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Happy Monday!
So, I took the step to purchase the domain www.shesheandshimmer.com today. #gulp #notablogger...
I did this because so many of you kind, wonderful people have encouraged me and told me that you actually enjoy reading my thoughts on this stuff. So, thank you!

Now, let's get to how to apply your sunless tanner!
  This picture was from a week or two ago. This is a one day fresh sunless tan. In this photo, I had used the St. Tropez Extra Dark. PS: Please excuse the dated 1980's bathroom. The building that I work in is over 150 years old. That makes renovations a tad bit challenging.

  • Most importantly USE A MITT . Aside from keeping your palms from turning orange, the mitt helps blend the tanner... more so than latex gloves, bare hands etc, This one right here is the best mitt that I've found. I cannot stress how much I love this mitt! Skinerals selftanning microfiber mitt
  • Less is NOT more. Its easy to assume that if you use less tanner, you'll prevent a too dark application. Nope. The color of the formula is what determines the color of your tan. Using too little product will result in nothing but streaks and splotches #notcute. Think of what would happen if you were to paint a wall with too little paint....
  • Apply bottom to top. Start with your legs and feet and work upward. This will prevent creasing and rubbing.
  • Protect your knees, elbows and ankles. These are the spots where tanner can turn VERY dark and look unnatural. Before I apply the sunless tanner, I cover these spots with Burt's Bees Hand Salve Burt's Bees
  • Apply tanner to clean, freshly shaved,smooth skin. I've seen it countless times, some guru will stress to NOT apply moisturizer before self tanning.I cannot articulate how strongly I disagree with this. Smooth, moisturized skin will get you an even tan. Dry skin will get you uneven patches. Just be sure your moisturizer has been absorbed thoroughly into your skin before applying the tanner. I'll moisturize then throw laundry in the dryer, blowout my hair, etc THEN tan. 
  • When tanning your hands, make a claw with your fingers. This will keep your from having white knuckles.
  • To tan your back,put your tanning mitt on a loofah brush. You'll be able to reach your entire back this way. 
  • When tanning your face, mix equal parts tanner and your favorite facial moisturizer. This will keep the Oomph Loompa look at bay.
  • Don't be afraid to use 2 different shades in one application. I do this each time I tan. I'll use a medium shade for my back, face and feet and use a dark shade everywhere else. This gives you a far more natural look as most people suntan while laying on their backs.
  • Stay COMPLETELY dry after your apply your tanner. No teeth brushing,dish washing....NOTHING. Put your tanner on then, go straight to bed (ideally)
  • Don't be afraid of the color that first goes on. Most tanners have a color guide so that you can see what you are doing. This will rinse off in the morning (or after 8 hours)
  • BLEND, BLEND, BLEND this is crucial. In order to to make this faux glow pass for the real deal, it HAS to be blended thoroughly. Once you are SURE its completely blended......blend it for an additional 2 minutes.
  • Set aside enough time to do this correctly. If you are short on time.... don't sunless tan! While pale will always be pretty, streaks will never be!

I hope this helps! If you have ANY questions at all, I'm here for you!


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