Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Your on Dunkin? What?

This is not Photoshop. This is a new, real product. 
New England based coffee company Dunkin Donuts, (I think they formally dropped the donuts part of their name.) has created a line on nail polishes.

Apparently, they have paired with the beauty brand, Lauren B to make these polishes. 

Their signature colors are the colors from their logo. The rest of the colors are based off of their partnership with Baskin Robbins.

While when it comes down to coffee drinking, I'll take Starbucks all day, every day over Dunkin. However, I think that the bright pink and coral shades from this line would make perfect pedi shades. The coffee shades will look great as a mani color in the fall.

Whether these polishes will be available at salons or Dunkin, I'm not sure? I'm assuming salons , but with the sheer amount of Dunkins out there? Who knows?

Would you wear Dunkin nail colors?


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