Let's talk pet peeves.

June 26, 2019 in

Ahhh, Pet Peeves... we ALL have them. We all have things that drive us nuts. Maybe, they are rational, maybe they aren't. Regardless though, they drive us up the wall. 
After reading a thread on Reddit recently, I saw that a fair amount of people are ashamed or embarrassed by their pet-peeves. NONSENSE! You don't need to be embarrassed, or explain yourself when something irks you. No need to ever apologize for you being authentically you, babe.

It got me thinking, I should put my pet peeves right out there. Maybe, you'll think I'm uptight? Maybe you'll think "Me too!". either way, lets do this!

1) People who talk with food in their mouth. Really? Eww. Were they never taught that nobody wants to see what they are chewing?

2) People who noticeably chew their gum. When I can see or hear anyone chewing their gum, I immediately start thinking of a cow chewing its cud. 

3) Know-it-alls. It doesn't matter what the topic at hand is. These people are the AUTHORITY on it. They will insert themselves into situations and conversations just to flex their (frequently incorrect) information.

4) People who mispronounce simple words. I get it, anyone can get tripped up on really long words. That happens to all of us, I don't mean that. I know someone who says "Alt-so" instead of also. She says "Exx-specially" for especially. She says "Irrregardless (NOT A REAL WORD) instead of the actual word regardless. These are common, everyday words. I think in her mind, she sounds fancy pronouncing them incorrectly?

5) People who lick their fingers. There is a reason why you are given a napkin when you are eating a meal. People who lick their fingers instead of using their napkin...the literally disgust me.

6) When someone is NEVER on time.  We all have lives, we all are busy. Sorry, but that or nothing else is an excuse for never being on time.  Whether it's work or social engagements, the person who is perpetually late is saying "You people need to play by the rules and get here on time, but that doesn't apply to me. None of you are worth the effort it would take for me to be here on time."

Okay...I'll stop here. I might of said to much already. Please , humor me. Tell me what your biggest pet peeves are!


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