Okay, so technically tomorrow is June, but still. June & July are my two favorite months of the year. This is simply the best time of the whole year to me.

Last year, I did two posts on sunless tanning. Read those Here and Here. They were two of my most popular posts to date.  Sunless tanning is here to stay to say the least.

I was putting around on Instagram the other day. On the post of a sunless tanning brand, I saw a lady ask "Why is it that some folks can put their sunless tanner on and no one believes its not a real tan, when the rest of us end up a hot streaky mess?"
After she had commented, many other people had echoed her sentiments. So, I thought today it might be good to drill down even further than I had on my past tanning posts with more tips and info as to how to make you be the one with the tan that nobody believes could possibly be sunless.

First off, a little bit of back ground. I've been sunless tanning for over 20 years. I started in junior high. 

Here is me without any tanner on. You can see how fair my skin is. Yes, I do like my fair skin. However, there are times that a girl wants to have a glowing tan. I learned a a young age that all the sun was going to do to my skin was burn it. I just don't have enough melanin to tan. So, somewhere around 13 or 14, I started my "sunless tanning journey".

Let me say this, if it has been a few years since you have last tried a sunless tanner, give it another go.
The leaps and bounds that sunless tanners have come in even the last few years is really impressive.

  • Baking soda is your friend
Baking soda mixed with water into paste form has become my primary way to exfoliate. We (should) all know at this point how important it is to really get that dead, flaky skin off prior to applying a tanner. However, many exfoliating scrubs on the market are oil based. That can spell danger for your tan. The oil from the scrub will create a barrier between the tanner and your skin. This will cause splotches of dark and light all over. 

  • You must spot treat certain parts of your body
Immediately before tanning , apply a thick cream or thin layer of Vaseline on your knees, elbows and heels. If you personally have any patches of skin that tend to be drier or thicker than the rest of your skin, apply it there too.

  • Buy an electric razor
I learned this trick last summer. My tan would fade off of my legs at a ,much quicker rate then anywhere else.
This is because each time you shave with a traditional razor, you are removing the top layer of skin as well. An electric razor just removes the hair and will help you to extend the tan on your legs.

  • Don't apply tanner then go out and about
This my friends, is a recipe for total disaster. Your tanner needs to sit undisturbed for about 8 hours. For me, the best way to do this is to apply it shortly before bed.

  • Don't pick the wrong shade
You are probably thinking I'm about to say something along the lines of, "the lighter your skin is, the more you need to stick to tanners that are light."
NO! The exact opposite. I've had so many friends go through the whole process of doing a correct sunless tan, just to awaken to a tan so light that its next to impossible to notice. If you actually want to look like you have a tan choose a formula that is labeled "Dark".
In the winter, I'll use medium shades just to help to warm up my complexion. As light as I am, even I don't use shades that are categorized as "light". I don't find that they accomplish a thing.

  • Stock up on pre- moistened makeup removing wipes
As soon as you finish applying your tanner, wipe your palms, in between your finers and the arch of your feet.
The meaty part of your palms will need extra scrubbing , if you are anything like me.
That spot, right there. Really wipe that part down!

  • Lastly, let me introduce you to a new "product Hero"

This is L'Oreal's new Tanning Water Mousse.
It's darker than a "gradual tanner", but pretty much goof-up free.
It has a light coconut scent. It does not have a color guard that will need to be rinsed off in the morning. (Be extra diligent about blending!)
One coat looks as if you were outside all day on a beautiful June afternoon. Two coats looks as if you spent a day on the beach and three coats looks like you went on vacation to someplace warm.
I can see this one becoming my new default tanner.

Do you have any tips that I don't? Please share!


This is not Photoshop. This is a new, real product. 
New England based coffee company Dunkin Donuts, (I think they formally dropped the donuts part of their name.) has created a line on nail polishes.

Apparently, they have paired with the beauty brand, Lauren B to make these polishes. 

Their signature colors are the colors from their logo. The rest of the colors are based off of their partnership with Baskin Robbins.

While when it comes down to coffee drinking, I'll take Starbucks all day, every day over Dunkin. However, I think that the bright pink and coral shades from this line would make perfect pedi shades. The coffee shades will look great as a mani color in the fall.

