Well, happy summer Friday to you all! Its the first FULL Friday of summer, and I'm living for it.
Also, today is hair day. "My" girl, Kathleen is the most amazing colorist. I cannot wait for her to brighten up this blonde. Also, today is the first time I've seen her since I went back to my natural curls. I'm dying to see what tips she might give me!

Today, I wanted to talk "Anti-Aging" with you. It's a hot topic and a big industry. 
I went to Sephora's app and typed in "Anti-Aging". Over 1700 results came up. This is JUST Sephora, where drug store or mass market brands are not sold. Meaning, there are hundreds if not thousands of other anti-again products in addition to the 1700+ at  Sephora.

According to Reuters, the anti-aging market will be worth $331.41 Billion (yes, with a B) by 2021. Read that Here

Needless to say, we are fighting aging with a vengeance. 
However though, before you drop $380 on a laser peel , please know you likely (hopefully) already own the best anti-aging tool known to human kind....Sun Screen. Yes, Sunscreen. 
I'm not even going to get into the medical reason as to why you need sunscreen. Today, we are just focusing on the vanity aspects of why sun screen is the best thing around for anti-aging.
The UV rays from the sun destroy the elastin and collagen in your skin. These are what causes your skin to be smooth and firm. Wrinkles are caused when the elastin and collagen are destroyed. UV exposure = Wrinkles & sagging.

The sun also discolors your skin with "sun spots".
When we were in college, my friend Lila worked for Estee Lauder. One day, I brought her in a coffee. Before she could take a break, a lady came in down right distraught. Her son was getting married in under 3 weeks. She had what she called "hamburger chest". What she had was a chest full of discoloration from years of sun bathing.
Much like seen here...
And here:

This poor mom was looking for a cream or serum that she could apply and have smooth skin that was free of discoloration. Sadly, that train left the station many summers before when this woman was a young lady working on her tan. Luckily, Lila is a genius with makeup. She used Dermablend makeup and was able to at least give the illusion of undamaged skin.
The fact remains though, once you have let the sun damage your skin, there is no going back. Sure, you CAN spend a small fortune on lasers and peels. They will help somewhat, but you'll still look older than someone who was a regular user of sun screen.

Don't take my word or it. Look to people you know in real life. Its noticeable earlier, but becomes even more evident once folks get into their mid 40's through early 50's.
At one of the first jobs I had, two of the managers were the same age. In fact, they were friend who grew up together. When I worked there, they were both 47. Ginny had always been sun conscious. Her grandmother had lived with her family when she was growing up. For whatever reason, her "Nona" was ahead of her time and was vigilant about shielding her grandchildren from the sun. 
Diana was the other manager. She was always SO tan. If she wasn't at work, she was laying out with tanning oil. She used tanning beds in the winter.

Ginny and Diana were both beautiful, lovely people. You would of never, ever thought they were the same age though. Ginny truly looked 10-15 years younger than Diana.
I understand, other things affect how we look and age. Genetics, diet, activity level, etc all play a roll.
However, unprotected time in the sun will put you on a high speed train to Pre-mature aging-ville" at break neck speed.

The take away is to use SPF 50 or higher, EVERY DAY.  Not just on your face either. Loose neck skin, splotched hands and that "hamburger chest" are all things that will dramatically age someone.
There is no reason to be damaging your skin in the sun. It's 2019, there are spray tans that look exactly like the real deal.

So, if you'd like to pull your money out of that growing anti-aging product market, here's your chance. That industry is on its way to being worth Three billion, they can make do without money from you. 

Best Facial Sunscreens

The number one cause of aging


Let's talk pet peeves.

June 26, 2019 in

Ahhh, Pet Peeves... we ALL have them. We all have things that drive us nuts. Maybe, they are rational, maybe they aren't. Regardless though, they drive us up the wall. 
After reading a thread on Reddit recently, I saw that a fair amount of people are ashamed or embarrassed by their pet-peeves. NONSENSE! You don't need to be embarrassed, or explain yourself when something irks you. No need to ever apologize for you being authentically you, babe.

