Friday, November 15, 2019

Just say "no".

Cheers to Friday , mes amis.
So, here I am back on my soap box. 
It vexes me that there can be anything that propels me to get on a soap box in regards to makeup. I mean, c'mon it's makeup.
Yet, here we are.
What am I riled up about today? Cosmetic companies that accept "Afterpay" See them all Here.
If you don't know, what this is a system that lets you purchase makeup on a payment plan.

So much to unpack here. First off, we have normalized insane prices for cosmetics. I'm the first to admit that I love a little luxury purchase here and there. I love my Pat McGrath palette. It was a splurge and its fantastic.
Still though, its not out of the norm to see palettes that go for over $200 or foundations that are over $100. Its ABSURD.
It's one thing if you are flush with cash and make a well thought out decision to treat yourself to a luxury cosmetics purchase.
It's entirely different thing to to purchase makeup that you cannot afford and go into debt in the process.

  If you have to purchase a cosmetic on a payment plan, you cannot afford it. Dare I say this? But, I pretty much guarantee you that you don't NEED it either.
There are somethings in life that we cannot help but go into debt for. Buying a home or car, paying for education, a serious medical bill are all things that we very well might find our selves on the hook for a one point or another. 
We, however do not, nor should not be going into hawk for a blush or bronzer. 
This.Has.Gone. Too Far.
This has me inspired to do an upcoming post on a full face "drug store" look.  I want to illustrate how there are reasonably priced options for EVERY product which preforms as well as these "prestige" items.  

Okay, hold my hand as I step down from this soap box.
We'll be back to normalcy on Monday, cross my heart.


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