Whether these polishes will be available at salons or Dunkin, I'm not sure? I'm assuming salons , but with the sheer amount of Dunkins out there? Who knows?

Would you wear Dunkin nail colors?


Hello lovely people: 
I hope you are all having a wonderful, long weekend.

Will you all allow me a moment here to deviate from the normal theme of makeup and beauty of this blog?

I know that it is well intended and coming from a very good place. Still though, please do not wish anyone a "Happy Memorial day." 
While MDW ushers in summer and all of the fun it entails each year, Memorial Day its self is not something we "celebrate" Memorial Day is something we observe, as it is  the day to honor military members who were killed in service to our great nation.

No, I'm not saying that today should be a 24 hour marathon of sorrow.  Quite frankly, I think enjoying this day and exercising the freedom we do have might just be the best way to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the rest of us.

 As the wife, sister, daughter and granddaughter of veterans, the solemnity of this holiday is not lost on me.

So please, have fun today. Please also though, think of the widow being handed the folded flag that had just been on her spouses coffin. Think of the young veterans who are home now, but tournament by the  memories of their brothers and sisters in combat who did not come home.

Just remember, the 4th of July is just over a month away. Oh baby, you'd best believe we'll be celebrating then!

Random Thoughts Friday......
First and foremost, today marks the start of Memorial Day Weekend. Before we go one step further, let's think about the meaning of Memorial Day. Its the day where we honor those who gave their lives in service to our country.
Remember and Honor. In the midst of all the fun that I hope you have this weekend, PLEASE stop and think about the countless military members who made the ultimate sacrifice.  

Now, on to the nonsense.

  • Random thought number one....I'm SO excited to get home today. It's a VERY happy mail day.                    Don't hate me, but I scored every. single. piece from the Vineyard Vines / Target collaboration that I had my eye on.   I got these pieces for me:
 And I got these for Decoy and Bandit:

It really was nothing but dumb luck here. Target never said what time this would be going live on line. They simply stated "The early morning hours of May 18."
I get up at 4:00 am. I decided to try setting my alarm for 3:00 am. At 3:00 am the items were still listed as "available soon". At 3:01, they were there. I clicked "Add liked items to cart" and checked out.  By 3:12, they were all sold out of literally every piece of ladies clothing.

  • Random thought number two...on Monday of this week, we had our first 80 degree day of the year here in Plymouth, MA. It was simply GLORIOUS. 

  • Random thought number three....The humidity has also come back.
    Which for many of us, that means that the frizzies are back.  A few weeks ago, I wrote about some of my favorite frizz fighters Here . since then, I've found one more, which is actually my favorite of all. 

Holy heck, this Orbie humidity spray is a frizz slayer you guys. Also, as is true with all Orbie products, the scent is amazing.

  • Random thought number four...I'm so excited that my hubby has memorial day off this year! often, he doesn't. He works for a global financial company. So, unless its an international holiday such as Christmas, his company is open. They try their best to divide the holidays up evenly. However, I'm super excited that he and I have an extra day together this week! 

  • Random thought number five... I'm almost all done with the culling of my wardrobe. 8 bags of winter stuff packed up to be donated, 2 bags off to the transfer station. ( Do not "donate" stuff that is stained, torn, etc) Summer clothes have now taken their rightful place in my closet. Even though its cold here for far longer than it was warm, I've got about triple the amount of summer clothes than I do winter. Its just that I LOVE summer SO much.

(Not my closet. I just like this one!!)

  • Random thought number six... This is a big party weekend. PLEASE, PLEASE do not drive impaired. Please do not let your friends drive impaired.

And lastly....


This gizmo right here, that's what. ( No, this is not a sponsored post.)
This is the Revlon Pro Collection Salon One Step Dryer and Volumizer. Click Here
to buy it.

You guys know that I'm not one to normally write an entire post about one product. This do-dad though, actually warrants it. 

As I have stated plenty often before, I have thick, naturally curly hair and quite a bit of it.
Add the slightest amount of humidity to the air and my hair starts to take on a rhombus shape with a cotton candy like texture.
In the old days, this meant that I'd have to whip out the ol' flat iron.  Yes, it would smooth out the frizz. However, it left my flat (duh) and all of that heat damage. I still cringe when I think about it.

