Hello lovely people: 
I hope you are all having a wonderful, long weekend.

Will you all allow me a moment here to deviate from the normal theme of makeup and beauty of this blog?

I know that it is well intended and coming from a very good place. Still though, please do not wish anyone a "Happy Memorial day." 
While MDW ushers in summer and all of the fun it entails each year, Memorial Day its self is not something we "celebrate" Memorial Day is something we observe, as it is  the day to honor military members who were killed in service to our great nation.

No, I'm not saying that today should be a 24 hour marathon of sorrow.  Quite frankly, I think enjoying this day and exercising the freedom we do have might just be the best way to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the rest of us.

 As the wife, sister, daughter and granddaughter of veterans, the solemnity of this holiday is not lost on me.

So please, have fun today. Please also though, think of the widow being handed the folded flag that had just been on her spouses coffin. Think of the young veterans who are home now, but tournament by the  memories of their brothers and sisters in combat who did not come home.

Just remember, the 4th of July is just over a month away. Oh baby, you'd best believe we'll be celebrating then!


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