Duping Divas...Part 2!

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Welcome back from your weekend, Friends!

I was recently looking at my analytics. My 2nd most read post here was "Duping Divas" (read it: Here ) . My all time most read post, was a step by step tutorial on making restaurant quality pizza.  (read that one Here) Because, really WHO doesn't LOVE pizza.

Anyhow...I'm always taking notes when it comes to the new makeup I purchase. I'd say that now I have enough to share a new dupes post!
I must say, I'm shocked at how indistinguishable "affordable" and " high end" makeup are becoming. I'm finding that by and large, the only difference is in the package, not the formulas of the makeup its self. This is such a drastic change from back in the late '90's  when I first started wearing makeup. I'd save my baby-sitting money and lunch money (sorry, Mom) to be able to go to the Clinique counter with my friend Kathleen on Friday nights.

Now, its a whole new ball game. With giddy excitement and no further delay, let's get you some new makeup!

First up Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette and Rimmel Magnif'Eyes Palette in "Spice"
   Urban Decay $54.00
Rimmel $8.99

 Here we go, we start things off with a $45.01 savings.  These are the EXACT SAME. The shades are identical. They are both equally long lasting. Its a "no-brainier"!

Moving on, even the best of eye-shadows will look better and last longer when you have an eye-shadow primer on. Eye-Shadow primer is one of those things that 10 years ago, I'd never heard of. Now, I cant do without it. My all time favorite is  this one by Nars . I love it, its easy to apply and will last 14+ hours. I was quite happy to discover HD Primer by NYX . They are interchangeable!
Nars Pro Prime $26.00
NYX HD Prime  $7.00

Well, would you look at that, you just saved $19.00! Who's better than you?

Speaking of primers, facial primers are a necessity. They give you the clear, smooth base that is necessary to put on an even, lasting coat of foundation. The right primer hides enlarged pores, dry patches and uneven skin tone.
My new "Product Hero" foundation is a bit of a splurge. Its the Tatcha Silk Canvass Primer
 This stuff is like NOTHING I've ever used before. Its Photoshop TM in the form of cosmetics. (seriously, just google this stuff)
After watching a video by Jeffree Star, I had to try the Poreless Putty Primer by ELF.
Tatcha Silk Canvas Protective Primer  $52.00
ELF Poreless Putty $8.00

These two go on the exact same. The scent the same and have the same texture. When I tested them out, the ELF one did break down sooner than the Tatcha one did. Still though, it was after the 10 hour mark. Up until then, there was no difference. Oh, except for the $44.00 savings. That was the difference.

Keeping on keeping on with primers... Did you ever find yourself talking to or looking at someone who just seems to have that "glow from within" look to them? In all likelihood, its probably their primer. No, I'm not kidding. Primers like Becca Back light Base have a opalescent quality to them. They are shimmery in the bottle, but go on clear. They literally give you a radiant glow.   Now, Physician's Formula makes their own version. Its their Spotlight Primer 
Becca Back Light Primer  $39.00
Physician's Formula Spot Light Primer  $12.00

Okay, full disclosure here...ounce per ounce, the price of these two are VERY close. However, the PF one is only 1/2 the size of the Becca primer. So, if you want to test this type of primer out, or don't wear makeup with a high frequency, let this dupe save you $27.00

What's all this talk about primers good for if you don't have a good foundation to wear with it? 
More often than not, I choose to wear a light to medium coverage foundation. Sometimes though, you just want or need (bruises) a full coverage foundation. If you are going to be having photos taken, for example you'd want a high coverage foundation.
A few years back, Influenster sent me this Kat Von D Lock It Foundation . Boy, this is serious stuff. Full coverage foundation can get "dangerous". Nobody wants that "caked on" look. Up until now, the Kat Von D foundation was one of the only ones out there that managed to give a very full amount of coverage without looking "heavy". Now, enters in NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop foundation

Kat Vov D Lock-It   $35.00

NYX Can't Stop, Won't stop $15.00

I like the NYX one better. It feels far lighter on the skin, but has just as much coverage.  Its just more comfortable to wear in my opinion. Also, its more comfortable for your wallet, (corny, I know!) saving you $20.00.

Moving along in almost the order of application, let's chat about setting powder. When you are that young, fresh faced beauty you have a lot more leeway when it comes to powder, whether it be what brand, how much you use, etc. Then, you get into your late 20's and beyond. Suddenly, it does matter. If you are not oh so careful, you will find yourself accentuating all of those fine lines. Swell, just swell. 
Laura Mercier's Translucent Setting Powder is so highly revered because it actually blurs fine lines along with setting your makeup perfectly. Its $39.00 and worth it. Up until Maybelline's Fit Me Loose Powder came out, literally no drug store powder could come close to the one by LM . However, the playing field has been leveled. This Maybelle powder is a rock star.

Laura Mercier Powder $39.00
Maybelline Fit Me Powder  $6.00 (At Target, $8.00 at Ulta)

By picking the Maybelline powder up on your next Target run, you can save $33.00

And then, the last one for today is going to be the biggest savings of them all. 
Recently, my gorgeous friend, Anita or "Anita with the good hair" as I call her and I, were discussing boar bristle hair brushes and all of their attributes. They are gentle on hair to prevent breakage, they redistribute the hair's natural oils to help make your hair super shinny. 

The "Gold Standard" of these brushes is by Mason Pearson.  The Classic Mason Pearson Brush is $230. Yes, you read that right. That's $30 more than the payments on my 1st car. This Nearly Identical Brush By Raincry is $70.00

Mason Pearson Brush $230.00
Raincry Brush $70.00

The Raincry brush is going to save you $160.00!! Imagine what you could put that money to instead?

Well, that finishes off this edition of  "Duping Divas" . These dupe posts are a labor of love. It takes a lot of time and testing to make them come to fruition. However, seeing how popular they are, we "can't stop, won't stop" as NYX would say!

If you know of any spot on dupes, please share them with us!!



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