It got me thinking, I should put my pet peeves right out there. Maybe, you'll think I'm uptight? Maybe you'll think "Me too!". either way, lets do this!

1) People who talk with food in their mouth. Really? Eww. Were they never taught that nobody wants to see what they are chewing?

2) People who noticeably chew their gum. When I can see or hear anyone chewing their gum, I immediately start thinking of a cow chewing its cud. 

3) Know-it-alls. It doesn't matter what the topic at hand is. These people are the AUTHORITY on it. They will insert themselves into situations and conversations just to flex their (frequently incorrect) information.

4) People who mispronounce simple words. I get it, anyone can get tripped up on really long words. That happens to all of us, I don't mean that. I know someone who says "Alt-so" instead of also. She says "Exx-specially" for especially. She says "Irrregardless (NOT A REAL WORD) instead of the actual word regardless. These are common, everyday words. I think in her mind, she sounds fancy pronouncing them incorrectly?

5) People who lick their fingers. There is a reason why you are given a napkin when you are eating a meal. People who lick their fingers instead of using their napkin...the literally disgust me.

6) When someone is NEVER on time.  We all have lives, we all are busy. Sorry, but that or nothing else is an excuse for never being on time.  Whether it's work or social engagements, the person who is perpetually late is saying "You people need to play by the rules and get here on time, but that doesn't apply to me. None of you are worth the effort it would take for me to be here on time."

Okay...I'll stop here. I might of said to much already. Please , humor me. Tell me what your biggest pet peeves are!


Good to the last drop

June 24, 2019 in

Hi there, and welcome to a new week. Here we are, in the last week of June already. Sigh. Why can't January & February be the months that fly by?

In all of our beauty journeys, I think we find things that end up collecting dust on the back of the shelf. Conversely, there are other products that we use up every last drop of.
The stuff that we love so much that we use every last little bit of, those are our "Product heroes", as I call them.

Today, I'm going to share with you some of my product "empties". The stuff that I hoard and have 3 backups at all times love so much, that I won't let a single drop of it go to waste.
Also, I'm you to ask you guys to share yours with me. I'm a makeup addict. I love hearing what other people cant't live without.

First on my list is the best facial moisturizer I've ever used.

                                     Confidence in a jar $48

I can't tell you if this cream fights lines or wrinkles. Honestly, I don't care if it does or doesn't.
This is the only thing that has helped me fight my insanely dry facial skin.

The best eye shadow primer... Too Faced Eye Insurance
                                              Eye Insurance $20

It keeps your eye shadow from wearing off. It makes the color of your shadow stand out more. I simply cannot "make do" without it.

                                         Moroccan Oil lite $44

As those of you who know me IRL know, I've been "embracing" my hair's natural texture, which is type 3B. For those of you who are not curly Q's, that means spiral type curls in very thick hair.

Moroccan oil, has been a life saver. I've straightened my hair for over 20 years. So, for now my hair is "relearning" its natural curl pattern. This stuff keeps the frizzes away.
This works just as well on all hair types. Straight, curly, wavy, thick, thin, etc.
If you are blonde like me, buy the Moroccan Oil lite. The lite version is colorless, meaning it will not make your blonde brassy.

                                IT Cosmetics CC Illumination $39

I'd be LOST without this foundation by IT Cosmetics. It blends in so easily. It has a high SPF , and this one has illumination in it. (They also have a regular and matte version.) The illumination is just right. It doesn't look like you are wearing and illuminating product. It does however give you a natural glow. Almost like how you might look after a killer workout

                                       MAC TECHNAKOHL LINER $18

This eyeliner.... MAC's Technakohl....I have it in nude, purple dash, (makes green eyes POP like nobody's business) photogravure and graphite. The graphite gets used at least 5X/week. As I've talked about before (Read Here ) a thick, black eyeliner will age you. Its very harsh and unforgiving. This eye pencil in graphite is the perfect solution to that problem. It looks black on, but is not going to highlight all of those fine lines that start popping up under our eyes once we start inching closer to 40.

