March Lusts and Musts

March 04, 2020 in ,

Hello Mes Amies!
How is this week going for everyone? Can you believe that this weekend we'll be back to Daylight Savings Time?
To say that I've got spring fever would be an understatement.
You'll see just how bad my case of spring fever is as I show you my top picks for this month.  Sweaters? Boots? Please. You winter clothes need to step aside so that we can make room for some spring things!

1)  MIA Abba Sandal $100.00  Find it HERE

The 1970's are back in a big way here in 2020.
These clogs fit into that ascetic perfectly. These clogs are made in Sweden from genuine leather.
I'll pair them with a light-wash, wide leg jeans.

2)  Vero Moda Linen Stripped shirt $30 Find it HERE

I saw this shirt and immediately thought "Sunshine"! I love the cheery yellow, one of my favorite colors. I love how its made from linen. As far as hot weather goes, linen is your best bet to keep cool.
I see myself wearing this with a denim skirt or crisp, white shorts.

3) TOMS Classic Wedge $70.00 Find it HERE

As sandal like this is classic. It never actually ever goes out of style. It can be paid with a sundress, jeans, ankle length pants or even a cute pair of paper bag shorts. Plus, when you purchase a pair of TOMS, you are also purchasing a pair of shoes for a child in need. 

4) Clinique Quickliner Eyeliner $19.00 Find it HERE

Speaking of Daylight Savings... that lost hour of sleep can cause a lot of yawning and eye watering.
That's where this little product hero comes in. Within 60 seconds of application, it "sets" in place. There is no running, smudging or wiping away.

5) Women's Floral Smocked Dress $28  Find it HERE

I saw this and had to have it. The price just couldn't be beat. Its so flattering on and and beyond comfortable.

6) Classic Denim Dress $29 Find it HERE

Last week, we talked about the trends of Spring/Summer 2020 (Read that HERE )
The denim dress is something that was on every runway for this season.
I love the light chambray color of this one. Its very well made and again, you can't shake a stick at the price. 

7) Free People Le Femme Top $98 Find it HERE

So, I don't know exactly what is was about this top that "spoke" to me, but it did.
I typically gravitate to a preppy style of clothing, while trying to dip my toe in the pool of "trendy". I never tend to go with the bohemian style. However, I had to have this top. I first noticed it back in January. It quickly sold out though , insert sad face😢. So, when I saw it was back in stock last week, I pounced on it!

8) Double Sided Pearl Earrings $12.50  Find them HERE

A few weeks back, I was watching an interview with former 2nd lady, Jill Biden.
She had on a pair of earrings very similar to this. I absolutely loved them and wanted to get a pair similar for myself. I'm sure that Mrs. Biden's pair are real pearls. The Etsy version is just fine for me though.

9) Wireless Ear Pods   $60.00  Get them HERE

This one is more a pick of my hubby's than mine. However, I wanted to share. My mister was getting sick of his traditional earphones getting caught on everything at the gym. However, he had no desire to spend $200 on apple ear pods.
I did some research and sound that these ear buds by Soundcore are very highly rated. Many folks on Amazon compare them to the ones by Bose. 
He found them very easy to pair to his phone and said that the sound quality is great! 

There you go kids. This is what I'm loving in March.
Do you have a case of spring fever too?

See you all on Friday!



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