The beauty of this dryer is that it replaces not only your flat iron, but also your dryer and curling iron if you so choose.
It has no moving parts, so there is no worry that you'll get your hair "stuck" in it.

This truly makes my hair look nearly as good as a salon blowout. You get bounce and volume.  
Don't take my word for it though. Go onto Target & Amazon's websites and read the reviews. There are literally thousands of them and the average rating is 4.7 stars out of 5.

What gets me most in reading the reviews is how universally revered this dryer is. Folks with thick hair, thin hair, "ethnic" hair, long hair, damaged hair, healthy hair, short hair, etc all love it. Nowadays, it's next to impossible to find something with such positive reviews across the board.

I will say this one word of caution though. On Amazon, I've seen some lesser priced "dupes"..Aka blatant knock-offs that look EXACTLY the same as this. The reviews on it are terrible. Don't get the cheapo version. It appears to be downright dangerous. (Burning and smoking) If the $50 Revlon isn't in your budget, grab it at Ulta when they are doing one of their 20% off sales. Better safe than sorry!

Happy hair days!


Hi Friends! I can't believe it's Monday again, can you?

I've always been one to wash my makeup off before bed. I literally cannot fall asleep if I have makeup on.
That being said, my skin care game has not always been the greatest. I used to put my cleanser onto a face cloth and scrub away.
No eye makeup remover. I ruined so many of my poor mom's wash cloths with mascara stains all over them.

At some point in my mid 20's, I at least learned to remove my mascara and eye liner before taking the rest of my makeup off.

It wasn't until a year or two ago that i got on board with "Double Cleansing". Before you think that this is something that only overachievers do, relax. Its not.
Essentially, all Double Cleansing means is this; You first remove your makeup with a miceller water or oil based cleanser. then, you actually wash your face with a water based cleanser.

Now, why would you want to do this?  First of all, this will get the foundation and pollution off of your skin. A quick swipe of a face wipe will not do all of that.
When that excess junk is left on your skin over night, your skin cells do not have a chance to regenerate. Why does that matter? This is how you keep a plum, youthful looking complexion for one thing.
Also, If you are not getting EVERYTHING off of your skin, you are just "fixing" to get clogged pores, acne and black heads.

When you get your skin truly clean from double cleansing, you are making it so your serums and  moisturizers can really set into your skin and do their job.

                                     Boscia Cleansing oil $32

So, why do you use an oil then water?  An oil based cleanser is ideal for cutting through makeup. Also, an oil based cleanser will cut through the oily secretions in your skin.  Water cannot do this. 
Once you have wiped your skin with the oil based cleanser, rinse it off and then wash your face as you normally do with a water based cleanser.
After the rinsing off the oil based cleanser, your skin is primed for the hydrating benefits of the water based cleanser.

                                          Sunday Riley Cleanser $35

                                                      Neutrogena Cleanser $10.00

Have you tried double cleansing? Do you think it's worth a shot, or are you just too tired at the end of the day?

Tell me!


The Friday Five

May 17, 2019 in

Happy Friday!
One more week until it's Memorial Day. Bring on Summer of 2019!
Okay, I know, I know  #puttingthecartbeforethehorse

You guys do know that the Target/ Vineyard Vines collaboration launches tomorrow,right? Are you going to check it out?

Anyway, Let's do 'The Friday Five"!

1) What made you feel good this week, and how?
Seeing that all of the trees have gotten their leaves back. I'm so happy to see color back. Knowing that the my favorite months of the year are all still ahead of me, makes me feel great!

2) What did you do this week that moved you closer to reaching your goals?

5 days this week, I've gone to the gym and worked out immediately upon waking up. 


3) What did you most enjoy doing this week?

So, on Tuesday my bestie, Lisa had the day off. She decided to come walking with us! Whats better than sunrise with your bestie and dogs?

4) What did you learn this week?

This is a sad one, Heart disease & Failure are on the rise. Half of all American's who are diagnosed with heart disease, will be dead with in 5 years. This is terrifying and staggering.
Read The full article Here

5) What’s the funniest thing that happened to you this week?