                                     Hempz Triple moisture lotion $24

I'm pretty much a goody-goody. I've never done any type of drug in my life. So, for the long time I had naively shied away from this brand.  (Side note, I have NO ISSUE AT ALL with any adult choosing to use cannabis.) I think I just saw the pot leave and assumed this lotion was something it isnt? Shame on me. Boy, I was missing out. This lotion soothes my alligator like skin, making it so soft. 

                                       Kenra Spray 25 $18

Finding a hairspray that holds and keeps the humidity at bay, and still leave hair feeling like hair, is not possible..... Or so I thought! Once I was introduced to the Kenra 25 spray, I never looked back. Granted, I do not wear a lot of hair spray. Nor, so I use hair spray often. When I do though, this is the only one for me.  It holds everything perfectly, but doesn't leave you looking as if you are an extra on "Full house" circa, 1989.

Well, there you have it. My products that I used up every last drop.

Now, its your turn. Tell me what you always use to the end! I cannot wait for these emails!! (The comment section is fine too!)


Happy Friday love bugs!!
Was your week as kick butt as you are?

So, today I have an odd topic for you...shinny legs.
The idea for this post came back in April. My friend Christina asked me how is that Hollywood stars always have such glossy, shinny legs.

Hmmm I never though of, or even noticed this before. As soon as she said it though, I knew exactly what she meant though.
I started to investigate. Oddly enough, there are numerous articles out there on this topic.

First things first, exfoliate the HECK out of your legs. You need to get rid of any and all dead, dry skin.
Make a simple sugar scrub. Mix 2 parts white sugar with 1 part baby oil. Rub this all over your legs, then loofah your legs with the scrub on.

Rinse that off, then immediately give yourself the closest shave possible. (Do not substitute salt for sugar. Salt will sting once you shave!)

Much in the same way brown hair shows its shine better than blonde hair, tan skin will shine better than pale skin.
So, once you are out of the shower, apply a self -tanner.

                                        Fake Bake Tanning Water $30

As anyone who's read here before knows....you need to let this stuff sit untouched for 8 hours minimum. So, if you've got big plans Friday night, start this process Thursday night.

Once your tan has sat over night the most important step in creating glossy, gorgeous legs..moisturizing them like you never have before. You are going to need to do this a few times through out the day.

What I found personally worked really well for this was an ''overnight''  moisturizer by Gold Bond.

This is much thicker than any other body lotion I've used. I thought it was fine to apply during the day. It absorbed right into my skin. *disclaimer* I have VERY dry skin. So, it might be so easily absorbed on my skin because my skin is so "thirsty". Regardless, I highly recommend this stuff.

The other moisturizer I used along with this was coconut oil. Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive "Straight outta the baking isle".

For me, that was enough to get glossy gams.  If you wanted to take it up a notch though, I'd top it off with a shimmer spray.

This one by Makeup Revolution fits the bill, and its reasonably priced!

I must say, investigating this was fun. So, if you have a burning beauty question, ask away. I'd love to help you get to the bottom of it.

Have a safe and beautiful weekend!


Hair Masks and you :)

June 19, 2019 in
Do you like my kitsch title of this post? HE HE HE.

Anywhodoodle, as you can likely tell from today's post title and photo that this episode is all about hair masks.

Your daily conditioner help keep your hair smooth and tangle free. A hair mask though, will actually protect and fortify your hair.

Back in the day, I used to think that a mask would "fix" my split ends. Sadly, this is an "untruth". Once your hair has split, it needs to be cut off before the the split travels up the shaft of your hair.
A mask however can serve as a band aide to hold those frayed ends together until you can get to the salon.

Even better though, using a mask can help you prevent getting those split ends in the first place.

Hair masks can also help you fight frizz, increase shine and make your hair more manageable. 

As we know, our hair is as unique and as individual as we are. So, you need to find a mask that has the ingredients that your hair needs.

According to celebrity stylist , Marc Hill follow this guide :

Argan oil -- nourishing and moisturizing properties that leave hair healthy, smooth and shiny, as well as these three ingredients.

Wheat proteins -- aids penetration and helps prevent breakage; great for any hair type and particularly finer textures.

Keravis -- increases the strength of the hair and protects from heat; best for damaged hair due to heat styling tools.

