Hi Friends! I can't believe it's Monday again, can you?

I've always been one to wash my makeup off before bed. I literally cannot fall asleep if I have makeup on.
That being said, my skin care game has not always been the greatest. I used to put my cleanser onto a face cloth and scrub away.
No eye makeup remover. I ruined so many of my poor mom's wash cloths with mascara stains all over them.

At some point in my mid 20's, I at least learned to remove my mascara and eye liner before taking the rest of my makeup off.

It wasn't until a year or two ago that i got on board with "Double Cleansing". Before you think that this is something that only overachievers do, relax. Its not.
Essentially, all Double Cleansing means is this; You first remove your makeup with a miceller water or oil based cleanser. then, you actually wash your face with a water based cleanser.

Now, why would you want to do this?  First of all, this will get the foundation and pollution off of your skin. A quick swipe of a face wipe will not do all of that.
When that excess junk is left on your skin over night, your skin cells do not have a chance to regenerate. Why does that matter? This is how you keep a plum, youthful looking complexion for one thing.
Also, If you are not getting EVERYTHING off of your skin, you are just "fixing" to get clogged pores, acne and black heads.

When you get your skin truly clean from double cleansing, you are making it so your serums and  moisturizers can really set into your skin and do their job.

                                     Boscia Cleansing oil $32

So, why do you use an oil then water?  An oil based cleanser is ideal for cutting through makeup. Also, an oil based cleanser will cut through the oily secretions in your skin.  Water cannot do this. 
Once you have wiped your skin with the oil based cleanser, rinse it off and then wash your face as you normally do with a water based cleanser.
After the rinsing off the oil based cleanser, your skin is primed for the hydrating benefits of the water based cleanser.

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Have you tried double cleansing? Do you think it's worth a shot, or are you just too tired at the end of the day?

Tell me!


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