Hello my friends, I hope everyone is doing well today.
For the first time in a number of years, it feels as if we are actually having a spring here in costal Massachusetts. Trust me, this is a rarity. Normally, we stay cold and rainy (If not snowy) through April into May, then it hits 90 degrees.

Actually having spring weather this year, is just so refreshing.  It got me to thinking that I actually have time to go "hunt and gather" what I need as my ride or dies as we march on into this new season. These are my "necessities".

  • A steller pair of sandals

                                              Tory Burch Frieda $278

I'm currently obsessing over these beauties by Tory Burch.  Fit tip, when buying Tory Burch shoes, go up one FULL size. Not a half size, a full size. If you normally wear a 6.5, get a 7.5.

  • A chambray top

The color, the texture all scream "I see you summer!!" This particular style is so flattering. Plus, look at that price? How do you beat that!?

  • A 50+ SPF 

Even if you are not (yet) concerned about skin cancer, you should be concerned about what sun damage will do to your appearance. You cannot botox or laser you way out of "laying out" or worse yet, the tanning bed. Still though, you don't need to do those things to have the wrath of the sun show up on your face. Driving in your car, walking through the parking lot, it all adds up. Put sun screen on each.and.ever.day. 

  • An effective/comfortable strapless bra

                        Wocoal Red Carpet Convertible Bra $68.00

Full disclosure here, I'm a natural D cup. I don't really have the option to go braless. When it starts warming up, I love sleeveless and strapless tops and dresses. However, it seemed as if I always had to make the choice between staples bars that were either ineffective or painful. Then, I discover Wocoal. This bra stays up, stays put, lifts and supports all while remaining comfortable to wear.

  • An adorable Romper

I'm sure I'm getting some eye-rolls here....but hear me out.  A romper can be very put together, but still fun and casual. The whole "but what about when I need to pee?" argument is lost on me. When you need to go to the bathroom  you need to unbutton and unzip your pants, right? With a romper, you are doing the same thing, just higher up. 
I LOOOOOVE this one by Hi SugarPlum! I'm having total Pretty Woman vibes.

  • A Rich Faux- Glow

Friends, let me tell you...I've tried all of the tanners out there. The good, the bad and the ugly. (Read about them (Here). This San Tropez extra dark is my current (all time) favorite. It truly gives you a deep, rich, "I just went somewhere" tan. Last summer, I went through 4 bottles of this.

  • A bright Mani & Pedi

You want something fun and punchy to go with that new (FAUX) tan that you've got. Corals and fuchsias look so good right about now.

  • A Fun summer bag

                                     Carmensol Fico Cross Body $95

Carmen Sol is made in Italy. They have ADORABLE jelly bags and sandals. These are such a change from the jellies of our youth. Yet, the whimsey is there.

  • Serious Frizz Protection

I don't even know where to begin with this. Its beyond a game changer. All other Frizz Fighters Ive used before are heavy, sticky ,silicone based.  This one feels like water. They tell you to use it every 3rd blow dry. Aside from keeping your hair smooth,it also makes it shinny, soft and silk like.  It makes MY hair feel that way. Which, is remarkable because my hair is so coarse naturally.

  • A Summer Signature Scent

                                       Replica Beach Walk $128

Growing up on the ocean is special. There are some amazing unique smells. This perfume is the only one I've ever known that captures it. It smells like when the salty air mixes in with the plum roses and coconut lotion. Heaven. Your summer scent may be something entirely different. Its just time to step away from the heavy winter fragrances for something lighter.

  • White Eyelet anything

I've loved white eyelet anything and everything since I was a kid. To me, it just screams SUMMER!!!!!

And last but not least

  •  Seriously Stylish Summer Shades

                                                           Opt Eyewear

Okay, new obsession here Robert Marc sunglasses. I have a pair of Gucci glasses, I have a pair of Ray-Bans...they have all been in their cases since I got my Robert Marc glasses. 
If I may be so bold, please let me recommend that you contact Opt Eyewear in Providence to see these chic glasses. 
I can personally tell you that the owners are good people who will see that you are taken very well care of.

All right. These are my warm weather "musts". What are yours? Lets compare notes!



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