Well, happy summer Friday to you all! Its the first FULL Friday of summer, and I'm living for it.
Also, today is hair day. "My" girl, Kathleen is the most amazing colorist. I cannot wait for her to brighten up this blonde. Also, today is the first time I've seen her since I went back to my natural curls. I'm dying to see what tips she might give me!

Today, I wanted to talk "Anti-Aging" with you. It's a hot topic and a big industry. 
I went to Sephora's app and typed in "Anti-Aging". Over 1700 results came up. This is JUST Sephora, where drug store or mass market brands are not sold. Meaning, there are hundreds if not thousands of other anti-again products in addition to the 1700+ at  Sephora.

According to Reuters, the anti-aging market will be worth $331.41 Billion (yes, with a B) by 2021. Read that Here

Needless to say, we are fighting aging with a vengeance. 
However though, before you drop $380 on a laser peel , please know you likely (hopefully) already own the best anti-aging tool known to human kind....Sun Screen. Yes, Sunscreen. 
I'm not even going to get into the medical reason as to why you need sunscreen. Today, we are just focusing on the vanity aspects of why sun screen is the best thing around for anti-aging.
The UV rays from the sun destroy the elastin and collagen in your skin. These are what causes your skin to be smooth and firm. Wrinkles are caused when the elastin and collagen are destroyed. UV exposure = Wrinkles & sagging.

The sun also discolors your skin with "sun spots".
When we were in college, my friend Lila worked for Estee Lauder. One day, I brought her in a coffee. Before she could take a break, a lady came in down right distraught. Her son was getting married in under 3 weeks. She had what she called "hamburger chest". What she had was a chest full of discoloration from years of sun bathing.
Much like seen here...
And here:

This poor mom was looking for a cream or serum that she could apply and have smooth skin that was free of discoloration. Sadly, that train left the station many summers before when this woman was a young lady working on her tan. Luckily, Lila is a genius with makeup. She used Dermablend makeup and was able to at least give the illusion of undamaged skin.
The fact remains though, once you have let the sun damage your skin, there is no going back. Sure, you CAN spend a small fortune on lasers and peels. They will help somewhat, but you'll still look older than someone who was a regular user of sun screen.

Don't take my word or it. Look to people you know in real life. Its noticeable earlier, but becomes even more evident once folks get into their mid 40's through early 50's.
At one of the first jobs I had, two of the managers were the same age. In fact, they were friend who grew up together. When I worked there, they were both 47. Ginny had always been sun conscious. Her grandmother had lived with her family when she was growing up. For whatever reason, her "Nona" was ahead of her time and was vigilant about shielding her grandchildren from the sun. 
Diana was the other manager. She was always SO tan. If she wasn't at work, she was laying out with tanning oil. She used tanning beds in the winter.

Ginny and Diana were both beautiful, lovely people. You would of never, ever thought they were the same age though. Ginny truly looked 10-15 years younger than Diana.
I understand, other things affect how we look and age. Genetics, diet, activity level, etc all play a roll.
However, unprotected time in the sun will put you on a high speed train to Pre-mature aging-ville" at break neck speed.

The take away is to use SPF 50 or higher, EVERY DAY.  Not just on your face either. Loose neck skin, splotched hands and that "hamburger chest" are all things that will dramatically age someone.
There is no reason to be damaging your skin in the sun. It's 2019, there are spray tans that look exactly like the real deal.

So, if you'd like to pull your money out of that growing anti-aging product market, here's your chance. That industry is on its way to being worth Three billion, they can make do without money from you. 

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