Happy Mid-Week babies! Next week is the last week of January. Slowly, but surely we are getting through winter. I know I shouldn't wish so much as a day away. It's just that I long for warm weather, and 9:00 pm sunsets.
Speaking of time passing by....Back in my 20's I bought a book called "How to not look old" by Charla Krupp. ( Literally LOL'ing at my 20-something self) Just a few days ago, I was looking for an old college text book when I came across it.

 Its an all encompassing book which addresses everything from makeup, clothing, hair, shoes, nail polish and more.  She goes into depth about how to use these things in a way to look more youthful. She also details what about these things will add years to your appearance.
One of the many things I like most about what she does, is that she will list solutions at  low, medium and high price points.
The last new nights, I've been re-reading this book. Its far more fitting now. Now, that I'm NOT in my 20's anymore.
This book is STILL in print. I'd buy it again right now. Its still that current How To Not Look Old By Charla Krupp

The fashion aspects of this book, deserve their own attention. Today, on this little "blogette" I'm going to focus on a few of the makeup tips that I've found especially helpful. Again, I say you should buy this book. YOU are worth it.

  • Nothing ages you like yellow teeth
How true is this!?  Its a natural process, teeth darken over time. It happens to all to us. Luckily, we now do not need to just let this happen. Back in the 1960's and 1970's, unless you had the money to get a crown put on each and every tooth, you just had to live with whatever color your teeth were. Now, nothing could be further from the truth. There is in-office whitening,  at home  whitening strips, etc.
Before you go out and spend $50 dollars on a box of whitening strips, read  Here . I talk about the most effective at home whiting that I've ever know about. If you want something more dramatic, personally I recommend Zoom! Whitening TM  . I had it done right before Christmas. Look at the result. This was in the parking lot immediately after.

  • Nothing ages you like thick, black eyeliner
Can I get am amen? Think of when you've seen this is in real life. A thick black eyeliner, especially on the lower lid, is so unforgiving. It makes the eye look droopy. It calls attention to crow's feet and other lines. The solution is NOT to do a half line. I've seen this one too. A thick black line from the corner of the eye to the iris. NO. Please no.
Check out Pam Anderson in a thick back liner versus Olivia Wilde in a brown liner.

The difference is astounding.

  • Nothing ages you like monotone, brassy and or too dark hair color 
In real life hair isn't all one color, hair is not orange brass or shoe polish dark. These are things that we (tragically) do to ourselves. No human skin tone is meant to compliment these garish shades. Therefore, your complexion gets sallow and washed out.
Which do you think looks better?

  • Nothing ages you like foundation that is too cakey and a face that is too tan or covered in streaky blush
Another example of how makeup can be your best friend or worst  enemy. Too heavy foundation calls attention to every line, every pore. Too tan skin looks leather like. It lacks the elasticity of youthful skin. I'm not trying to bring a girl down, but just google "tan mom" to see what I mean .
When you picture the sweet, young ingenue you are not thinking of someone with layers of foundation and setting powder.

  • Nothing ages you like long, square, acrylic finger nails
I know as soon as I see this, I think of the mid 1990's. Even though the acrylic has had somewhat of a come back, its an entirely  different shape.
The squared acrylic (Bonus points for certain colors) ages you. It calls attention your hands (in a bad way) which show again in any circumstance. Its as if you stepped off the beauty escalator in 1995 and never looked back.
If you have nails that are weak and need help, there are far better alternatives to acrylics.  You can read about that Here
It's pretty clear, which mani looks better.

There is SO much more useful information in this book. I'm barely scratching the surface here. I'd highly recommend picking it up.
 It goes without saying, this is makeup, its not that deep. If you like thick, dark liner, nobody is telling you that you are not allowed to wear it. This book and these tips are for if you have a specific  end goal in mind (not adding years to your appearance). It's nothing to get worked up or offended about.
However, if you enjoy keeping current and looking fresh, I'm willing to bet you'll love this book too.
If you have any tips that you implement to keep that youthful glow, shout them out to me too please!



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