Kat Von DLock-It Concealer Crème Review

Oh boy! This is by far one of the best cosmetics I've had the pleasure of reviewing!
Grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine or bottled water while you read about a product that you NEED to go get!

A month or so ago, the awesome folks at Influenster sent me the Kat Von D Lock it Revloution Vox Box to review. 
In in were two shades of the concealer, setting powder and two application brushes. 
I was eager to try these products out as soon as they came. However, I knew that we had vacation coming up. We were going to Vegas. I thought that 100+ desert heat would be the ideal way to truly put this product to the test.
It was my birthday. That night my hubby had planned a fancy dinner for us. During that day, I wanted to go shopping and get a blowout at Drybar. So, after a perfect breakfast in bed, I got up and dressed around 10:00 am (don't judge it was my birthday and I was on vacation! he he).
I decided since I was in Vegas it was totally cool to rock some blatantly , obviously fake lashes . Once those were on , I put on my primer and applied the Lock it concealer in warm 13. I applied it in 2 inverted triangles. I find that's gives ideal coverage.

The formula goes on smooth and thick, not at all runny. It covered my dark under eye circles (the night prior was a Champaign filled  late night) in one coat.
I let it dry a tad while I was applying my eyeshadow. Once I had done that, I applied my foundation and blended it all together.

The coverage was not at all disturbed or lessened by the application of the foundation.
It was a double vanity sink...I still had cosmetics and hair product EVERYWHERE! :)
Once my foundation was on, I applied the setting powder. First, i used the smaller brush to apply it under my eyes, then the larger brush to apply it all over threats of my face.
After that, it was brows, blush, eyeliner and mascara. I noticed the finished product had an almost airbrushed appearance.
However, we all know that there are ton of products that look great when first applied, yet they just don't hold up.
From here I went out and about. I did a lot of running around in 104 degree heat. I then went to Drybar for my blow out. 
After about 3.5 hours of errands, it was time to go back to our room and get ready for our fun night out. To my delight, NOTHING needed to be reapplied.
Here I am at dinner. This is 11 hours after it was applied.
This is hands down the best concealer that I have ever used.
I see there is now a foundation from this same line.
I cannot wait to get that as well.

If you are interested in trying anything from this line out, Its available at Sephora.
You will not be disappointed. 

Keep on shimmering lovelies.



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