Loving L'BRI

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L'Bri, the best skin care that you have yet to hear about!
Hello! Welcome to November everyone! Here in Plymouth , MA it was nearly 70 degrees today. I'll take it.
Anyhow, I wanted to take a moment to spend some time talking about a line of products that have shaken up my skin care routine . The line is called L'Bri and it is fantastic.
I love a bargain as much as anyone, however when it comes to skin care, this is one place I am unwilling to cut corners. 
For years and years ( since I was 14) I have been using Clinique and Estee Lauder for my skin care needs.
Enter in to the picture, my dear friend Pam. Pam is someone who if she offers me advice, I listen.  She is a very even keeled and sensible person. She doesn't fall for fads or suffer fools. Plus, she has amazing skin.
It was originally Pam who had told me about the brand L'Bri. She had been using it for months and could not stop raving about it. If she speaks that highly about anything, I know its something I want to try too.

My skin tends to be VERY dry. This is especially true in the winter. I live in Massachusetts right on the Atlantic ocean. The winters are BRUTAL here. The biting wind off the ocean will cause your skin to crack. Its awful. I figured if there is anything that might help, now is the time to try it.

The L'Bri cleansing system is a three step process. 

Step 1 is the cleanser   
The first thing I noticed when I used the cleanser was that my skin did not feel tight and irritated right after washing my face like it normally does.  My skin felt as if it had just had a skin cream applied, not a cleanser. Yet, it took off ALL of my make up.

Step 2 is the gentle refresher 
After you wash your face, you spray this on. I'll admit , I was afraid it was going to sting. Everything I'd ever sprayed on my skin before stung like hell. Surprise of all surprises , this did not sting one bit. It was cool and refreshing on my face. After reading the ingredients , I see that its alcohol free. Finally , someone gets it! 

The last step, is my favorite!
Step 3 The Intense Moisture Cream.
This stuff is hands down the BEST. MOISTURIZER. I .HAVE. EVER. USED.
Its so emollient. It just feels so good to put this on. Even though its thick, it absorbs right in.
I can tell you now, I'll be using this as a skin protectant all winter long. Its the perfect thing to put on your cheeks before braving the elements all winter long. Put this on your face before going out for a run, walk etc. 
Those of us who live in the North East, know that when its really cold, to rub petroleum jelly on your face if you need to be out in the bitter cold. 
This will protect your face the same way, but with out clogging your pores the way petroleum jelly does.

The most recent L'Bri product I have tried and LOVE is the Rejuvenating Facial Peel.
I've only used this once so far. It cleaned out my pores with one try. Also, my pores looked smaller the morning after I used it.

I know, when it comes to skin care , there are SO many choices . I know its also kind of hard to pull ourselves away from the department store makeup counters.
When it comes to this line, its SO WORTH it though. Ive been using this line daily for about 6 weeks now. My skin is softer then I ever remember it. When applying my makeup in the morning now, I can forego the primer. Thats something I would have never guessed would happen.

If you are even remotely curious as to if this line is for you, reach out to my friend , Pam. She is the epitome of a warm, friendly southern lady. She'd love to hear from you and your skin would love for you to reach out to her!

If you have tried L'Bri, I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

Till next time, keep shimmering !


Kat Von DLock-It Concealer Crème Review

Oh boy! This is by far one of the best cosmetics I've had the pleasure of reviewing!
Grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine or bottled water while you read about a product that you NEED to go get!

A month or so ago, the awesome folks at Influenster sent me the Kat Von D Lock it Revloution Vox Box to review. 
In in were two shades of the concealer, setting powder and two application brushes. 
I was eager to try these products out as soon as they came. However, I knew that we had vacation coming up. We were going to Vegas. I thought that 100+ desert heat would be the ideal way to truly put this product to the test.
It was my birthday. That night my hubby had planned a fancy dinner for us. During that day, I wanted to go shopping and get a blowout at Drybar. So, after a perfect breakfast in bed, I got up and dressed around 10:00 am (don't judge it was my birthday and I was on vacation! he he).
I decided since I was in Vegas it was totally cool to rock some blatantly , obviously fake lashes . Once those were on , I put on my primer and applied the Lock it concealer in warm 13. I applied it in 2 inverted triangles. I find that's gives ideal coverage.

