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March 21, 2016 in
Sorry for the break between posts. I tend to feel that I should only write a post, if I have something worthy of sharing. I'm not looking to waste anyone's time!
So, Thursday was hair day, hair day is the BEST day.

It was my amazing stylist who told me to write this post. When she tells me to do something , I listen!
Anyhow, I (now) have very, very healthy hair. I have no breakage, no split ends, no fried strands.(This has been a very hard won battle!)
I get a double process color done. Its a heavy duty, serious chemical procedure, far more intense than having a few foils.

Anyhow, even though I do this "chemical blizzard" on my head my hair is still in great shape.She combs my hair out after washing it,and none is left in the comb. My stylists told me how I got to this point is something I should share. Especially, because not so long ago, I was on the very opposite side of the hair health spectrum.  Not too long ago, I had to go from almost bra strap length hair to a bob that was ear lobe length. It was breaking off in chunks, It was so dry and brittle that if I went to put it in a pony tail, I'd have massive amounts of breakage. The next post I will write will be about everything that I had done to get it to that horrid point. That post will be a tale of caution as to what NOT to do.

Since today is Monday, lets focus on the positive. Mondays do not need any added negativity!
Disclaimer, I'm NOT a stylist. I have no background whatsoever in the science of cosmetology . If you have a trusted stylist that tells you anything that contradicts what I'm about to, go with them! This is just a description of what personally worked for me to get my hair healthy.

Okay, first things first. Here is my hair now. Please pardon my under eye circles..

Alrighty....here is my step by step to get on the road to hair health!

1) Wash your hair as infrequently as possible. 
Depending on your hair type , that might mean 2 times per week, it might mean 4.
I can hear you now.. "I have to shower every day!" Yes, I know... all civilized people do. ;) This is why you want to get yourself a good quality shower cap. Not the thin plastic type you find at hotels . You'll need a nice, thick terry cloth lined one. Here is mine, I got it from Dry Bar. I highly recommend it!

2) At least 1 time per week , do a really intense deep condition treatment.
After you shampoo, cover your hair in a top quality deep conditioner. (If you have thin/oily hair, leave your roots bare.) Dampen a hair towel and put in the microwave for a minute or two , until its hot and steamy. Then, wrap your hair with the conditioner in the towel. Leave it on for 10- 30 minutes. Aside from it really giving your hair a boast, it feels SO GOOD!
My favorite deep conditioner is by Fakkai. It smells heavenly on top of working magic.

3) This one is the one that I get the most crow for...no using drug store shampoo or conditioner.
I know that a lot of folks just don't want to spend the $$ for premium brands. There REALLY is a difference in quality of ingredients though. If you want shinny, healthy hair , you are not going to find the tools of the trade at Wal-Mart..
I'm not saying you have to buy your products at the salon. No, normally you can get a far better deal at places like Ulta.

4) Limit the heat tools to once or twice per week...limit the flat iron to "once in a blue moon". Flat Irons , in my opinion do the most damage . You can always tell when you see someone who flat irons their hair too frequently. Its full of breakage, it lies flat like lifeless seaweed on a rock and it has no bounce or shine.
Plus, nowadays super flat ironed hair is down right passé  . It screams "I peaked in 2006!!" Its not a good look.
My new thing is doing big, full "Farrah style" waves. I didn't want to be using a curling iron every day. Therefor, I had my mom teach me to do a roller set. Its a throw back, for sure. Look at photos of women from the 1960's 0r 1970's. You NEVER SEE THEM WITH HAIR BREAKAGE!

5) For color....GO TO A PROFESSIONAL. End of Story.
 This is one that I had to learn the hard way. Learn from my mistake!
You can do irreversible  damage to your hair with chemicals ( This is how I ended up with an ear length bob..)
Worst case scenario , it will break off in chunks. (Been there!) Best case is you will have obviously unnatural looking color. If you buy a box of color at CVS, you'll end up with hair that is a block of color. Natural hair is not one block of color.
There is a person I know that thought she'd try mixing her own salon formula at home. She figured that she could get the salon color at home without spending the money. Get idea in theory right? You mix a color with a developer and you are in business, right?
Wrong. This woman's hair color is "blorange". Those of us that were little kids in the 1980's might remember the TV show "Alf". That is pretty much her hair color .
I do not say this to be mean. I say this because I don't want it happening to anyone else.
Professional colorists spend so much time in school. Then they are continually learning new techniques. Respect that and understand that you cannot replicate their knowledge and skill by watching a few youtube videos.
If you are thinking "I can't afford salon color" Shop around! Do not be afraid to call multiple salons. Tell the stylist that you have a limited budget, they will work with you!

6) Find the right styling products for your hair type. 
I personally have very thick hair. What I use on my hair is very different than my friend who has baby fine hair. 
Places like Sephora will let you sample any product that they have. This is a great way to find out what will work for you.
Here is my hair cocktail of choice
I mix equal parts CHI Silk Infusion (also is a great frizz fighter!) and Dry Bar's Hot Toddy.
This for me, is what does it. It did take some experimenting to find this.

Well, thats about it from me. If anyone has any tips of there own, I'd love to hear them!

Keep shimmering my beauties!


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