Happy Birthday, Baby!

November 29, 2019 in

Even though he's the kind of guy that doesn't want any attention, I'd be derelict in my duties if I didn't tell you that its my human's birthday today.

I know that I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that this world is a better place because my mister is in it.

This guy has more compassion, than anyone that I know.
As you guys know, animal rescue is VERY important to me. So many people try to remind me that "You can't save them all." Not Chad, from day one he rolled his sleeves up and said "What can I do?"
Not only is he the first person to offer to help the shelter pay vet bills or adoption fees, he also got his co-workers in on this important mission too.

He treats "my" family and "his" family exactly the same. Truth be told, there is no differentiating between our families now. We are all one unit.

Hes maintained the same friends that he had since he was a little boy.  He's loyal and there for anyone who needs him.

I've heard so many countless stories about people who just cannot depend on their spouse. Whether it be that their spouse placed work, an addiction or other people ahead of their union. I'm so thankful that this man has never or would never put me in that position. I've never once questioned if our marriage was his top priority. Its as obviously is.

This guy is my best friend. I know that is so cliche, but its true. I prefer his company over anyone else. He cracks me up constantly and gives me the best hugs ever.

He indulges me when I've convinced myself  I need a new bag or something else that I absolutely do not need.

He happily goes along to places where I get to play dress-up, which I love.

So, what I'm trying to say here is even though today is Chad's birthday, hes the greatest gift that I've ever received.
Happy Birthday, baby. ILYSM

Its mid-week and tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Yay!  We get out of work at noon today.
good thing, I've got LOTS of prepping to-do, as we host Thanksgiving.

As we know, this year is rapidly winding down. It recently occurred to me though that the DECADE is almost over as well.
It got me to thinking back on the 2010's and the various fashion tends. These are the ones that were the worst in my opinion.

First up, the pussy bow blouse.
These remind me of what little old ladies wore in 1984. I never understood this one.

Shutter Shades

I'm pretty sure we have Kanye West to blame thank for these.  Yet another bad 1980's throwback that is so cringy.

Moving on to a fad from earlier in the decade.. the Peplum top.
 These things put added weight and width where pretty much no woman wants it.

Another one from earlier in the decade... feathers in your hair.
What? Why? Who started this fad in the first place?

One from 2019 ...Dad sneakers

 This might be my most "I'd never be caught dead in"...

Then, a few years ago.."Flower Crowns" became a thing.

It started as a snap chat filter. Then, for reason I'll never know, someone thought "I should wear this in real life!"

Moving along, acrylic nails.

Acrylic nails were dead and buried. Then, around 2016-2017 the Kardashian/Jenners brought them back. Why?


If you ask me, this will be one trend that has the most "what were you thinking" votes in the very near future.

Staying with hair.... Ombre

People were spending LOTS of money to make it look like they couldn't afford to get their roots done.

So, these are the trends that get my vote for "worst of the decade".  What do you think the worst were?
Are there any of these that you are still loving?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!


Welcome to a new week!
How was your weekend? We (my husband) got all of our outdoor Christmas decor up. He does such a great job, and goes all out. We are the house that people slow down in front of as they drive by.

Anyhow,  as the year is winding down I have been taking stock of what have been some of my favorite things I've discovered or tried over the course of this past year.

1)  Dyson Super Sonic Hair Dryer

Let's just get this one of the way first.
Honestly, I did not want to like this. After that first use though, I was hooked. Since I've gone back to my natural curls, I have to diffuse them to dry them. I would diffuse for over an hour and have hair that was 60% dry. That was fine in the summer. I live in New England though. I was concerned about what I'd do once it inevitably got below freezing.
This baby came, and those concerns went away. To get my hair completely dry , it took 16.8 minutes. (yes, I timed it) #gamechanger.

2) Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt

Okay, okay, not new to me in 2019. I know , but I'd be a miss if I didn't include these here. Literally all year long, I have shep shirts in the rotation. Lighter and brighter ones in the spring and summer, heavy warmer ones in the winter. 