The formula goes on smooth and thick, not at all runny. It covered my dark under eye circles (the night prior was a Champaign filled  late night) in one coat.
I let it dry a tad while I was applying my eyeshadow. Once I had done that, I applied my foundation and blended it all together.

The coverage was not at all disturbed or lessened by the application of the foundation.
It was a double vanity sink...I still had cosmetics and hair product EVERYWHERE! :)
Once my foundation was on, I applied the setting powder. First, i used the smaller brush to apply it under my eyes, then the larger brush to apply it all over threats of my face.
After that, it was brows, blush, eyeliner and mascara. I noticed the finished product had an almost airbrushed appearance.
However, we all know that there are ton of products that look great when first applied, yet they just don't hold up.
From here I went out and about. I did a lot of running around in 104 degree heat. I then went to Drybar for my blow out. 
After about 3.5 hours of errands, it was time to go back to our room and get ready for our fun night out. To my delight, NOTHING needed to be reapplied.
Here I am at dinner. This is 11 hours after it was applied.
This is hands down the best concealer that I have ever used.
I see there is now a foundation from this same line.
I cannot wait to get that as well.

If you are interested in trying anything from this line out, Its available at Sephora.
You will not be disappointed. 

Keep on shimmering lovelies.


Pizza. Who does not love pizza? It is the perfect food. Life is too short to eat bad pizza. If you are going to indulge, make sure it is worth it.
I had tried making pizza at home before. It never ever came out like pizza that you'd buy.
I'd end up with soggy, doughy crust, which wasn't crispy at all.
Enter in to the picture my aunt Gini. Gini is the most cultured, elegant person that I have ever known. Gini is also the best damn cook, I've ever encountered. I'm not talking about someone who can make a good casserole. I'm talking about a woman who trained for years in Europe and who's cooking can rival any chef, celebrity or other. 

When Chad and I were married a year ago this month, as a wedding gift Gini put together a special cookbook that she made just for us. Her pizza recipe was in there. It made me want to try my hand at making pizza again. I lamented to my aunt about how my attempts at pizza always fell short.
Turns out, my technique was 100% incorrect.
In the past, I'd assemble the pizza then place it in a 450 degree oven until the cheese was melted .
Nope. That is NOT how you do it.
Below is a fool proof step by step that will get you a finished product that will beat out your neighborhood pizza place.

A few thoughts before we start...the crust and the sauce. This sauce could not be more simple. Take one 28 oz can of the highest quality San Marzano tomatoes and put them through the blender with 1/4-1/2 a teaspoon of sea salt. This is all you need. However, if you are using regular, old , plain tomatoes from the 59 cent rack...you will NOT get the same results.
As for the crust, its made at home two nights before making the pizza.  My aunt told me that sometimes she'll "cheat" and buy her dough at a local pizza restaurant. She did caution me to NOT buy supermarket pizza dough, as that is typically sitting around for who knows how long.

Now, on to making the pizza!
The first thing that you'll need to do , is position one of your oven's racks in the top 1/3 of the oven. Put your pizza stone in and set your oven to 550. (Some oven's only go to 500, that's okay too.)
Once you have your oven at 550 degrees, leave it for one hour (this step scared me at first) The idea is to get that pizza stone screaming hot.
While this is going on..its time to get to work on your pizza.
I cannot recommend strongly enough, getting a pizza peal. I tried numerous ways to avoid buying a pizza peal. Don't be a fool like I was. You can get a decent one for under $25.00. It makes all the difference. 
Take your pizza peal and cover it with corn meal. This is key. Once your oven and pizza are ready, you will need the pizza to slide right of the peal and into your oven. The corn meal will make that happen.

Start working with your dough. You'll want your dough to be in a ball when your first begin. Working from the center out, start to knead the dough. As you get going, let the weigh of the dough work for you in regards to stretching it to the desired shape and thickness. (This recipe works best with a thin dough.)

Once you have the dough shaped to your liking, the fun begins...assembling the pizza! I'm a pizza purest, I like a nice cheesy margarita pizza. However, feel free to get creative with the toppings.
Start always with the sauce. Here is where many home cooks go wrong. They will put on FAR too much sauce. It doesn't look like a lot at the time, but they sadly find the pizza is drowning as soon as they bite into it. Depending on the size of your pizza, you will want no more than 5 or 6 tablespoons of sauce.

This is the right amount of sauce.