Bamboo/fern extract -- gives structure and strength to the hair; those with fine hair will benefit the most.

Once you have bought a mask that suits your hair, How do you apply it for maximum benefit?

Wash and rinse your hair with warm water. Then apply the mask to your wet hair and leave on for 30 minutes.

Yes, you can apply it to dry hair. However, the warm water helps to open your hair's cuticle. this will enable your hair to absorb more of the mask.
After 30 minutes, rinse out with warm water. DO NOT re-wash. That just defeats the purpose here.

Added points....apply a warm, damp towel around your hair when the mask is in. 

If you have hair that falls into any of these categories, do a mask once per week: curly, dry, damaged, chemically treated, thick.

If you hair is fine, oily or thinning do a mask once a month.

Do you use a mask? What is your favorite?


Hi friends, I hope that your Monday is going well.
I know that I'm supposed to "hate" Monday. I don't though. I've always looked at it as a new beginning.

So, a month or two ago, I started seeing videos around promoting Color Wow! 's new product, called "dream filler".
Like advertising is meant to do, it drew me in and had me saying "I need this."
What it is, is a pre-shampoo treatment that you spray on. It removes the mineral build up (mostly from your water) that darken blonde hair and make it brassy.

I'm a cool toned blonde who is always trying to get my color to remain as icy as when I leave my stylist.
Normally, I go this by using a violet shampoo once a week. However, seeing the before and after pictures of this stuff, I urgently needed wanted to give it a try

I'm pretty familiar with the Color WOW! brand. There are a few products of theirs that I use on the regular. They do what they claim to do and are priced very reasonably.

I ordered this (and their brass banishing mouse), it came in just a few days. Of course, I had to use it as soon as I got it.

I read the directions. It said to spray evenly over dry hair, then to wait three minutes before shampooing hair. Hmmm no caps, no heat, no mess. It kind of sounded too good to be true.

I did as the instructions said, easy peasy.

When getting out of the shower, the first thing I noticed was that my hair felt softer and was easier to manage.
I gave myself a blow-out and cheeked out the color.
Look at those cool tones! I was impressed. To me, it for sure was worth the $24 that I spent on it. Especially where I'm thinking I'll get 8-10 uses out of one bottle.

Here is a video by Color Wow! about this fantastic little product.

This will also works to remove chlorine from your hair as well.
I don't think this will helpful if you are a warm toned blonde looking to transition to cool, you'll need your colorist for that.
Also, if you are an at home blonde that is brassy from not enough lift, I don't think this is your product either.

However, if you are finding your blonde to be darker and off color the mark in between visits, I highly recommend this. Its SheShe approved!

Here is the link to it :Buy here

Have a beautiful week, Lovelies!

Happy Summer Friday!
Any fun plans this weekend? If you are going out and about this weekend, today's post is for you.
Today, we are going to break down how to do the perfect smokey eye. The smokey eye is universally flattering. It can be done in the lightest of nude shades for daytime or dark, vampy shades for the most dramatic evening look.

For some reason, the smokey eye is intimidating to many people. In reality, it's simple to do. Please don't be afraid to try it. Even if you mess it up (You won't!), its just makeup and can be washed right off.

First off, gather up what you'll need. Here are my suggestions :

  • Whitening eye-drops
  • Eye shadow primer
  • Your favorite eye shadow quad
  • Eyelash Curler
  • Your favorite mascara
  • False Eyelashes & glue (optional)
  • Eyeliner
Now on to the how-do!

Step one:
Apply whitening eye-drops. The whiter your eyes, the more this smokey eye will pop.
I use Lumify and love it. 

Step two:
Put an eye shadow primer on all over your lid.
You might think that this step is one you can skip. Don't. Primer makes your eye shadow last much longer. Also, it makes blending far easier.

My all time favorite is Too Faced Eye Insurance...a little goes a LONG way.
                                     Too Faced Eye Insurance 

Step Three:
Once your shadow primer is completely dry, apply the lightest shade in your quad. Apply it from your lash line up to your brow.

