June Needs and Wants

June 10, 2020 in ,

Happy hump day, Mes Amies!  
How is this week treating you so far? 
Chad and I broke down and bought an elliptical machine for our house. The way things are here in Massachusetts, the earliest the athletic clubs can open is June 30th.  We both missed working out so badly. I'm so glad that we purchased this elliptical. My goodness though, I'm FEELING the fact that I haven't worked out since the gyms shut down in early March.... yowza. 

Anyhow, it's June. I love June. I wanted to share with you my selections of "favorites" for the month.

You all know how much I adore a high end bag. I've never tried to hide that.  The hottest bag right now appears to be the "Pouch Leather Clutch" by Bottega Veneta.  It's EVERYWHERE.  
The things is though, I'm not going to spend $2700 for a fad purse.  For a classic, that I'll use year after year, I certainly will. That's an investment piece.  However, for something that's a trend, I will always find a similar look at a much lower price. That's this bag! It looks just like the $2700.00 one, but it only costs $32.00

As it gets warmer, you'll want light, cool pajamas for sleeping in. These ones fit the bill and the price is right!

Wow! These might be the most comfy shoes that I own. The cork sole is almost bouncy . The straps are elasticized. No matter how narrow or wide your foot might be, these will fit!

Or as I call them "The best supplement that I have ever used." The back story... in December, I cut off ALL of the remaining damaged hair that I had. In June of last year, In went back to my naturally curly hair after straightening it for 21 years. I had done a pretty significant cut in August. Then in December, I cut off the rest of the damaged hair.  It was a LOT. Honestly, more than I was comfortable with, but I willingly left my comfort zone. 
So, my hair was super short and very curly. The Shirley Temple look is adorable on a child. However, on a 40 year old woman, its eyebrow raising.
In January, I started taking this collagen. It mixes right into my coffee and is completely flavorless. 
For the first month, I didn't notice any difference. At the 30 day mark though, almost on the dot...BOOM!  Since then, my hair is growing 2X as fast as it typically does. My stylist and I have been tracking it. Since February, my hair has been growing about 1 inch per month. 

This is another that that I discovered because of quarantine.  The esthetician's offices are all closed and my skin was showing it. I started researching on line what I might be able to do. I kept coming back to this little gizmo. I was mostly skeptical at first.  This thing has blown me away. It truly delivers professional results at home . My pores no longer look large/ clogged. Even better though, its made those fine lines under my eyes all but disappear.

Here in the year 2020 I'm going to assume that there isn't anyone still going to "lay out" to tan.  That my friends is as "out" as feathered bangs, white tights or cargo pants. Doing acts of self-harm are never something we'd encourage here.
Besides, nowadays self tanners are formulated to look exactly like the real deal, and they do!
As I've said before ( Read Here ) a tanning mit is the absolute key to an even, streak free tan. 
This one in particular is a total winner! Its thick and soft and blends your tanner perfectly even.

Well, there you go.
Are there anythings this month at you are just loving? By all means, tell me!



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