Hi there:
A happy summer Friday to you!
Each month I tend to do a round up of a few items or products that I have bought or planning to buy for that month.

We are in August now, and here is the thing.. I'm not buying anything. I do not need anymore summer clothing. I'm sure as heck not going to wish summer away by purchasing fall clothes now.
However , I do think that now is the ideal time to get rid of a lot of things.
If something is still on trend and in good shape (please, do NOT "donate" things that are stained, ripped, etc) I will bring it to the Salvation Army.  Other stuff, like what I'll be listing below, just needs to be tossed.
So, here are the August "must" go...

1) Statement Necklaces
The statement necklace had its moment. From 2012 or so on, it was the focal point of many outfits. Now though, it looks stale as more delicate jewelry is moving the the forefront.

2) Cotton Camis
Circa 2006, I had a cami like this in EVERY color. They were great for layering, or even wearing by themselves.
The look like they are from 2006 though. I've switched out all of these for the fresher, more polished looking satin camis, like this.

3) Anything with Bell (aka 2017 Sleeves) Sleeves
When googling "bell sleeves" the first 5 things that came up were all from 2017.
The bell sleeve was hot in 2017, still acceptable in 2018 and officially dead in 2019.

4) Dated jeans
While its true that jeans are timeless, the same cannot be said for all styles of jeans.
Jeans with white stitching, jeans that are very low cut or super skinny all had their time. That time has passed though.

5) Tankinis 
As Charla Krupp , best selling author of "How to not look old" says , "A Tankini is a disaster for anyone over 40."
Its true. It adds years and pounds. If you don't want to wear a traditional bikini, absolutely DON'T.
A v-neck one piece is flattering on nearly everyone.

There it is, my purge. Do you agree or disagree with these? Tell me!


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