If you'd even consider topping this with mozzarella that is shredded up in a bag, raise your hand. Okay, now use that hand to slap yourself. (Kidding! Nothing but self love here!!) 
For this, we are using fresh, wet mozzarella from the deli. Roughly 6 ounces,which we will drain and peel into 1 inch pieces.
Along with the mozzarella , we'll also add fresh basil leaves.

Once you have put the mozzarella and basil on, you'll want to grade fresh some Parmigiano-Reggiano directly onto the pizza. 

At this point, my dear friend, Lisa said me "Can we just eat this now?" The scent of freshly picked basil is very hard to resist!
Now, here is a step that I had never known about , yet it is crucial . Once you have all of your toppings on take one tablespoon of best quality olive oil and drizzle it over the entire pie. This step is what will get you an artisan pizza in your own oven.

Once that oven has been at 550 for a full hour, open the oven door and slide this gem right on to your pizza stone with one, quick motion.
You'll leave this in with the oven on for only 3-4 minutes.
After the 3-4 minutes, turn the oven off and turn your broiler on high. This step should last another 3-4 minutes. You'll know when its done when the cheese is golden and bubbling.
Remove from your oven and immediately transfer off of your pizza stone. Ideally, you'll have a vented pizza pan to transfer onto.

The vented pizza pan is ideal, because the bottom of the pizza will be steamy when it first comes out of the oven. You do not want to let that steam make your crust soggy.
If you do not have a vented pan, transfer it off of the pizza stone to a regular pan. Using a spatula , lift the pizza an inch or two off the pan. Do this twice on alternating sides of the pizza.

Let it sit for about 5 minutes, then serve! Its SO SO SO Good. If you are anything like me, you'll have a hard time believing that you made this at home.
My beverage recommendation for this, is to keep it in Italy with a nice, chilled Santa Margarita Pinot Gregio! 

Okay, here is a quick shopping list for you.

* 8 -10 oz homemade pizza dough
*6 Tablespoons of homemade pizza sauce (see above)
* 6 ounces for fresh Mozzarella
*On the block Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese (I've always just eyeballed this step. Maybe 2 ounces?)
*1 Tablespoon top quality olive oil
*Corn meal for your pizza peal
* 5 or 6 fresh basil leaves.

Thats it! You are those few, simple ingredients away from this!

A hair affair

March 21, 2016 in
Sorry for the break between posts. I tend to feel that I should only write a post, if I have something worthy of sharing. I'm not looking to waste anyone's time!
So, Thursday was hair day, hair day is the BEST day.

It was my amazing stylist who told me to write this post. When she tells me to do something , I listen!
Anyhow, I (now) have very, very healthy hair. I have no breakage, no split ends, no fried strands.(This has been a very hard won battle!)
I get a double process color done. Its a heavy duty, serious chemical procedure, far more intense than having a few foils.

Anyhow, even though I do this "chemical blizzard" on my head my hair is still in great shape.She combs my hair out after washing it,and none is left in the comb. My stylists told me how I got to this point is something I should share. Especially, because not so long ago, I was on the very opposite side of the hair health spectrum.  Not too long ago, I had to go from almost bra strap length hair to a bob that was ear lobe length. It was breaking off in chunks, It was so dry and brittle that if I went to put it in a pony tail, I'd have massive amounts of breakage. The next post I will write will be about everything that I had done to get it to that horrid point. That post will be a tale of caution as to what NOT to do.

Since today is Monday, lets focus on the positive. Mondays do not need any added negativity!
Disclaimer, I'm NOT a stylist. I have no background whatsoever in the science of cosmetology . If you have a trusted stylist that tells you anything that contradicts what I'm about to, go with them! This is just a description of what personally worked for me to get my hair healthy.

Okay, first things first. Here is my hair now. Please pardon my under eye circles..

Alrighty....here is my step by step to get on the road to hair health!

1) Wash your hair as infrequently as possible. 
Depending on your hair type , that might mean 2 times per week, it might mean 4.
I can hear you now.. "I have to shower every day!" Yes, I know... all civilized people do. ;) This is why you want to get yourself a good quality shower cap. Not the thin plastic type you find at hotels . You'll need a nice, thick terry cloth lined one. Here is mine, I got it from Dry Bar. I highly recommend it!