Step four:
Apply dark brown or black eyeliner (pencil) to both your top and bottom lash lines. Don't be worried about having the line perfect, you'll be smudging it out later. This creates an extra smokey line.
My choice for this is Tarte's "Man eater" self sharpening liner. I have between 25-30 eyeliners, this one gets picked up 9 times out of 10.

Step Five:
Now, take the 2nd lightest shade in your quad. You are going to apply this from your lash line up to your crease. Once you have done that, blend it into the first shade you applied.

Step Six:
Take the 2nd darkest shade and reinforce your crease with it. Blend well.
Now, apply his shade over your eyeliner on your lower lash line.

Step Seven:
With a light hand (you can always add more), take the darkest eye shadow and make a side ways V with it. On your left eye, it should resemble the "less than" sign  < and on your right eye, it should resemble the "greater than" sign > .
Again, BLEND!

Step Eight:
Curl your lashes and put on your favorite mascara. Don't be skimpy, I use three coats. Add your falsies now if you  if you so choose!

Ta-Da, you are now rocking a smokey eye, you goddess!

Here is one I did for a very fancy night out in Vegas. Fake lashes for days.

I tend to do a lighter lipstick with a smokey eye, but that's just my preference. You do you babe!


Hello there, and happy hump day. 

I have a friend who is younger than myself by 15+ years. She's exactly who I'd of wanted for a little sister, if I'd had one.
I truly can say there is not one negative thing that could be said about her.
After busting her butt in school, she recently just landed an AMAZING, prestigious job, all on her own. No family connections, no favors, she did it all by herself.
Among the congratulations, she had a family member (by marriage) say,  "I'm so surprised they hired you, I'm SURE they had more qualified applicants!" With the obligatory "No offense" thrown in, which is supposedly going to somehow make that statement less egregious.  

As my friend was telling me about this encounter, all I could think was "I've seen this show before."

"Jealous" is often used when someone actually means "Envy". Jealousy, involves 3 people. Think of the feelings the once only child had when mom and dad bring home a new baby. He is jealous of the attention his new sibling is getting. "Envy" involves two parties. Think of how you might envy your friend who has never had a bad hair day in her life. Does this make sense? 

Sticking with the scenario of envying your friend with great hair, that's what is considered "benign envy." Meaning, there is nothing at all malicious about it.  If asked "Are you envious of Becky's hair?" The friend might respond along the lines of "Of course! Look how shiny and healthy it is! Who wouldn't be envious of her hair!!"
What I described though in regards to my friend and her new job, that's something which is far darker. That is what is called "malignant envy." Malignant, as it is a metaphoric cancer.

This is what Dr. Leonard Shengold says this type of envy is:

Clinically, one sees in malignant envy the phenomenon of the subject feeling with delusional intensity that what the envied one has is not only urgently wanted but has been stolen from the self.

In other words, the envious persons wants something that you have. They feel that they are entitled to it, and you are not worthy of having it and that you somehow "stole" it from them in the first place.

While the list of things you could be envied for is endless, I find there is one thing that evokes it more than anything- being happy.

Designer bags, tropical vacations,a "perfect" body, a new luxury car will all be causes of envy. In my personal experience, NOTHING will cause you to be the victim of other people's envy more than being happy.  

Of course, when you are dealing with a healthy person, you don't end up being on the receiving end of their envy. At least not in this malignant way. When someone has sound mental health, they understand that you and your life has no bearing on their life.
Where you run into trouble is when you you are dealing with someone who is unfortunate enough to not have a strong hold in their mental health well being. Often, you'll find these people high on the narcissistic scale.

If you look on-line, you'll find countless articles on how to deal with envy if you are the one feeling envious. Yet, there is next to nothing out there to offer guidance for folks who are on the receiving end of envy.
Clearly, I'm not a psychologist. I am innately happy though. That unto its self has caused me my share of being exposed to someone else's envy.
This is the advice I gave my younger friend as to how to deal with her envious family member and it's the advice I would give to anyone else in a situation like hers.

