Happy Friday love bugs!!
Was your week as kick butt as you are?

So, today I have an odd topic for you...shinny legs.
The idea for this post came back in April. My friend Christina asked me how is that Hollywood stars always have such glossy, shinny legs.

Hmmm I never though of, or even noticed this before. As soon as she said it though, I knew exactly what she meant though.
I started to investigate. Oddly enough, there are numerous articles out there on this topic.

First things first, exfoliate the HECK out of your legs. You need to get rid of any and all dead, dry skin.
Make a simple sugar scrub. Mix 2 parts white sugar with 1 part baby oil. Rub this all over your legs, then loofah your legs with the scrub on.

Rinse that off, then immediately give yourself the closest shave possible. (Do not substitute salt for sugar. Salt will sting once you shave!)

Much in the same way brown hair shows its shine better than blonde hair, tan skin will shine better than pale skin.
So, once you are out of the shower, apply a self -tanner.

                                        Fake Bake Tanning Water $30

As anyone who's read here before knows....you need to let this stuff sit untouched for 8 hours minimum. So, if you've got big plans Friday night, start this process Thursday night.

Once your tan has sat over night the most important step in creating glossy, gorgeous legs..moisturizing them like you never have before. You are going to need to do this a few times through out the day.

What I found personally worked really well for this was an ''overnight''  moisturizer by Gold Bond.

This is much thicker than any other body lotion I've used. I thought it was fine to apply during the day. It absorbed right into my skin. *disclaimer* I have VERY dry skin. So, it might be so easily absorbed on my skin because my skin is so "thirsty". Regardless, I highly recommend this stuff.

The other moisturizer I used along with this was coconut oil. Nothing fancy. Nothing expensive "Straight outta the baking isle".

For me, that was enough to get glossy gams.  If you wanted to take it up a notch though, I'd top it off with a shimmer spray.

This one by Makeup Revolution fits the bill, and its reasonably priced!

I must say, investigating this was fun. So, if you have a burning beauty question, ask away. I'd love to help you get to the bottom of it.

Have a safe and beautiful weekend!



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