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November 02, 2016 in
L'Bri, the best skin care that you have yet to hear about!
Hello! Welcome to November everyone! Here in Plymouth , MA it was nearly 70 degrees today. I'll take it.
Anyhow, I wanted to take a moment to spend some time talking about a line of products that have shaken up my skin care routine . The line is called L'Bri and it is fantastic.
I love a bargain as much as anyone, however when it comes to skin care, this is one place I am unwilling to cut corners. 
For years and years ( since I was 14) I have been using Clinique and Estee Lauder for my skin care needs.
Enter in to the picture, my dear friend Pam. Pam is someone who if she offers me advice, I listen.  She is a very even keeled and sensible person. She doesn't fall for fads or suffer fools. Plus, she has amazing skin.
It was originally Pam who had told me about the brand L'Bri. She had been using it for months and could not stop raving about it. If she speaks that highly about anything, I know its something I want to try too.

My skin tends to be VERY dry. This is especially true in the winter. I live in Massachusetts right on the Atlantic ocean. The winters are BRUTAL here. The biting wind off the ocean will cause your skin to crack. Its awful. I figured if there is anything that might help, now is the time to try it.

The L'Bri cleansing system is a three step process. 

Step 1 is the cleanser   
The first thing I noticed when I used the cleanser was that my skin did not feel tight and irritated right after washing my face like it normally does.  My skin felt as if it had just had a skin cream applied, not a cleanser. Yet, it took off ALL of my make up.

Step 2 is the gentle refresher 
After you wash your face, you spray this on. I'll admit , I was afraid it was going to sting. Everything I'd ever sprayed on my skin before stung like hell. Surprise of all surprises , this did not sting one bit. It was cool and refreshing on my face. After reading the ingredients , I see that its alcohol free. Finally , someone gets it! 

The last step, is my favorite!
Step 3 The Intense Moisture Cream.
This stuff is hands down the BEST. MOISTURIZER. I .HAVE. EVER. USED.
Its so emollient. It just feels so good to put this on. Even though its thick, it absorbs right in.
I can tell you now, I'll be using this as a skin protectant all winter long. Its the perfect thing to put on your cheeks before braving the elements all winter long. Put this on your face before going out for a run, walk etc. 
Those of us who live in the North East, know that when its really cold, to rub petroleum jelly on your face if you need to be out in the bitter cold. 
This will protect your face the same way, but with out clogging your pores the way petroleum jelly does.

The most recent L'Bri product I have tried and LOVE is the Rejuvenating Facial Peel.
I've only used this once so far. It cleaned out my pores with one try. Also, my pores looked smaller the morning after I used it.

I know, when it comes to skin care , there are SO many choices . I know its also kind of hard to pull ourselves away from the department store makeup counters.
When it comes to this line, its SO WORTH it though. Ive been using this line daily for about 6 weeks now. My skin is softer then I ever remember it. When applying my makeup in the morning now, I can forego the primer. Thats something I would have never guessed would happen.

If you are even remotely curious as to if this line is for you, reach out to my friend , Pam. She is the epitome of a warm, friendly southern lady. She'd love to hear from you and your skin would love for you to reach out to her!

If you have tried L'Bri, I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

Till next time, keep shimmering !


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