  • Watch out, they very well may try to sabotage you. I don't know if its more sad or scary that some people get to this level. Regardless though, protect yourself. Don't give them enough info for them to ever make use of it. Don't give them the name of the company that just made you an offer. Don't tell them which restaurant your boyfriend made special reservations at.

  • Do not let them bait you into arguing with them. That's EXACTLY what they want you to do. It gives them self validation that they are right in thinking that you are an awful person and that you do not deserve what you have (and that they covet).

  • Expect passive aggressive behavior. They will try to tell you and anyone else for that matter how you've "wronged" them. Often, it will be about stuff that has nothing to do with what they envy you for. Maybe they are upset that you are going on vacation, but a vacation is not in their budget this year. Out of seemingly the blue, they might say how you have become a bad friend and are not there for them. The best way to deal with this, is to stay your authentic self. Someone else might believe them initially. However, everyone else will eventually see that your behavior and actions do not reconcile with what the envious person is saying about you. Sooner than later, it becomes obvious to everyone that this person is lying BECAUSE they are envious of you. Trust me, it becomes embarrassingly obvious what they are up to. 

  • Always remember, THEY are the problem-not you. We are all responsible for our own lives and our own happiness. When a healthy person feels pangs of envy coming on, they use it as motivation. The people who get overcome with with this nasty, bitter envy and resentment are typically the same people who feel that their happiness is everyone else's responsibility. If only their spouse would earn more money, they would be happy. If only their child tried harder to become homecoming queen, etc. Their lack of self-awareness is not your 'fault'.  Nor, is it your obligation to accommodate.
I finished my chat with my sweet , younger friend with this for perspective as to what she is actually dealing with from her envious family member...

Have you ever felt as if you were on the receiving end of envy? How did you deal with it? What advice would you give?


And POOF! just like that, it was Monday again. 
Where did the weekend go, Babes?

I've tried a new, highly hyped setting spray. I wanted to share it with you today.

First of all, if you are asking "What is a setting spray?" Or "Is a setting spray really necessary?"...
Think of the clear top coat on your manicure. It keeps the polish in place and is the barrier that keeps it on. Setting spray does the same thing for your makeup. Is it necessary? For me, yup. It sure is.

As we get into the summer months its very easy to have your makeup literally melt right off. The heat and humidity will do one heck of a number on your face. 

After watching one of my favorite MUAs go on and on about this setting spray, I had to try it. His name is Wayne Goss, and the man knows his stuff.
 Click Here to see his review.

This setting spray costs $32.00 and you can purchase it at Sephora.

I was very excited to open it up for the 1st time.

I took this picture to show the size of it in my hand. Its a full 32 ounces. That is a larger bottle than any of the other settings sprays I own.

First thoughts upon application:

  • Holy heck, it STUNG when I applied it. I DO NOT have sensitive skin, but it hurt for about 10 straight seconds.
  • When I first apply it, it makes my eyes water.
  • As Wayne Goss said, "It smells like a migraine." It has a very pungent scent like rubbing alcohol.
Truth be told, I was initially thinking "This is a one and done, its going back!" However, after wearing it all day, I changed my tune.
After wearing it for a full 11 hours, these were my thoughts:

  • My makeup looked EXACTLY like it did at 9:00 PM as it did at 6:30 AM.
  • It is completely matte, no shine break through at all.
  • Its so good at what it does, washing my makeup was a b*tch.
So, I've decided its NOT going back. Still, it's not going to be a part of my daily rotation. My skin is just far too dry already to be able to accommodate this much alcohol hitting it on a regular basis. 
I do think this will be perfect for special occasions. If anyone you know is getting married or will be in a wedding, get them a bottle of this!
Also, I think this is going to be my go-to on those super hot sweltering days.

There you have it friends. I hope this gives you a bit of insight on this setting spray.
Go on and rock this week like the star that you are!


Happy (almost) summer Friday!
I was so happy to see a Friday Five about clothing! Woo-Hoo!

1) What is the most outrageous style you've ever rocked?
Okay, I've always been pretty mainstream. I've never been into anything "outrageous". I will say though, I did follow some of the trends in the early "00's. And OHMYGOD those were tragic times for fashion and beauty.

2) As a teen, were you an emo, goth, punk, grunger, or prep?

