Duping Divas Part 4

September 27, 2021 in


Happy new week, Mes Amies!!

I'm so excited to bring you today's post. The 4th installment of "Duping Divas". This is the series where we take a high end cosmetic and find a true, less expensive "dupe" of it.  Admittedly, there post are few and far between. (Read the other installments of this series HERE , HERE and HERE ) This is not on account of malaise or anything of that ilk. The reason why these posts come only ever so often is because I have to have items that are truly dupes for the higher end counterparts. Not items that are "similar" or "close enough". They have to be nearly interchangeable with the more expensive products in order to be featured here.

I think this edition of this series was worth the wait 😉 

My long beloved "Good Genes" by Sunday Riley has a serious rival in The Oridanary's Lactic Acid serum.
I've long been a user of lactic acid. It exfoliates and aids in the hydration of the skin. Sunday Riley's version is $85 (or $122, depending on the size)  The Orinary's version is $10.
You save $75

I've been wearing Clinique's Almost Lipstick in Black Honey since I was a teenage girl back in the late '90's. Its the perfect shade and consistency. 
Now, everything 1990's is "in" again. My beloved black honey was out of stock. I saw Elf's Sheer Lipstick in Black Cherry and decided to give it a try.  Low and behold, they are nearly identical. The Clinique version is $20, the e.l.f. version is $5.
You save $15 

In the fall and winter, I try to use more cream based cosmetics instead of those that are powder.
My go to for warming up my complexion is Chanel's Les Beiges Bronzing Cream.
Its a great product that has gone viral. Because of this, my shade was sold out. While at Ulta, I saw Color Pops SOL Face and body bronzing cream.
WOW. The only discernable difference is the packaging. Oh, and of course, the price. Chanel's version is $50, Color Pop's is $15.
You save $35

You know that "no makeup, but still perfection" look that some folks are blessed with? Well, these foundations are your ticket to achieving that look yourself. They look as if you are not wearing any foundation at all. But, they still blur away discoloration and give your skin an almost filtered effect. 
Fenty's version is $30, Wet n' Wild's version is $5.
You save $25

Could these two be anymore alike? I doubt it! On top is Charlotte Tilbury's iconic "Pillow Talk" lipstick. This lipstick has a cult like following. Its in my bag (my 3rd tube!) right now! Its $38 and worth every cent. You can find a nearly identical dupe in Flower Beauty's Petal Pout in "Spiced Petal" for only $8.

You save $26

For as much as I love boujee, high end cosmetics, lipgloss is a category where i often choose to "save". I have to reapply it so often, that its just not worth it to me to spend $$. The expectation I would make was for Nars Lip-gloss in Turkish Delight because the color and consistency were so ideal. 
One day at Target, I saw Revlon's "The Gloss" in Sky Pink.   They are identical twins! The Nars version is $24, The Revlon version is $6 
You Save $19

That's it for this episode of "Duping Divas" As I discover more, I'll be bringing them to you. Remember, sharing is caring. Let me know if there any dupes that you know about!



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