Spring Summer 2020 Trends

February 26, 2020 in

Hey babes!
How is this week going for you? Next weekend daylight savings begins. This has me day dreaming about spring, summer and all the cute styles that are coming down the pike.
I love to spend a lazy Sunday pouring through VOGUE, TOWN & COUNTRY, ELLE , etc just looking over what all of the fashion houses say is going to be on trends for the upcoming season.
This past weekend, I did just that.  These are my takeaways as to what  we'll be wearing soon.

Neon EVERY where.
This one is going to be a challenge for me. My fair coloring doesn't do well in such vivid , pigmented colors.
However, if you can rock neon, 2020 is your year.

One thing that is a bit easier to wear for most of us is the denim dress.

Regardless of your personal style, you can find a way to work this comfortable, work-horse into your wardrobe. You can go with a classic like the one pictured above, one with a nod to the 1970's such as this one from TopShop

Or, you could be all out edgy in one that is acid washed, like this one , also from Topshop

                                                               Acid washed denim dress $85

Moving along is another one that pretty much anyone can find a way to incorporate. It is cut out detailing . You could go full out sex siren with this, or classy and refined. The ball is in your court. 

This next one is something that I'm not ready to have come back....Crochet.
Man, this was a staple in my wardrobe in the mid '00's. That period was so tragic for fashion all around. (In my opinion, of course)

This one is much more my speed, The safari jacket. In 1977 Yves St. Laurent dressed hid female models in various safari jackets. The whole darn fashion world went crazy over it. Off and on since then, you've been able to find versions of it. what is hot this season is very much true to the original that took storm in 1977.

The last one that I'm seeing everywhere is another one that most of us can wear. The "ethereal white dress" (not my terminology).
I take this to mostly mean, loose, cool and light. I can work with that in the hot , humid weather. 

Are there any tends that you are excited about? Conversely, are there any that are a hard NO from you?
I'd love to hear!




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