Happy Friday, Mes Amies!

By the time the weekend is over, it will be May. 

Interesting (to me) side note. Chad & I had our first date 11 years ago on May 1st 💓

As we are getting into the warmer weather, many of us would like some color. Thankfully, most folks now choose to avoid the damaging, aging rays of the sun. So, we turn to sunless tanners. It seems as if each year the array of sunless tanners offered get better and better. Gone are the days when sunless tan was synonyms for "orange & streaky". Now, the only thing that can make a discernible difference between a sunless tan and the real thing is the application. For tips on how to achieve the perfect application read HERE / HERE / HERE .    

In the past several weeks, I have tried 2 new sunless tanners and reordered a favorite. Here is a bit of info on them.

First off, the old favorite San Tropez Extra Dark $45

I have been using this since it hit the market in 2018. Is it perfect? No. I don't like how it stays tacky for so long after its been applied. I don't like how it fades. That said, there is a whole lot more that I do like.
Two coats of this product makes you look as if you got back from a week in the Bahamas. The application itself is very forgiving. It has a  dark color guard which will guarantee you an even application.
If I have something important coming up, I apply this the night prior.  This tan, when its fresh is on point.

This tan even in "deep" provides a light, natural tan. Think more "I went for a walk on a warm spring day." While it certainly doesn't get you tropical vacation dark, it for sure has its place.
I love how it does not have a color guard. I also love the scent. Its very light and summery .

Dark. Holy dark, wow. This might be my favorite of them all. The color is super dark after just one coat.
It dries instantly and goes on clear. Because it is clear, I cannot stress enough to blend, blend, blend as you will not see if its not applied evenly. However, taking the time to apply this correctly is SO worth it. The juice is worth the squeeze. The finished product is gorgeous. 

Remember, no matter what tanner you chose, use a mit for the application. Bare hands cannot achieve the even, smooth tan that a mit does. Plus, it saves you from needing to scrub your palms immediately after.

There you have it! Have a beautiful, bronzed weekend!



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