Two weeks ago, Sephora had their bi-annual sale for the members of its loyalty program.  Insiders get 10% off, VIB gets 15% off and Rouge gets 20% off.
I'm a Rouge member, so I get 20% off. That's nothing to sneeze at. While younger me would of used this as a chance to go hog-wild, grown-up me (or so I say) uses this sale as a chance to stock up on my day in, day out "product heroes" . I'm not going to to bother putting the links to any of these items, because clearly, I got them all at Sephora. (Also, because I'm not trying to make money off of you! ;) #noafiliatelinks

So, let's do this!

Sunday Riley Power Couple $85.00

Why I love it:

This is a bargain set (meaning it's less expensive than buying each individually) that I first bought last year. Its a lactic acid and retinal treatment.
I was genuinely surprised by the brightness that this has brought to my complexion. I find myself using less and less foundation.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance  $20.00

Why I love it:

Hands down, this is the best eye shadow primer that I've ever used.
No matter how oily my lids may get, this keeps my shadow in place ALL day. It doesn't budge.

IT Cosmetics Super Hero Mascara  $24.00

Why I love it:

Its my holy grail mascara.
It makes it look like I have lash extensions. Its THE . BEST. MASCARA. THAT. I. HAVE. EVER .USED

Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Makeup remover $30.00

Why I Love it:

This stuff takes off the most stubborn eye makeup with just one swipe. I'm not getting any younger. The last thing I want to do is be tugging at my delicate under eye skin to remove some eyeliner.

DryBar Velvet Hammer  $30.00

Why I Love it:

This is one of my favorite blowout creams. It strikes the perfect balance of control without being too heavy, the scent is dreamy and it gives you a tad of the DryBar experience at home.

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Brightening Pen $35.00

Why I Love It:

As I've said before, I'm SO over "Instagram makeup" . I'm over thick, caked on products, particularly concealer. Also, I've said hoe bad my under eye circles are though.
This covers them completely , but without being obvious.

Nars Blush in Angelika  $30.00

Why I Love It:

It's the ideal shade for a cool-toned, fair skinned person such as myself .
Although, it looks bright in the packaging, it looks quite natural on.

And my one splurge...

Maison Margiela Replica "Flower Market"  $126

Why I love it:

First of all, I almost kept this one to myself. See, here is one(of many) way that I'm quirky. I like wearing a perfume that I don't smell on every one else. 
I think it goes back to circa 2001 when myself and EVERY OTHER GIRL on campus was wearing Ralph Lauren's "Romance".
Anyhow, I figured it would be unfair to keep this stuff to myself. If you have not tried any of the Replica by Maison Margiela's perfumes, you are missing out. 
Their "Beach walk" (another favorite of mine) truly smells like the Cape Cod shoreline. Its a mix of salty air, coconut lotion and beach roses. 
Flower Market, smells exactly like its name. Its as if you were in a field of flowers. Roses, lilacs, etc all blended together.

What did you guys get at Sephora's sale? Please tell me.
FYI, now that this has passed, its time to start saving up for Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale in July.
Oh, guess what ? I bit the bullet and got the Nordstrom Visa. That means no waiting up until 3:00 am this year!
Wooo Hooo!!



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