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A few weeks back, I posted a dupe for Too Faced "Better than Sex" mascara on my Instagram. Since then, Ive had 8 people DM me to ask if I knew of any other TRUE dupes for high end cosmetics.  Friends , I'm SO glad you asked!

Lets get right into it! Here are the dupes in no particular order. Some of these, I have discovered for myself. Some of them, I had been told about. In no way, am I trying to stake a claim to be the one who "first found"any of these. However, these are all products that I personally have used both versions, the high end cosmetic and the less expensive one.

First up,
Glam Glow Super Mud  $59.00


<---- The Splurge   The Steal ----->

This is a face mask that when it dries "vacuum aspirates" clogged pores from your skin.  I've used it, it works. But....is it worth $60.00? To me, no.
However, you can get the exact same thing at Sally Beauty Supply. Their product is called

Beyond Belief In the Glow.  $14.99

It does the same thing with nearly identical ingredients.

Savings : $45.00

I think its hard to argue that a good primer does not make all the difference in the way your foundation applies, looks and stay on the face.
Smash Box is one of those brands that are KNOWN for their primers, particularly their "Photo Finish" primers.
For those of us with dry skin, they have come out with Photo Finish Hydrating. It promises to keep your foundation in place while providing added moisture to your skin. It works! The thing is though, So does NYX Hydra Touch primer.

The Smash Box Version $36.00                

The NYX Version $14.99

Savings $21.00

Then we move on to the product that  inspired this whole post. For so many folks , Too Faced "Better than Sex" is their Holy Grail mascara. Ive never seen the cult following it has with ANY other product... Full disclosure here, it is NOT my HG mascara... that is Tarte's "Lights, Camera, Lashes!" But that is a different post for a different day.
Recently, I saw L'Oreal's "Lash Paradise" I was intrigued and purchased it. I had thought that they were treading dangerously close to copyright infringement ....then I remembered, L'Oreal bought Too Faced. Sure enough, its the exact same thing packaged for L'Oreal. Same wand, same formula.....different price.

Too Faced BTS $23.00

Lash Paradise $8.99 at Target $9.99 at Ulta

Savings $14.00

Staying with the eyes, the next dupe couldn't be more spot on if it tried. You can use these two products interchangeably ....
The higher end product is

Stilla "Stay all day" liquid liner. Its $22.00 and it truly does, stay all day. I think that I have bought this 10X over the years.

Here is the dupe, Essence eyeliner pen in waterproof. Its price is $2.99
I really don't think I'll be able to buy the Stilla one ever again. Everyone who knows me, know that I adore high end makeup. These two are just TOO much of the exact same thing to justify spending an extra $19.00. No can do.

Savings $19.00

I was going to save this one for last, but hey..what the heck! This is the dupe with the largest price difference on my little list.

Here we have Guerlian's  "Meteorites illuminating powder pearls" coming in at a hefty $62.00.
I received these in a free sample last year at Neiman Marcus. They are nice, they color correct and brighten your complexion.

Here is the dupe, ELF's mineral pearls. They cost $8.00.
You can see that the packaging is clearly not as nice for the ELF product. Too bad for Guerlian though, the end result is the same with ELF's product as it is theirs.
Even though, according to Guerlian's product description, their product contains "Guerlain’s exclusive Stardust Technology"  along with fact claim that These delicate and perfectly round pearls continue to be shaped by hand, with craftsmanship mastered by only four people in the world."            
                                                       ( Can you even handle the pretentiousness? I can't!)  
They can keep their Stardust ...I'll keep my money, thanks.

                                                               Savings $54.00

Nowadays, highlighters are all the rage. Back when I was your age, we didn't even have highlighters, we had to "make due without". (Okay, okay..I'll put "Old Lady Kaiser" away.)
Anyhow, one of the most popular highlighters out there is by MAC. Its their "soft and gentle" highlighter. Its the first highlighter I owned.

Mac ''Soft and Gentle"   $34.00

Once again, the dupe is from ELF. It is their "Baked Highlighter". It will only set you back $3.99

Savings $30.00

For those of us who came of age in the late 90's and early 00's (or the late 1970's from what I understand) we lived through the fad of having pin thin eyebrows. If we were not smart enough to listen to our mothers, we kept plucking and waxing until our eyebrows stopped growing back. Flash forward to now, a more natural brow is the style. So, there are lots of us who are now needing to fill our brows in.
The biggest player in the eye brow game is "Anastasia Beverly Hills". 

It comes in a whole selections of colors and will run you $22.00

You'll see L'oreal's "Brow Stylist " is nearly identical. The texture of the product its self its nearly identical . This one will cost you $10.00 on average .

Full disclosure, I do buy the ABH product. Not because the L'oreal one is not good, it is. Its just that I can find a better color match for my complexion with ABH.
However, if you are not as pale as me or have certain shades of red hair, you'll likely find a color match with L'Oreal.

Savings $12.00

Next up, is a foundation dupe. This is one area where I normally recommend going for a higher end product. I've told people for a very long time "If you can only afford one high end product, make it your foundation." Foundation is,well your foundation. Its like your outfit from Old Navy will look more expensive than it is if you are wearing nice shoes and carrying a good bag.
A cult favorite foundation, as well as being one that I love is by Make Up Forever.

Makeup Forever HD Foundation $43.00

Wet and Wild came along and made an exact dupe for this HG /HD foundation.

Wet and Wild Photofocus foundation
Average price $5.00

Savings  $38.00

Finally, if we have a foundation...we need a blush! For as long as Ive been wearing "grown up" makeup the end all, be all has been  Nars "Orgasm". Its one of those colors that is flattering on almost EVERY complexion. 

Nars Orgasm $30.00

The makeup company Milani makes an identical blush. Its the same color, same finish. Its called, "Dolce Pink".

Milani Dolce Pink $8.00

Aside from online, the only place that I've found this is at CVS. Luckily, CVS is not a hard store to come by though.

Savings $24.00

There you have it my friends... my list of products and their less expensive counterparts. I hope this is beneficial! 
If anyone out there has any tried and true dupes that they love, please let me know!


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