Okay, so Bandit HATES to get wet. The only dog I've ever known to despise water. Bandit also likes to fake "poop emergencies" to get a 2nd or 3rd walk of the day.
So, it had been off and on sprinkling all day on Sunday.  Bandit got up, went to the window to check the weather. As soon as he saw it had cleared up, he started his grunting and his "I need a walk" dance.
Merriam Webster's definition of a Scamp is "mischievous in an adorable manner."
They should just have a picture of Bandit instead of typing that out. :)

 I love this doggy so much.

Okay, we'll here's to a great weekend and hoping that the VV for Target collab works out better than the one with Lilly Pullitzer did ;)


Two weeks ago, Sephora had their bi-annual sale for the members of its loyalty program.  Insiders get 10% off, VIB gets 15% off and Rouge gets 20% off.
I'm a Rouge member, so I get 20% off. That's nothing to sneeze at. While younger me would of used this as a chance to go hog-wild, grown-up me (or so I say) uses this sale as a chance to stock up on my day in, day out "product heroes" . I'm not going to to bother putting the links to any of these items, because clearly, I got them all at Sephora. (Also, because I'm not trying to make money off of you! ;) #noafiliatelinks

So, let's do this!

Sunday Riley Power Couple $85.00

Why I love it:

This is a bargain set (meaning it's less expensive than buying each individually) that I first bought last year. Its a lactic acid and retinal treatment.
I was genuinely surprised by the brightness that this has brought to my complexion. I find myself using less and less foundation.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance  $20.00

Why I love it:

Hands down, this is the best eye shadow primer that I've ever used.
No matter how oily my lids may get, this keeps my shadow in place ALL day. It doesn't budge.

IT Cosmetics Super Hero Mascara  $24.00

Why I love it:

Its my holy grail mascara.
It makes it look like I have lash extensions. Its THE . BEST. MASCARA. THAT. I. HAVE. EVER .USED

Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup remover $30.00

Why I Love it:

This stuff takes off the most stubborn eye makeup with just one swipe. I'm not getting any younger. The last thing I want to do is be tugging at my delicate under eye skin to remove some eyeliner.

DryBar Velvet Hammer  $30.00

Why I Love it:

This is one of my favorite blowout creams. It strikes the perfect balance of control without being too heavy, the scent is dreamy and it gives you a tad of the DryBar experience at home.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Brightening Pen $35.00

Why I Love It:

As I've said before, I'm SO over "Instagram makeup" . I'm over thick, caked on products, particularly concealer. Also, I've said hoe bad my under eye circles are though.
This covers them completely , but without being obvious.

Nars Blush in Angelika  $30.00

Why I Love It:

It's the ideal shade for a cool-toned, fair skinned person such as myself .
Although, it looks bright in the packaging, it looks quite natural on.

And my one splurge...

Maison Margiela Replica "Flower Market"  $126

Why I love it:

First of all, I almost kept this one to myself. See, here is one(of many) way that I'm quirky. I like wearing a perfume that I don't smell on every one else. 
I think it goes back to circa 2001 when myself and EVERY OTHER GIRL on campus was wearing Ralph Lauren's "Romance".
Anyhow, I figured it would be unfair to keep this stuff to myself. If you have not tried any of the Replica by Maison Margiela's perfumes, you are missing out. 
Their "Beach walk" (another favorite of mine) truly smells like the Cape Cod shoreline. Its a mix of salty air, coconut lotion and beach roses. 
Flower Market, smells exactly like its name. Its as if you were in a field of flowers. Roses, lilacs, etc all blended together.

What did you guys get at Sephora's sale? Please tell me.
FYI, now that this has passed, its time to start saving up for Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale in July.
Oh, guess what ? I bit the bullet and got the Nordstrom Visa. That means no waiting up until 3:00 am this year!
Wooo Hooo!!


Let me clarify...

May 13, 2019 in
Hi Friends, Happy Monday. I'm hoping that all of the moms out there had a lovely day yesterday. 
Today, I want to chat with you about something I just learned. (Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?)
The time before last when I was getting my hair done, my dear friend Kathleen (Who is also my colorist) said "You need to do a wash with a clarifying shampoo soon!'
"Huh? I use a moisturizing shampoo...Per your instructions!"  and with that line, I learned about clarifying shampoos.

