Random Thoughts Friday......
First and foremost, today marks the start of Memorial Day Weekend. Before we go one step further, let's think about the meaning of Memorial Day. Its the day where we honor those who gave their lives in service to our country.
Remember and Honor. In the midst of all the fun that I hope you have this weekend, PLEASE stop and think about the countless military members who made the ultimate sacrifice.  

Now, on to the nonsense.

  • Random thought number one....I'm SO excited to get home today. It's a VERY happy mail day.                    Don't hate me, but I scored every. single. piece from the Vineyard Vines / Target collaboration that I had my eye on.   I got these pieces for me:
 And I got these for Decoy and Bandit:

It really was nothing but dumb luck here. Target never said what time this would be going live on line. They simply stated "The early morning hours of May 18."
I get up at 4:00 am. I decided to try setting my alarm for 3:00 am. At 3:00 am the items were still listed as "available soon". At 3:01, they were there. I clicked "Add liked items to cart" and checked out.  By 3:12, they were all sold out of literally every piece of ladies clothing.

  • Random thought number two...on Monday of this week, we had our first 80 degree day of the year here in Plymouth, MA. It was simply GLORIOUS. 

  • Random thought number three....The humidity has also come back.
    Which for many of us, that means that the frizzies are back.  A few weeks ago, I wrote about some of my favorite frizz fighters Here . since then, I've found one more, which is actually my favorite of all. 

Holy heck, this Orbie humidity spray is a frizz slayer you guys. Also, as is true with all Orbie products, the scent is amazing.

  • Random thought number four...I'm so excited that my hubby has memorial day off this year! often, he doesn't. He works for a global financial company. So, unless its an international holiday such as Christmas, his company is open. They try their best to divide the holidays up evenly. However, I'm super excited that he and I have an extra day together this week! 

  • Random thought number five... I'm almost all done with the culling of my wardrobe. 8 bags of winter stuff packed up to be donated, 2 bags off to the transfer station. ( Do not "donate" stuff that is stained, torn, etc) Summer clothes have now taken their rightful place in my closet. Even though its cold here for far longer than it was warm, I've got about triple the amount of summer clothes than I do winter. Its just that I LOVE summer SO much.

(Not my closet. I just like this one!!)

  • Random thought number six... This is a big party weekend. PLEASE, PLEASE do not drive impaired. Please do not let your friends drive impaired.

And lastly....



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