3) Amazon Classic Fit Poplin Shirt

 This shirt costs less than $20.00. It is so well made. I like it better than the near identical ones that JCrew sells for over $80.00
It comes in many different prints and colors. You cannot go wrong with this.

4) Mellanni 1800 Bed Sheets

When I was young, I had no idea how expensive bed sheets could be. When we upgraded to a king sized bed, that lesson really hit home. Decent sheets are stupidly expensive.
Then, there are these amazing sheets. Literally the most comfortable, I've ever slept on. These are "fancy hotel" quality sheets.  We now have multiple sets of them.

5) Necessaire Body Wash

Winter is harsh on skin. Even if you are just hibernating at home all winter, the air is so dry.
Its important to make sure what you are washing with doesn't add to dryness. This luxurious body wash has skin nourishing oils in it and actually helps fight dryness.

6) Oribe Hair Products

Specifically for me, I've just tried and fallen in love with Oribe's Curl Gloss hydration & Hold
Regardless of your hair's type and texture, you need to try Oribe. Aside from hoe well they work, the scent is AMAZING.

7) Anthropologie Block Letter Pendant

Who doesn't love a little monogram here and there? I've been wearing my S necklace pretty often. 
On a side note, I'm so glad that the statement necklace thing is over. These more delicate styles are a welcomed change of pace.

8) Kut From Kloth Jeans

 My most favorite jeans ever! They look and feel great. These babies hold up and keep their form. They don't wear thin or tater. Easily, my favorite jeans ever.

There you have it. What are some of your favorite things that you've discovered in 2019? 
Fill me in, I'd love to know!

Now, go off and have an amazing week!


The Friday Five

November 22, 2019 in

Holler for the Friday, mes amies!
Is it just me, or has this week been exceptionally long?

When I saw on Live Journal what today's Friday Five was focused around, I knew that I had to take part. I LOVE the night sky. I love looking up at the stars, and have spent countless hours doing exactly that.

With no further adu, here is this week's Friday Five.

  1. What is your fondest memory of something related to the stars or space?
When I was a little girl my father would wrap me up in blankets and carry my outside to look at the night time sky. We'd spend hours out there. He'd teach me how to identify different constellations and show me how various stars could be used as guides. 
                                                              Source Yankee Magazin

2What is a celestial body that you find particularly interesting?

There are two, the Aurora Borealis and Halley's comet. When I was 16, I saw the aurora in Vermont in its full amazing glory. I was literally transfixed. It was as if these amazing curtains of color were blowing across the sky. I'm not going to post a photo, photos can do the aurora no justice.
 Halley's comet is the other. I think Hally's is so cool because even though its only seen once or twice in a lifetime, its the cause of the Orionid meteor showers, which happen each year. 
Think about it, the Orionid's were just visible the last week in October. Yet, Halley's comet is currently orbiting Neptune!
                                    Halley's comet seen on May 29, 1910  

3) When you look at the night sky, what thoughts cross your mind?

Absolute wonderment. I feel connected to every other creature past and present on this planet. Those are the same stars that every human before me saw and gazed at. Those are the same starts that someone in Norway is looking at. 
I remember one particular night. It was a few days before Chad was leaving Kansas City to come home for good. It was a full, super moon. He and I were on the phone looking at the moon at the same time, equally mesmerized by it. It didn't matter that at that point we were 1,400 miles apart. For that moment though, we were together because of the moon.

4)Have you ever seen anything weird or inexplicable up there?

Nah. While I don't think that we are alone in this universe, I've never seen anything inexplicable. 
One thing that has always stayed with me was Christmas Eve of 2010. It was bitterly cold. Earlier that day, it had snowed heavily. However, shortly before dark, the skies cleared. The night sky was already spectacular. I was driving home from Chad's mom's house. There wasn't another car on the road as far as I could see.
Suddenly, right in front of me was the most beautiful shooting star that I've ever seen. It illuminated the entire sky. Heaven was celebrating the birth of Christ.

5)Would you live in space or on another planet?
                                               Nope, Ernie from Sesame Street said it best , right here.


Woo-hoo Wednesday,we are plowing through the week like the bosses that we are.

