I'm especially happy , it hit 65 degrees here today! February 1st in New England is normally 25 degrees!
Anyhow, this weekend I received a Vox Box from Influenster. If you are not familiar with Influenster, go to their page ASAP. www.influenster.com
It is a site where once thy identify your interests , areas of knowledge they will send you items for free. All you need to do , is review the items on social media.
This was my 3rd Vox Box (that is what they call the packages they send you) so far, this is my favorite. I was lucky enough to get this HIGHLY sought after Vox Box. The Yves Saint Laurent Touche E'Clat neutralizer. Here in the US, this product retails for $38.00. It comes in three colors:

--Green, used to cover blemishes and redness
--Violet , used to correct yellow, dull skin
--Apricot bisque, used to correct dark under eye circles and dark spots.

Under-eye  circles have always been an issue for me. Was very happy to see that I had received product in apricot bisque.

The product fresh out of the box.
When I first opened it, I said "This is NEVER going to work on my skin!" My skin is SO fair. Most companies do not make a foundation light enough for my skin.

Out of the gate, it looked very dark for me.

I have learned that when working with color correctors, its best to put them on under your foundation. I started with my Benefit Pore Professional primer, then put this on, on top of that. Yikes, it was really peachy.

Always form an upside down triangle with your under eye color  corrector.
Once that was on, I did not blend it. I applied my foundation directly over it.
Estee Lauder double wear is my "go-to" foundation.

I used a damp beauty blender to apply my foundation.

As soon as the foundation was on, the strong peach tone was no longer visible. 

I was so happy to see that my dark ender eye circles were GONE!!!!

I finished with the rest of my make up and was quite pleased at the overall affect of this product.

This product could REALLY save the day when you are lacking sleep! Or, if you are like me and just have VERY light skin.

The rest of the products used in this look are listed below.

Mascara: Too Faced, "Better Than Sex" in black

Eye Shadow: Varying colors from Makeup Revolution 's Iconic II pallet

Blush: MAC Peach Twist

Highlighter: MAC Indulgent Sheer Shimmer

Eye liner : MAC Teddy

Brows: NYX Tame & Frame pomade in blonde

That is it!
I would say that this product is 100% SheShe approved!!!!!


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