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June 24, 2019 in

Hi there, and welcome to a new week. Here we are, in the last week of June already. Sigh. Why can't January & February be the months that fly by?

In all of our beauty journeys, I think we find things that end up collecting dust on the back of the shelf. Conversely, there are other products that we use up every last drop of.
The stuff that we love so much that we use every last little bit of, those are our "Product heroes", as I call them.

Today, I'm going to share with you some of my product "empties". The stuff that I hoard and have 3 backups at all times love so much, that I won't let a single drop of it go to waste.
Also, I'm you to ask you guys to share yours with me. I'm a makeup addict. I love hearing what other people cant't live without.

First on my list is the best facial moisturizer I've ever used.

                                     Confidence in a jar $48

I can't tell you if this cream fights lines or wrinkles. Honestly, I don't care if it does or doesn't.
This is the only thing that has helped me fight my insanely dry facial skin.

The best eye shadow primer... Too Faced Eye Insurance
                                              Eye Insurance $20

It keeps your eye shadow from wearing off. It makes the color of your shadow stand out more. I simply cannot "make do" without it.

                                         Moroccan Oil lite $44

As those of you who know me IRL know, I've been "embracing" my hair's natural texture, which is type 3B. For those of you who are not curly Q's, that means spiral type curls in very thick hair.

Moroccan oil, has been a life saver. I've straightened my hair for over 20 years. So, for now my hair is "relearning" its natural curl pattern. This stuff keeps the frizzes away.
This works just as well on all hair types. Straight, curly, wavy, thick, thin, etc.
If you are blonde like me, buy the Moroccan Oil lite. The lite version is colorless, meaning it will not make your blonde brassy.

                                IT Cosmetics CC Illumination $39

I'd be LOST without this foundation by IT Cosmetics. It blends in so easily. It has a high SPF , and this one has illumination in it. (They also have a regular and matte version.) The illumination is just right. It doesn't look like you are wearing and illuminating product. It does however give you a natural glow. Almost like how you might look after a killer workout

                                       MAC TECHNAKOHL LINER $18

This eyeliner.... MAC's Technakohl....I have it in nude, purple dash, (makes green eyes POP like nobody's business) photogravure and graphite. The graphite gets used at least 5X/week. As I've talked about before (Read Here ) a thick, black eyeliner will age you. Its very harsh and unforgiving. This eye pencil in graphite is the perfect solution to that problem. It looks black on, but is not going to highlight all of those fine lines that start popping up under our eyes once we start inching closer to 40.

                                     Hempz Triple moisture lotion $24

I'm pretty much a goody-goody. I've never done any type of drug in my life. So, for the long time I had naively shied away from this brand.  (Side note, I have NO ISSUE AT ALL with any adult choosing to use cannabis.) I think I just saw the pot leave and assumed this lotion was something it isnt? Shame on me. Boy, I was missing out. This lotion soothes my alligator like skin, making it so soft. 

                                       Kenra Spray 25 $18

Finding a hairspray that holds and keeps the humidity at bay, and still leave hair feeling like hair, is not possible..... Or so I thought! Once I was introduced to the Kenra 25 spray, I never looked back. Granted, I do not wear a lot of hair spray. Nor, so I use hair spray often. When I do though, this is the only one for me.  It holds everything perfectly, but doesn't leave you looking as if you are an extra on "Full house" circa, 1989.

Well, there you have it. My products that I used up every last drop.

Now, its your turn. Tell me what you always use to the end! I cannot wait for these emails!! (The comment section is fine too!)



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