This weekend, we were doing our weekly Target shopping. My hubby was off transfixed looking at the Christmas decorations. This gave me the opportunity to poke around a bit more than I typically do.
Also, I had just treated myself to a caramel brulee latte from Starbucks. So, I was as contented as could be.

I happened to noticed that Target has some pretty believable doppelgangers for some of my most favorite recent Nordstrom purchases.

I wanted to share them with you here today.

First up This sleep cardigan by Stars Above
This feels nearly identical to my Barefoot Dreams sleep cardigan.
The difference though, is the price.
The Target version is $110 dollars less. 

Moving along, its cold for most of us now. Many of us have a whole winter's worth of snow days ahead of us. Needless to say, its time to break out the snow boots.

I could not help but notice how much these boots remind me of my Sorel Joan Of The Arctic boots that I received for Christmas last year.

The Target Version is $130 dollars less.

For the next dupe, we are not going to far. We have another Sorel dupe.
As I'm typing to you right now, I'm wearing my Sorel Chelsea boot. These were one of my best purchases from this year's anniversary sale. They are rugged enough to wear in crappy weather, but still works with a dress pant.
Well, low and behold, Target now makes This bootie that they call Cassie.

This next one almost agitated me, as it was a very recent purchase.
In the past 2 years, I've really come to love Madewell. Classic styles and truly good quality.
Recently, they were having a 25% off sale I took that opportunity to get their "Evercrest" sweater.
I saw This spot on copy by Wild Fable.
The Target version will save  you $53! #winning

The next item up, is not something that I bought. Its worth sharing though. While killing time on the Nordstrom app last week, I saw the Rails shirt by Hunter. It comes in many different prints. The print that is called "White Storm" looks so close to This one by Universal Thread.

The Target version is $20. The Hunter version is $158. Crazy huh?
Anywhoo..I hope this has given you some money saving inspiration.

We'll catch up on Friday.


An interesting challenge

November 18, 2019 in

Welcome back from the weekend. I hope you had a blast. We put up all of our indoor Christmas decorations.
I love this time of year.

Anyhow, if you read Friday's post, you saw how I was worked up over we have normalized insane prices for cosmetics.
If we keep purchasing things at these prices, the cosmetics industry will keep raising prices. It's basic supply and demand.

Almost as if right on cue, I read This article yesterday on "Total Beauty.Com".

It got me thinking, could I go an entire month of no "high end" beauty products?
Right now, I do not have very many drug store products. As we are going into the holidays  I don't want to go out and spend a ton of money on myself.
However, I'm thinking about picking out some "drug store" makeup for Christmas. Then, I'll do the "No luxury Challenge" in January.
So, I'm here today to ask you guys for recommendations. 
Any suggestions as to what to buy, and just as importantly, what NOT to buy?
drop me an email.


Just say "no".

November 15, 2019 in ,

Cheers to Friday , mes amis.
So, here I am back on my soap box. 
It vexes me that there can be anything that propels me to get on a soap box in regards to makeup. I mean, c'mon it's makeup.
Yet, here we are.
What am I riled up about today? Cosmetic companies that accept "Afterpay" See them all Here.
If you don't know, what this is a system that lets you purchase makeup on a payment plan.

So much to unpack here. First off, we have normalized insane prices for cosmetics. I'm the first to admit that I love a little luxury purchase here and there. I love my Pat McGrath palette. It was a splurge and its fantastic.
Still though, its not out of the norm to see palettes that go for over $200 or foundations that are over $100. Its ABSURD.
It's one thing if you are flush with cash and make a well thought out decision to treat yourself to a luxury cosmetics purchase.
It's entirely different thing to to purchase makeup that you cannot afford and go into debt in the process.

  If you have to purchase a cosmetic on a payment plan, you cannot afford it. Dare I say this? But, I pretty much guarantee you that you don't NEED it either.
There are somethings in life that we cannot help but go into debt for. Buying a home or car, paying for education, a serious medical bill are all things that we very well might find our selves on the hook for a one point or another. 
We, however do not, nor should not be going into hawk for a blush or bronzer. 
This.Has.Gone. Too Far.
This has me inspired to do an upcoming post on a full face "drug store" look.  I want to illustrate how there are reasonably priced options for EVERY product which preforms as well as these "prestige" items.  