Back when I was in high school we all washed our hair everyday. Dry shampoo was something you'd see only at hospitals and nursing homes.  It's use was limited strictly for those who were bed bound.

Somewhere, in the last 10 or so years, we've finally realized that this is not necessary and not helpful. 
I'm not at all ashamed to admit that I wash my hair every 4th day. (Yes, I shower every day.)
My hair is very thick, even though I only wash it every 4th day, I still don't tend to use dry shampoo very often. 
However, I do use leave in conditioner, hair oils, smoothing creams, mouse, shine spray and hair spray at varying times through out the month. I'd always thought that as soon as I did was my hair, whatever was in it, would wash out. While this is mostly true, little bits of each of these products stays behind and forms a build up in your hair. Even residue from your normal shampoo and conditioner will stay behind. All of these things will leave your hair heavy, dull and lifeless.

When I left Kathleen that day, I stopped and bought a bottle of Neutrogena's Anti-Residue shampoo.  After I stretched my salon blow out for as long as I could and it was time to wash my hair again, I used the clarifying shampoo, them deep conditioned with my favorite hair mask.
WOW! the results. My hair was SO shiny and more manageable then I ever remembering it being.
                                    Neutrogena Anti-Build up Shampoo

This isn't a case of "if a little is good, a lot must be great" though. This is something that even our friends with the most oily hair, should use no more than once per month.

                                   Mizani Gentle Clarifying Shampoo  

If you color your hair, its best to shampoo with a clarifying shampoo right before you get your hair colored. Also, its best to get a clarifying shampoo made specifically for colored hair, as you don't want to strip the color out.
Paul Mitchell's shampoo 2 is ideal for this.

                                    Paul Mitchell Shampoo 2

Set aside enough time to do your clarifying. Consider this a beauty treatment. 
The same way , you wouldn't try doing a pedicure as you were dashing off to work in the morning, you shouldn't  with this either.

I like to do a lather, rinse, repeat with this. Really getting it all lathered up from root to tip.
Then, I'll put my favorite hair mask on and wrap it in a damp, hot towel. I'll make some coffee or read a few chapters in whatever book I'm into at the time. The goal is to leave the conditioner in for 30 minutes or so.
The way my hair looks and feels after...Ahhhhh! 

If your hair is not cooperating when you try to style it, if its looking dull or feeling limp, these are all signs that its time to use a clarifying shampoo.

Remember though, don't over do it!  If you have oily hair, use a clarifying shampoo once a month. Normal hair should use it every 6 weeks and our babes with dry hair should use it once every other month.

I encourage you to give it a try and let me know what you think!



The Friday Five

May 10, 2019 in ,

Woop-Woop, Its Friday!
I thought that it would be fun to do a link up to Live Journal with another "Friday Five".
Again, I write these posts too early in the day to get today's Friday Five. So, I've gone into their archives.

1. Describe your favorite outfit.

This changes on a regular basis. Off the top of my head, I'm thinking the outfit that I wore out to dinner this past weekend.
Its this top from Loft
                                           Loft Top

These Pants from Vince Camuto
                                               Vince Camuto Pants

These Nordstrom Brand shoes
                                         Nordstrom Shoes

And my most favorite purse, which I bought in the nick of time, as its no longer produced in the canvas. This is the newest version of it : Louis Vuitton Artsy

2. Describe your personal style.

As a born and breed New Englander, this is an easy one. I love traditional New England, classic preppy styles.

3. Approximately how much do you spend on fashion/personal care annually?

Ha! Nope. I'm not answering this one! Nothing good can come from answering this one! 
The only thing I'll say is this, I'm "Influencer" Level at Nordstrom.

4. Do you dress for yourself or for everyone else?

A little bit of both. I dress to reflect my taste and style. However, I also feel it's a sign of respect to others to show up somewhat put together and well groomed. If I rolled up in pajama pants and un-brushed hair that is sending a very clear message, one which I do not ever want to convey. 

5. Give us your best fashion/personal care advice.

Spend what you normally do, but buy 1/3 of what you normally do. Quality over quantity. Instead of buying 3 Old Navy Polos, buy 1 from LaCoste.
Instead of blowing $300 at Target, go to Neiman Marcus and get one outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks.

What is your best fashion advice! Do tell??

Have a safe and fantastic weekend friends!