling that way now. I'm guessing that you got up early each day, showered, got dressed and set out to accomplish what needed to be done. You can and still SHOULD be doing that.

Each and every night, write out at least 5 things which you are grateful for

This just might be the most important thing of all.
It's SO easy to focus on what is wrong and going badly. Its so easy to ruminate on everything which is going wrong.
You have to adjust your lens to take it what is going WELL. Actually write out at least 5 things from that day which you are thankful, 10 is even better. Writing them down makes it 'click' more than just saying them. It doesn't matter how "small" these things might seem, jot them down. Here is my very list from yesterday.

1. The 1st sleep on fresh sheets
2. Taking a walk w/Chad & Decoy
3.Facetimeing W/ Anita
4. My tulips are starting to bloom
5. Our takeout dinner from a local favorite restaurant
6. The 90's HipHop Pandora station
8. My Family is HEALTHY STILL
9. I gave myself a bomb sunless tan
10. My Nespresso lattes

I hope that this gives you a bit of insight and hope. We really will get through this.
We MUST be good to one and other though. Put politics aside for now,l put pettiness, envy and hostility aside for now. Realize that right now, we are all far more alike then we have ever been before.
If you have anything that might help others to lift their spirits, PLEASE share. 



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