Deep breath in. (Me, not you) Today's post might ruffle some feathers.  Today, we are going to discuss items that are officially "out of style". These are things that those "in the know" think we just should not be wearing at all anymore. 

Full disclaimer here....none of these are coming from me. Its not me telling you that these things are "out". I'm simply compiling the info into this one post. Also, it goes without saying that "you do you." If there is something that you love and feel good in it, who cares if "They" say its out?

Okay, with no further ado...

1) The Skinny Jean

Yup, its DONE. Its over. Last year, all of the fashion mags that I read would say "Don't stop wearing your skinny jeans, just stop buying new ones."  Now, everything says "JUST STOP. DON'T WEAR THEM." 

A dear friend of mine was lamenting about how her 14 year old niece loves "Mom Jeans" and wouldn't touch  skinny jeans with a 10 foot pole.  She said "Do they not know how hard we railed against those things? We spent all of the late 90's and 00's making them go away?!"

I had to point out the irony here. Years ago we were perplexed by the older (than us) people who just wouldn't let go of a dead fad, and yet here she was doing exactly that. 

Change is hard, but I'm not too upset over this one. Skinnies lasted longer than most other fads. To me, the seem tired at this point. Plus, all the other jeans are more comfortable. 

This Recent Article from Elle Magazine showcases all of the many alternatives that are hot.

2) Round Toe Shoes

This one I'm no where near as excited to see go, the round toe shoe. I have 3 pairs of these Tory Burch "Minnie Traveler Flats". I do LOVE them.  Right now though, the pointed toe and squared toe is where its at.
However, I'm not going to be getting rid of any of my pointed toe shoes. They will get relegated to the back of my closet. I do know though that within a year or two, the round toe will once again reign supreme. 

3) Cold Shoulder Tops

I LOVED the heck out of this trend back when it became hot in 2016 - 2017.  These guys also had a slight resurgence back in the last winter and early spring of this year. Why? because they were ideal to wear for a vaccine appointment.  Aside from that, its time to donate these tops.

4) Riding Boots

Be honest with me... your "Fall outfit" circa 2012-2016-ish was a pair of skinny jeans tucked into your riding boots with a "cute top" that you finished off with a blanket scarf. Am I right? I know it was mine! Do yourself a favor and put ALL of those things away. I'm assuming its the change in jean trends that have changed the boot trend as well. Swap out those riding boots for an on trend pair of combat boots.

5) Micro Purses

Okay, so this one has conflicting info. Yes, there are a few sources that say these things are still "in". Yet, most sources say that these are now a hard "No".  Personally, I'm leaning to theses being OUT. They are beyond impractical. To me, they look foolish. If you have a larger iPhone, it likely wont even fit into one of these. Why bother?

6) Tie-Dye Anything

Get rid of it. Donate it, use it as a rag to wash your windows, just don't wear it. Why? Well, because its now associated with the 2020 pandemic lockdown. That's when tie-dye blew up big time. Now, that's a time we'd all just like to forget. Tie-Dye is associated with very bad time. If YOU don't want to be associated with that same bad time, steer clear.

Again, remember if any of these things speak to you, you keep wearing them. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Regardless of what you wear, I see you. You are beautiful.




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