November Necessities

November 04, 2019 in ,

I don't know about where you live, but for us November has come in like a lion. Raw, rainy , windy days which just leave me chilled to the bone.
I figured it might be fun to put together some of the recent items I've acquired to help deal with this chilly weather.

1) A Warm Beanie With A cute Pom-Pom
                                                                Kyi Kyi Beanie $90

Here where I live, a warm winter hat is an absolute necessity. There is no avoiding it. I recently got this one. Its super warm and the pom-pom gives it a little bit of bougie flair.

2) A Cozy Sweater Dress
                                               Carlson Cozy Links Long Sweater Dress

The building that I work in is 170 years old. Its an amazing, old, historic building. (If only these walls could talk!) As nifty as that is, the draw back is that older buildings can get very drafty. This ends up with me teetering a fine line between staying warm and looking office ready. This one here, is perfect. Its so warm and cozy it could pass for comfy pj's, all while still looking like a dress.

3) A Pair Of High Suede Boots
                                                      Sam Edleman Indigo Suede Boots

These boots look great with jeans, or a skirt. The heel is height is the perfect for day to night wear.
Just one tid -bit of advice, don't wear these or ANY suede boots if its icy & snowy out, you'll ruin them. Suede is unforgiving of ice melt. While it will wipe right off of leather, it will destroy suede.

4) Starbucks Coffee Creamer

I don't know about you, but nothing help warm me up like a nice. hot cup of coffee.
These Starbucks creamers taste exactly like the their in-store drinks. At home , I have a nespresso espresso maker, I recently made my sister-in-law a white chocolate mocha latte. She was shocked. She said "if I had not just watched you make this, I'd of insisted that it came directly from Starbucks."

5) A Rich , Deep Fragrance
                                                               Good Girl Perfume

Most of the time, I wear lighter fragrances. I typically prefer just a whiff of scent. For whatever reason though, now through the holiday I like to go all out with a more bold perfume.
I think it has to do with how we tend to get more "decked out" during the holiday season. I want a bold fragrance to go with the more festive garb that I tend to wear.

6) Extra Warm, Cozy Slippers
                                                                 UGG Dakota Slipper

Again, I'm a sucker for a Pom-Pom it seems #Imanadult . Pom-Pom or not though, a warm pair of slippers is something that I can't live without. Whether you prefer genuine shearling or sherpa, you can get either from UGG.
Or, my favorite cost saving alternative to UGG slippers are the LL Bean ones. Either way, your tootsies will be warm and cozy!

Now, you tell me..what are your "necessities" as the weather starts getting colder and colder? Let me know!



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