Happy Hump Day, Mes Amies. How is this week treating you so far?

Today, I want to share a couple of new "MUSTS" that have joined my sunless tanning arsenal. 

I'm actually a bit embarrassed that it took me until now to discover these gems. They are both by St. Tropez. 

Tan Remover Mousse  / Tan Remover Mitt  

I have been sunless tanning all summer long for over 20+ years. I don't know how I got by so long without these 2 things.  Used together, this mitt and mousse remove any and all signs of a sunless tan.

You might be thinking "If I go through the time and effort to sunless tan, why would I want to remove it??" 

Well, because when you go to apply a new sunless tan, it will only be even and streak free if ALL of the old tanner is gone. 

I know on me, tanner likes to linger on my ankles, knees, inner upper arms and wrists. The rest of my skin will be bare, yet these places will have that tell tale color remaining. 

The mitt and mousse work best when used TOGETHER. 

What you do is very similar to the sunless tanning process.  You put the mousse onto this special mitt and rub it all over. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes , then go into the shower and wash it off.

The mitt cannot be used interchangeably with a tanning mitt. Oh no. This mitt is a gritty little exfoliating powerhouse. Removing old tanner notwithstanding, this mitt is the perfect tool to prep for a fresh tan prep, as it removes any flakey dead skin.

Once you start washing in the shower, you'll see what's left of your old tan literally go down the drain. 

Personally, where I've been tanning for so long, I no longer have any "oops moments". (I hope I'm not jinxing myself here)  BUT, if you do, this will fix it. 

This products works equally as well on a brand new tan as it does a week old tan. So, if you apply a tanner and find that you have stripes on your arms and islands of color on your feet, this will be what saves you.  ( Read Here / Here / and Here to avoid a bad tan application in the 1st place.)

Its safe to say that I plan on keeping these items permanently in my tanning routine. 

Happy Tanning, babes!




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