Preppy. Always was, and I think I always will be. My very first job was at "The Limited". I got a 30% discount. I had a mom who was very generous. So, I had lots and lots of clothes. That was always my "thing".

(Before I discovered Zoom whitening..or ANY teeth whitening)

                                            (Proudly showing off something in my locker)

3) Have you ever had a crazy hairstyle/color?
No, not really. There were a few mishaps though. When I was 19, I thought if I dyed my hair darkest brown that I'd look like Courtney Cox. Nope, I looked like "Elvira".
Then, there was the time I tried doing my own highlights. I'll just leave it at this... Homemade blonde hair is always a VERY bad idea.
(This is my "virgin" hair. This is the (was..now, I've got lots of grays) natural color and texture of my hair)

4) Do you think we ever really grow out of our teen selves?
Teenage me was just a less developed version of 39 year old me. I had the same personality then as I do now. I had the same fashion sense then as I do now. I'd just like to think I'm a more evolved, developed version of who I was when I was that 17 year old girl.

    ( By senior year, I'd fallen for the trend of SUPER thin eyebrows...URRGHH.. WHY? Why, SheShe..just WHY??)

5) Is there any fashion style you wish you could wear but maybe don't have the confidence?

Ah, one of the greatest things about getting older is that you have the confidence to do and wear what you please!
If there is something I like, I wear it. 

I love when you guys send me your answers to these same questions, so please don't be shy!!!


Hi Friends! How is this first week of June treating you?
Today, if you'll indulge me I wanted to deviate slightly from the beauty blog theme. 
Back story; my father and grandmother (both now deceased) used to love to go antique hunting together . It was their "thing". 
One day when I was 12,they came back with this book for me. "Mrs. Oliver Harriman's Book Of Etiquette" , published in 1942.
I have had a fascination with all things from the WWII era #historydork for as long as I can remember. 

The other night, I was looking for something else and stumbled upon this. I hadn't opened this book in years. I started going through it again , boy was it a trip.

There were a few things that were down right offensive (to me at least). Such as this advice that the war effort having women working outside of the home was no excuse to not be domestic. You see , being domestic and bearing children is what we do... yea, this one made me cringe.

There were a few chapters in the book that pretty much only applied to 1940's life. Such as how to best entertain  an entire fleet of sailors at your home.

However, there is quite a bit in here that is just as applicable today as it was when it was written 77 years ago. 
This is the thing, while someone might not notice if you have good manners, MANY people will notice if you DON'T. 
Case in point. I'm now exposed on a somewhat regular basis to someone who interrupts everyone else, talks with a mouth full of food, licks their fingers in lieu of using a napkin and is continually butting into the business of others. 
This person's behavior ends up being discussed in quite the unfavorable light.
Things for sure are more relaxed nowadays. However, there are still standards that we all need to meet in regards to our manners and behavior.

Here is one that I think still applies today. Don't wear garish makeup (We've talked about that before (Read that Here) and don't be obvious when putting makeup on. Don't do it at the dinner table, excuse yourself to the restroom.

Manners at the Opera... Clearly, going to the Opera isn't as common now as it was in the 1940's and 1950's (Still though, its MAGICAL when you do go). These "rules" though, apply to activities that are common place today.
Going to the movies? Don't talk! Don't be texting either. 

A few other my personal "deal breakers" with etiquette are these:

  • Do not talk with food in your mouth
  • Show up on time! If something starts at 8:00, BE THERE by 8:00. Don't come in huffing and puffing at 8:30 with excuses
  • Don't be on your phone while in the company of others. 
  • Be dressed appropriately, i.e no showing up in dirty, wrinkled clothes
  • Don't interrupt or speak over others. Their thoughts are just as important as yours, so wait your turn.
  • RSVP to invitations and write thank-you notes . If someone has the kindness to invite you somewhere or give you a gift, you'd better find the time to respond and thank them.
  • Hold the door for the person behind you
  • Say "please" and "thank you" 
What etiquette standards do you follow? Conversely, what tings do you find rude?
Thank you for taking this time hop back to 1942 with me!