Okay, hold my hand as I step down from this soap box.
We'll be back to normalcy on Monday, cross my heart.


Duping Divas Part Trois

November 13, 2019 in

Looking at my blog's statistics I see that with the one exception of how to make the perfect pizza (cause duh, pizza!  Read that Here ) my most read posts are the "Duping Divas" posts. (See them Here and Here)

I'd love to do tons of these posts for you guys. The thing is, I want them to actually be DUPES. I don't want to be like  "Here we have a Pat McGrath palette and over there we have a Cover Girl palette. They are both eye shadow, y'all!"
When I can give you guys TRULY comparable products, I do these posts. Today, is one of those days.

First up , Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter and Milani's Soft Glow Complexion Enhancer

                                                             Milani Soft Glow $11

                                                       Charlotte Tilburry Hollywood Flawless Filter $44

These magic potions can be used as a primer, highlighter or be mixed into a matte foundation to make it dewy.
This is one of those products that gives you that coveted "glow from within" look. When they are on, they are nearly indistinguishable.

Savings $33.00

Next up, I'm super excited to have found a dupe for one of my favorite concealers. I've mentioned before, once you get past your mid-20's, super heavy concealers don't do you any favors. All they do is act like a neon arrow that points at your every fine line.
If you are anything like me though, you still have dark circles that NEED to be covered.
This is why I feel in love with YSL's Touch Eclat Concealer. It covers what needs to be covered, but its not thick in consistency. I was so happy to find it's drug store counter part in No7's Radiant Glow Concealer .

                                                                YSL Touch Eclat $35

                                                      No.7 Radiant Glow $14

Savings $20.00

I've told you guys before how as a teenager of the late '90's I waxed my once full eye brows to all oblivion. For the past 15-20 years, I've been filling them in. (I'm seriously considering microblading)
Anastasia Beverly Hills is the brow go-to experts. I don't even want to know how many of these pencils I've purchased over the years.
I was shook when picking up a perscription last week. I saw that Cover Girl now makes something darn near identical. I bought one, its great!

                                                            ABH Brow Wiz $23  

                                                        Cover Girl Micro-Fine Brow Pencil $9

Savings :$14.00

As we are getting into the colder months, many of us are battling dry skin. aside from being uncomfortable, dry skin looks awful. Especially, on the face. Having dry facial skin easily adds 5-10 years to your appearance. Who wants that?
A good way to help counter this dryness is to use a primer oil.
Smashbox, who is widely accepted as one of the best primers out there, delivers with their primer oil. It feels great on all while keeping your makeup smooth and in place. It comes in at a steep $42.00 though. Now, NYX makes pretty much the same thing for $14.00!

                                                           Smashbox Primer Oil $42.00

                                                             NYX Hydra-Touch Primer $14

Savings: $28.00

Shifting back over to concealers, and back specifically to Tarte's Shape Tape. While it might not be great for my 40 year old under-eye area, its still a classic and its still in my cosmetics collection. ( I do use it for "special occasion" contouring.)
Now, L'Oreal makes a spot on dupe! Woo hoo!

                                                           Shape Tape $27

                                                           L'Oreal Infallible Concealer $13.50

Savings: $13.50

Okay, now for the final Dupe of the day....
Kat Von D's tattoo liner is an award winning product with a cult following. It makes it so even the clumsiest , most un-steady handed folks can apply the perfect winged eyeliner.
recently though, this product came under criticism when it was discovered that the full sized and travel sized product had the exact same amount of liner in them. The only thing that was different was the length of the container.
Yet again, it's NYX who saves the day with their Epic Ink Liner.
Guys, I literally cannot tell these two apart.

                                                                  Kat Von D Tattoo liner $20

                                                                          NYX Epic Ink $9

Savings: $11.00

Okay, there you have it!
I hope that the rest of this week is excellent for you!