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January 04, 2016 in
Hello from snowy Plymouth, MA.
Its frigid here today. We are getting ocean effect snow as I type this.  Lord knows, I DETEST snow.
Urggh... So, in order to keep from losing it..I want to think happy thoughts...dogs, vacation, hugs,good wine etc.
One thing that always makes me happy is anything related to beauty. I'm a self proclaimed hair and make up junkie.
My hair is naturally a mousy, dirty dishwater blonde. I highlight it to keep it the color I was in childhood.
A few years ago, I got the bright idea that I could highlight it myself. Now mind you, I have 0 professional training in that area. None.  Surprisingly enough, for the first few months it went pretty well. I smugly thought that I found a way to "beat the system." No more having to wait for salon appointments or shell out beacoup bucks for me! I was going to Sally Beauty supply and buying 30 volume developer and bleach. Then one day I messed up majorly. I hadn't mixed it to a thick enough consistency . The mixture ran on to hair that had previously been bleached. My hair started breaking off in uneven clumps.
I tucked my tail between my legs and went back to my stylist. What had been bra strap length hair had to be cut into a bob that came just below my ear lobes.
Since then, I've stopped screwing around and am adament about taking care of my hair. I've so drastically limited my flat iron usage. I deep condition regularly and leave all coloring and cutting to a trained professional.
One thing that I am now VERY excited about is my new hair dryer.
Please pardon my instagram pic!
Santa hubby got this for me after I gave him a few serious, obvious hints. I get that this is a lot of money for a dryer, but I promise you, its SO worth every.single.cent.  This dryer is from the folks at Dry Bar. Their moto is "No cuts, No color, just blowouts". The dryer alone is normally $190.00. This pack is a Sephora limited time exclusive. Its the dryer, clips, their "double pint" brush, a shower cap to keep your blow out perfect and two fantastic products.
I have to admit there is a huge difference in this dryer and the cheapo drug store versions that I have owned in the past. This dryer is so light weigh and dries my hair SO QUICKLY.  That is saying a lot because I have a junk ton of hair. Every single stylist that I have ever gone to has told me that I have the most hair they have ever seen.
With this dryer and brush, I can make it look as if I have spent 45 minutes with a styling wand curling it. 
Here are a couple of pics with 2 of my bestie which show what I mean.
That's me in the center.

I hesitate to even post this one, because of the implied violence. Misty and I were only playing. Nobody was hit,punched,slapped or harmed in anyway. We were joking around and taking funny pics for the sake of taking funny pics. 
Please know, I've never been in any kind of physical altercation in my life and strongly condemn any such behavior!!!

Here is the link to the Sephora special on the amazing, magic machine hair dryer :


 And if you are lucky enough to have a Dry Bar near you (I'm SO ENVIOUS!!) Here is a link to them! :

Well, I need to go put ice melt down, so we'll need to wrap it up for today.

Never lose your shimmer my lovelies.

XO SheShe


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