January Gems

January 24, 2020 in ,
Three cheers for Friday, Babes!!!
Did you all have a good week? I'm a bit sore, literally not figuratively . This week, I had a post put in for a dental implant. I'm glad its just about done. After what I went through last year, I had some PTSD going on in regards to the dentist. Anxiety, sleeplessness and even nightmares. At any rate though, that's in the past.
So, are you guys ready for some randomness ?
January is almost over, WOO HOO! so, I thought today might be the time to share my favorite January finds.

Here they are........

1)  Darling Bracelet by Pancea, from Nordstrom
Urrgh, Its already sold out! They JUST got it in! I'm glad I got it when I had the chance. Seeing how quickly it sold out, I'm thinking that they will get more. Its one individual bracelet, but look like its many bangles. It cost $35.00

 I thought that this would be perfect to wear to work on Valentine's Day. Its by the brand "Amazon Essentials". I LOVE Amazon Essentials. Everything is priced so right, but quality made. This cute little top is only $24.50!!

Its January. I don't know anyone who isn't craving healthier foods after the recent holiday season. These Quest chips are like a better for you Dorito (My fav junk food). They have only 4 carbs, but come in with a whopping 10 grams of protein. I put a bag in my lunch each day!

Saturday, I was at Nordstrom. I pulled the trigger and got myself a pair of Golden Goose sneakers, but thats a different story for a different day. While I was there, I wandered into the makeup section, because you know this is me, thats what I do. Anyway at Clinique, I saw their "Almost Lip Stick" I wore this in high school and LOVED it. Its more than a lip gloss, but less than a lip stick. Its such a  nice change of pace from that awful matte lip trend that is finally dying.   $19.50 (When I was in high school, it was $11.50)

There once was a song with the lyrics "I wish I didn't know now, what I didn't know then."  That's how I feel about jeans. I remember when I was blissfully unaware of much better high end jeans look on me. I wish I thought still "Hey! they are all the same!". They aren't though. These jeans take about 10 lbs off of me and make my butt look so much better than it really is. Conversely , if you know of a lower priced brand of jeans that looks and feels great on, please tell me!  $169.00

Finally, back to the bargins! These are another Amazon Essentials find. They look like the are genuine snake skin. They are not though. In fact , these babies are quite the deal at only $17.00.

Well, there you have it!  Have you found anything great this month? If so, please do share!
Have a safe and fun weekend, Mes Amies!


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