2) At least 1 time per week , do a really intense deep condition treatment.
After you shampoo, cover your hair in a top quality deep conditioner. (If you have thin/oily hair, leave your roots bare.) Dampen a hair towel and put in the microwave for a minute or two , until its hot and steamy. Then, wrap your hair with the conditioner in the towel. Leave it on for 10- 30 minutes. Aside from it really giving your hair a boast, it feels SO GOOD!
My favorite deep conditioner is by Fakkai. It smells heavenly on top of working magic.

3) This one is the one that I get the most crow for...no using drug store shampoo or conditioner.
I know that a lot of folks just don't want to spend the $$ for premium brands. There REALLY is a difference in quality of ingredients though. If you want shinny, healthy hair , you are not going to find the tools of the trade at Wal-Mart..
I'm not saying you have to buy your products at the salon. No, normally you can get a far better deal at places like Ulta.

4) Limit the heat tools to once or twice per week...limit the flat iron to "once in a blue moon". Flat Irons , in my opinion do the most damage . You can always tell when you see someone who flat irons their hair too frequently. Its full of breakage, it lies flat like lifeless seaweed on a rock and it has no bounce or shine.
Plus, nowadays super flat ironed hair is down right passé  . It screams "I peaked in 2006!!" Its not a good look.
My new thing is doing big, full "Farrah style" waves. I didn't want to be using a curling iron every day. Therefor, I had my mom teach me to do a roller set. Its a throw back, for sure. Look at photos of women from the 1960's 0r 1970's. You NEVER SEE THEM WITH HAIR BREAKAGE!

5) For color....GO TO A PROFESSIONAL. End of Story.
 This is one that I had to learn the hard way. Learn from my mistake!
You can do irreversible  damage to your hair with chemicals ( This is how I ended up with an ear length bob..)
Worst case scenario , it will break off in chunks. (Been there!) Best case is you will have obviously unnatural looking color. If you buy a box of color at CVS, you'll end up with hair that is a block of color. Natural hair is not one block of color.
There is a person I know that thought she'd try mixing her own salon formula at home. She figured that she could get the salon color at home without spending the money. Get idea in theory right? You mix a color with a developer and you are in business, right?
Wrong. This woman's hair color is "blorange". Those of us that were little kids in the 1980's might remember the TV show "Alf". That is pretty much her hair color .
I do not say this to be mean. I say this because I don't want it happening to anyone else.
Professional colorists spend so much time in school. Then they are continually learning new techniques. Respect that and understand that you cannot replicate their knowledge and skill by watching a few youtube videos.
If you are thinking "I can't afford salon color" Shop around! Do not be afraid to call multiple salons. Tell the stylist that you have a limited budget, they will work with you!

6) Find the right styling products for your hair type. 
I personally have very thick hair. What I use on my hair is very different than my friend who has baby fine hair. 
Places like Sephora will let you sample any product that they have. This is a great way to find out what will work for you.
Here is my hair cocktail of choice
I mix equal parts CHI Silk Infusion (also is a great frizz fighter!) and Dry Bar's Hot Toddy.
This for me, is what does it. It did take some experimenting to find this.

Well, thats about it from me. If anyone has any tips of there own, I'd love to hear them!

Keep shimmering my beauties!

I'm especially happy , it hit 65 degrees here today! February 1st in New England is normally 25 degrees!
Anyhow, this weekend I received a Vox Box from Influenster. If you are not familiar with Influenster, go to their page ASAP. www.influenster.com
It is a site where once thy identify your interests , areas of knowledge they will send you items for free. All you need to do , is review the items on social media.
This was my 3rd Vox Box (that is what they call the packages they send you) so far, this is my favorite. I was lucky enough to get this HIGHLY sought after Vox Box. The Yves Saint Laurent Touche E'Clat neutralizer. Here in the US, this product retails for $38.00. It comes in three colors:

--Green, used to cover blemishes and redness
--Violet , used to correct yellow, dull skin
--Apricot bisque, used to correct dark under eye circles and dark spots.

Under-eye  circles have always been an issue for me. Was very happy to see that I had received product in apricot bisque.

The product fresh out of the box.
When I first opened it, I said "This is NEVER going to work on my skin!" My skin is SO fair. Most companies do not make a foundation light enough for my skin.

Out of the gate, it looked very dark for me.

I have learned that when working with color correctors, its best to put them on under your foundation. I started with my Benefit Pore Professional primer, then put this on, on top of that. Yikes, it was really peachy.

Always form an upside down triangle with your under eye color  corrector.
Once that was on, I did not blend it. I applied my foundation directly over it.
Estee Lauder double wear is my "go-to" foundation.

