Hello friends!
It's June! The summer solstice is just a few weeks away. Its the time of year that is filled with weddings, graduations, (I'm looking at you Paul Jacob & James!!) first communions, little league games , cookouts and all the other fun things. BTW, are you guys sick of me always talking about my love of all things summer? Sorry! I just cannot help myself!

So, let's dig into my picks for what we need for June!

  • A cute hat
                                      Panama Hat $39.00
I have this hat. One day last summer I went to visit my boss and his husband at their place in Provincetown (The very tip of Cape Cod). My skin was burning faster than we could keep applying the sunscreen.  (Yes, we not me. It was a group effort) Bill said to me "We just need to get you a hat, the sunscreen cant keep up with the sun." He bought me a hat right there and then. I realized that yes, they can be cute and yes, they do work. 
I liked this one so much, as soon as I got home, I ordered the Nordstrom one too.

Rose is the flower of June. My rose bushes are budding. I cannot wait for their fragrance to fill our yard. I absolutely love their scent.
This perfume by Jo Malone replicates that smell perfectly. Literally, EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear this, I get stopped and asked what I'm wearing. Men ask, women ask. This fragrance just naturally draws people in.

  •  A pair of Classic Jack Rogers
                                                                     Jack Rogers $118

These sandals have been around forever. They are stylish and comfortable. Plus, they last FOREVER. I'm just now replacing my silver pair. Do you know when I bought their predecessors? In June of 2012. 7 Years ago! I think if I calculated out the cost per wear, my last pair ended up equating to 1/2 of a cent per wear.

  • A pair of pearl drop earrings
                                                     Natash Schweitzer Earrings $280

Pearl is June's birthstone. Long associated with riches and elegance, it's never not in style. 
I love these drop style pearl earrings. They would go with every and anything.

  • A lighter foundation
                                                      IT Cosmetics CC Cream $39
                                                       Revlon Candid Foundation

There are two products linked here, because I love them both. 
As we get into warmer weather, a full coverage foundation cannot help but look out of place.
IT Cosmetics CC cream has an SPF of 50, which I love.
Revlon's Candid foundation is great as well. It does the job without looking caked on.

  • L'Oreal Tanning Water
                                                           L'Oreal Tanning Water $15

I know, I know...I wrote about this in my last blog post. Its just that this stuff is THAT good.
It gives you enough color to make it worth your while to apply. However, its light enough that you really don't need to worry about any OOPS!
FYI, if you come across it, buy it! Both Ulta and Target have said they are having a tough time keeping this in stock!

Okay, So do tell...what are your musts for June? Do tell!



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