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Hello, happy Monday.
Around these parts we make no attempt to hide our love for luxury cosmetics. 
Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, yes! Chanel mascara? Pretty please!
However, not everything cosmetic has to break the bank. Not every product we wear has to be prestige. Especially seeing how the playing field has really leveled out over the past few years. There really used to be a BIG difference between the quality of products that you'd find at the drug store compared to their (at the time) department store counter parts.  Now, the lines have blurred. Many drug store products now, are of a higher caliber than their prestige counterparts from just a decade ago.

Today, I am sharing with you drugstore eyeshadows that I truly think are outstanding. These will all not only serve you well, but they will do so at a bargain rate.

Without any further jib-jab, lets make a start!

This palette bares an uncanny resemblance to Huda Beauty's "Desert Dusk" palette. However, one thing that is not similar is the price. This one from Makeup Revolution comes in at $50 less than the Huda Beauty Palette.

12 universally flattering shades that come in under $10. Now matter how you slice it, that's a win.

The shades in this palette are stunning. SO stunning. Also, they blend so easily. I'd be convinced that this was a high end palette if I were doing a blind test.

NYX has long been my favorite drug store cosmetics brand.  A little over a year ago, they got their own post on this little blogette READ THAT HERE .
Needless to say, this palette does not let us down.

If you are looking for a vegan, cruelty free palette that is high quality and reasonable in price, this is for you!
This palette has inspired me to buy more from the brand Pacifica. They truly are high quality.

Is there a drug store palette that you just love?
If so, please share!



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