I used a damp beauty blender to apply my foundation.

As soon as the foundation was on, the strong peach tone was no longer visible. 

I was so happy to see that my dark ender eye circles were GONE!!!!

I finished with the rest of my make up and was quite pleased at the overall affect of this product.

This product could REALLY save the day when you are lacking sleep! Or, if you are like me and just have VERY light skin.

The rest of the products used in this look are listed below.

Mascara: Too Faced, "Better Than Sex" in black

Eye Shadow: Varying colors from Makeup Revolution 's Iconic II pallet

Blush: MAC Peach Twist

Highlighter: MAC Indulgent Sheer Shimmer

Eye liner : MAC Teddy

Brows: NYX Tame & Frame pomade in blonde

That is it!
I would say that this product is 100% SheShe approved!!!!!

Happy Monday my shimmering friends!

I was thinking recently about how in life, we all have crosses to bear. We all have challenges, sadness and hard times. Its part of the of being a living human being.

I'll be the first to admit it does seem as if some folks get FAR more than their share of hard times and not nearly as much joy and happiness as they should have.
There is a man I have known for years. He lost both of his children, two beautiful sons. Through no fault of his or their own. Both were cases of auto accidents. It is plain awful, how is there any explanation for that?
On the flip side, we all know people who live what appears to be charmed lives. They seem to be free of loss and stress. Folks that have never buried a loved one, folks who have never had any serious financial issues. Its easy to envy them. It is easy to think how unfair it is. Particularly , if you are in the midst of a hard time of your own.

Several years ago, I worked with a woman like this.  She truly had a wonderful life. She, had never known disappointment . When she was 12 she had tried out for the soccer team and didn't make it. Instead of having to accept not making the cut, her father would drive her 40 minutes each way to a soccer team miles away. That team's coach was a business associate of her father. Who walked her right onto the team.
She had both parents and all four grandparents alive and well. She had a beautiful, healthy four year old son. She had an adoring husband whom she married the week after they graduated college.
When she graduated college , she couldn't bear the thought of going to work for someone else. So, her parents bought her a company of her own. She made this company very successful.
It might seem easy to be jaded toward this woman. However, she was a warm , loving person. Always kind, always supportive, always generous. She had the love and respect of those who surrounded her.
She and her husband were trying for another baby. One beautiful, sunny autumn day,she announced to the entire company that she was pregnant!!!!  Not a dry eye could be found in the room! We were all SO happy.
Then...it happened. Autumn became winter. We were smack dab in the holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah and New Years were all the focus.
On the first day of her 10th week of pregnancy, she miscarried.  Devastation. WHY? HOW? She literally did everything "right". It was horrific.  There had been sonogram pictures all over our office. We all were in love with that little, growing life. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?
Now, we all knew that she would need to take some serious time to grieve. Obviously.
Then, we found out from her husband that she had breakdown. She had been hospitalized. I stayed at the company another 6 months. She never came back. I don't even know when she was released from the hospital that was helping her with her mental health issues. Her family closed her off to everyone. We couldn't give a phone call, pay a visit, send flowers. Nothing.
Now, I am the first to admit, I'm not yet a parent. I have never experienced anything like this, thanks to God.
I cannot but help to think that she had been failed somehow. Her entire life she had been shielded from any struggles, hardship, loss, pain etc. Then , suddenly she found herself as a 35 year old woman who was dealt a devastating loss and she didn't have a single tool as to how to cope with it.
She didn't have any experience to draw from. She didn't have the knowing that she had survived past heartache.
So maybe , as hard as it might be we should embrace our trials as much as we do our joys? I know its SO MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE.
However, that unexpected $900 auto repair, the jerk who left you for the girl at his office, the not landing that dream job might be things to be thankful for in the long run. Perhaps, its these things that by overcoming them have given us the strength we need to deal with the truly awful things when they happen?
Anyhow, all I can say is to be so thankful and appreciative when things ARE going well.

