(Almost) Summer time, and the living is easy.
When you live in a cold weather climate like I do, your winter musts are a very serious matter. Without them you might get frost bite or worse.

When it comes to spring and summer "musts", its time for fun. 

The first "must" on my list is a high SPF sunscreen.

                                          Clinique SPF 50

This isn't just for your face. This isn't just for the beach. Any exposed skin gets covered in this every day. On the days its not too hot, I like to walk to work. Even if that's not the case though, I'm still slathering this on. I'm not going to let the sun prematurely age my arms, hands, legs, neck, etc.

This time of year, I want extra nourishment for my hair.

                                           Orbie Luster Shampoo $49
As much as I love the warm weather, I know it is extra harsh on my hair. The sun, salt water, chlorinated water and more frequent washings all take their toll. I like to treat my hair to an extra luxurious shampoo and conditioner during the warm months.

It's time for a cute, little summer clutch.

                         Cathy's Concepts Personalized Clutches $62

I LOOOVE these! They come in a set of 2. You could easily use them as makeup travel bags. They are machine washable. I get so many compliments when I carry mine. They look far more expensive than they actually are.

Summer = spontaneity... 9pm run to the ice cream shoppe? Sure, I'm in!
You'll want a cute pair of slip on sandals .

Comfortable yet darling. Just imagine these with a pretty coral pedi.

The nights are getting warmer now, that's for sure. Where I live, I can hear the fog horn from our bedroom. It's the most peaceful, tranquil sound to fall asleep to. So, I push off running the central air overnight as long as I can.  Having a pair of nice, cool pj's are key.

                                         Moonlight Lingerie PJ's $60

I know right now somebody is reading this saying $60 for PJ's?!?! These are SO comfortable. You deserve a good night's rest. You deserve a pair of nice pajamas to wear to dream land.

And lastly, Summer Songs!
Fill up your iTunes or Spottify jam packed with your favorite songs of summer's past and present.



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