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Happy Friday everyone! Guess what tomorrow is? Its hair day! Woohoo! I know that I'm not the only one who is so completely here for hair day.

Anyhow, its been a bit before we did a "Can't Live Without It" post. As always, I'd love to know what your pics are for this category. Most of these things have been mentioned here on this little blogette.  You guys know me, when I stumbled upon something great, I need to share it!

I know, I know... there is nothing glamorous about a shower cap. This little ditty is an absolute necessity though.  I wash my hair twice a week, but obviously shower daily. This $7.00 shower cap is an absolute life saver. No water or humidity get anywhere near your hair. To me, this shower cap is the best out there. Even better than the one by The Drybar.

                                          Drawer Organizer

I used to put my sock & underwear in my top drawer and hope that they would stay somewhat organized. They never did though. Each morning, I'd be fishing through trying to find what I needed.  Now, I know exactly where everything is. It makes life so much easier and looks better too.

This curved brush makes blowouts a breeze. The curved design means that you can get closer to the scalp. Why does that matter? It makes for smooth roots. That makes your entire blowout look better.

While we are on the topic of blowouts.. Let me tell you. I have not used anything else in blowing out my hair since August. This is what the used at the salon at the Wynn Las Vegas. My thick, course hair felt like cornsilk  Never going back to anything else!

Have you sent your cold shoulder tops off to the donation bin too? Read Here
The cold shoulder top has been usurped by the off the shoulder top. I LOVE this one by  Free People. I bought in both the powder blue and black. It looks great with leggings or jeans.

Praise to the powers that be...they FINALLY make Starbucks pods for Nespresso machines. I cannot even articulate to you how long I hoped this would happen. I think I've already gone through 10 boxes.... 

I posted a picture of these on Instagram earlier this week. So many folks LOVED them. After over a decade of the skinny jean, this style is a breath of fresh air. These jeans are so darn comfortable and uber flattering.

Okay, this isn't my one of my "Can't Live Without it", but it certainly is one of Decoy's. He told me that I had to let you know that these are the best snack ever. He sits and stares at them hoping somehow that by sheer will alone he'll get the bag open. Having no thumbs truly stinks. 
I love how they are made in America. I feel much safer giving them to him.
They are made with carob, not chocolate for obvious reasons.

There you have it. What is it that you lately cannot live with out?




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