XOXO  SheShe

Beauty Finds Friday

January 08, 2016 in
Hello my shimmering friends!
Happy Friday!
I had an idea today. Since I spend a good chunk of my disposable income on hair/ beauty , it might be beneficial if I shared some of my findings.
If I can help just one of you from wasting $$ on a bummer of a product, its worth it.
I'd like to kick this whole idea off by talking about something I NEVER thought that I would like.
Are you ready for it.... cleansing oils for the face. Yup, the idea horrified my at first. I was sure this would do nothing other than turn my face into a greasy,  broken out mess.
Come to find out, nothing could be further from the truth. My skin has always been combination. Dry cheeks and forehead , oily on the nose and chin. Now, my skin has all evened out. No more dry spots, no more oily spots.
I've always been one to put the time and money into my skin. My routine used to be eye make up remover, cleansing with my Clarisonic brush, toner, moisturizer then wrinkle prevention.
Washing with oil has changed it up completly. The oil takes the place of the eye makeup remover and cleanser. At first, I was still attempting to tone afterwards. I realized though that the cotton balls were wiping clean from the get go. Using the cleansing oil , literally removes ALL of your make up...nothing  at all left behind. Not using the toner has eliminated the need for moisturizer. What was a 5 step process, is now a 2 step process!
So far, I have used 2 different oils. I started with a drug store brand. I didn't want to shell out big bucks until I knew it would be a good thing.
The one I bought was by Garnier.
It was $12.00 at Target. I works like a charm.
After I used up this bottle, I decided to splurge. I went through makeup ally.com and Sephora.com. I read numerous reviews. I decided on this here:
Boscia Cool cleansing oil. WOW is all I can say. Its amazing.
I know it sounds crazy, but I really think these babies are the key to healthy, balanced skin.

Well, the hubby is home. So, off I go! Have a great weekend!
Shimmer on my lovelies!


Let's talk about hair!

January 04, 2016 in
Hello from snowy Plymouth, MA.
Its frigid here today. We are getting ocean effect snow as I type this.  Lord knows, I DETEST snow.
Urggh... So, in order to keep from losing it..I want to think happy thoughts...dogs, vacation, hugs,good wine etc.
One thing that always makes me happy is anything related to beauty. I'm a self proclaimed hair and make up junkie.
My hair is naturally a mousy, dirty dishwater blonde. I highlight it to keep it the color I was in childhood.
A few years ago, I got the bright idea that I could highlight it myself. Now mind you, I have 0 professional training in that area. None.  Surprisingly enough, for the first few months it went pretty well. I smugly thought that I found a way to "beat the system." No more having to wait for salon appointments or shell out beacoup bucks for me! I was going to Sally Beauty supply and buying 30 volume developer and bleach. Then one day I messed up majorly. I hadn't mixed it to a thick enough consistency . The mixture ran on to hair that had previously been bleached. My hair started breaking off in uneven clumps.
I tucked my tail between my legs and went back to my stylist. What had been bra strap length hair had to be cut into a bob that came just below my ear lobes.
Since then, I've stopped screwing around and am adament about taking care of my hair. I've so drastically limited my flat iron usage. I deep condition regularly and leave all coloring and cutting to a trained professional.
One thing that I am now VERY excited about is my new hair dryer.
Please pardon my instagram pic!
Santa hubby got this for me after I gave him a few serious, obvious hints. I get that this is a lot of money for a dryer, but I promise you, its SO worth every.single.cent.  This dryer is from the folks at Dry Bar. Their moto is "No cuts, No color, just blowouts". The dryer alone is normally $190.00. This pack is a Sephora limited time exclusive. Its the dryer, clips, their "double pint" brush, a shower cap to keep your blow out perfect and two fantastic products.
I have to admit there is a huge difference in this dryer and the cheapo drug store versions that I have owned in the past. This dryer is so light weigh and dries my hair SO QUICKLY.  That is saying a lot because I have a junk ton of hair. Every single stylist that I have ever gone to has told me that I have the most hair they have ever seen.
With this dryer and brush, I can make it look as if I have spent 45 minutes with a styling wand curling it. 
Here are a couple of pics with 2 of my bestie which show what I mean.
That's me in the center.

I hesitate to even post this one, because of the implied violence. Misty and I were only playing. Nobody was hit,punched,slapped or harmed in anyway. We were joking around and taking funny pics for the sake of taking funny pics. 
Please know, I've never been in any kind of physical altercation in my life and strongly condemn any such behavior!!!

Here is the link to the Sephora special on the amazing, magic machine hair dryer :


 And if you are lucky enough to have a Dry Bar near you (I'm SO ENVIOUS!!) Here is a link to them! :

Well, I need to go put ice melt down, so we'll need to wrap it up for today.

Never lose your shimmer my lovelies.

XO SheShe